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5 residential interior design tips for kids room

So, you are planning to get your kids room decorated and still haven’t got any idea where to start with? In all, the room should be fun, interesting and of course comforting to live in. But how can we have this all in one go? Well you can, if you have the best interior designer in Pune at your disposal. There are a number of kids room design available out there, out of which you can choose the best one for your kids.

From fairytale characters to space sagas, kids rooms can be designed following ample of themes and styles. Whatever it be, your kids should get fascinated with it every moment. And the residential interior designers in Pune are especially skilled to bring those happy moments for your kids alive. Here the best kid room design tips that should be followed everytime you create your kid’s room.

Wonderful lighting:

As we have mentioned in our previous blogs about how lighting plays a significant role in determining the ambiance of that particular space. For a kids room, proper lighting has to be done for study table, bathroom and of course the sleeping bed. Some kids need light to be switched on when they are going to sleep, so for them, a low ambient light beside their bed would work wonder. In case you have 2 or more children, try placing lamps in the kid’s bedroom for better visibility. Best interior designers in Pune would give you the most popular lamp design ideas without actually adding up your bill.

Kids-friendly furniture

The sizing of furniture is very crucial when designing your child’s room. Along with the kid-friendly furniture, your child’s room needs some adult-sized furniture too. That’s because you might end up spending time in your kid’s room to read of oversee their homework. The study table, desks, bookshelves should be small size so it fits best for your kid’s usage.

Soft Colours

Break the stereotypes of using just pink and blue colors in a kids room, when you have an entire palette of colors to pick one. But remember to choose light, calming colors that soothe the eye and make them ideal for kids to spend their precious time. The positive vibrant from soft colors keeps the room fun-filing and lively for your kids to live in.

Display Board

For kids, every piece of their craft and drawing is no less than an achievement, which of course every parent loves to cherish. So ask your interior designer to define a specific place to display drawing and other essentials of your kids. You can use magnetic boards or wooden pin boards to start with. If you have very young children, you can also turn the lower half of your walls as the chalkboard.


From toys to books, to other things, kids room needs to have the specified storage spaces to keep the room sorted/neat. Instruct your interior designer to create as much storage as possible to keep your kid’s room spacious.

These were some of the ideas which most residential interior designers in Pune follow and advise whenever they head on to create the kids room project. Make sure you use most of them and surprise your kids with an amazingly designed room.


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