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5 amazing interior design trends for hospital in 2017

Hospital Bed

The blend of contemporary designs and classic comfort materials is becoming the next big trend of 2017 within the hospitality sector. According to commercial interior designers, the inclusion of unique and comforting decor items with an objective to upscale the comfort and luxury of the hospitality industry. Trends in the hospitality industry are continuously evolving with every passing year. And the year 2017 promises to be a year of change with all new administration, decor designs, and guidelines.

Here are the top hospitality design trends to look for this year:

Matte finish metallics:

Warmer metallics have been given a special emphasis this year, which means a move towards adding matte finish metallics is likely to be seen. From decor furniture to interior accessories, metallic hues have been seen to influence the choices at most. Out of which brass, gold and silver are much more popular.

Multi-use spaces :

This trend of using unwanted or left-out spaces is largely influencing the interior designing industry. The spaces below the stairs, beneath the sheds and around gallery can be repurposed to place some items or accessories. People tend to love visiting places that are uniquely designed and decorated, be it a hospital, hotel or some commercial place.

Warm color palette :

Light ombre shades are in vogue this season keeping aside the bright vibrant colors at bay. These light colors are speculated to have a soothing effect on people within the vicinity. More than structure, the ambiance of a place also matters which is beautified by putting neutral warm and light colors on walls & floors.

Furniture for hospitals:

Furniture covers a major part of hospital decor and is the first piece of attraction whenever someone visits a hospital. A hospital became a discomforting place without pieces of furniture would look uncomplimentary and discomforting as to its stature. The same way, putting lavish-starter sofas and tables would look unwanted in hospitals. Large seating areas look more natural in the hospitals and hotels which are why comforting furniture are in trend.

Old and New:

A blend of both contemporary fashion and latest technology is seen to be dominating the hospitality interior design trends this year. This would let you have an insight to the changing trends along with keeping pace with the existing ones. To get the awe-inspiring results, it is advised to hire professional interior designers for hospital who are skilled and experienced in this domain. They are equipped and versed with the latest technology, delivering services that perfectly match your requisites.

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