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5 Residential Interior Design Tips For Kids Room

design tips for kids

If you are planning to design a kids’ room, there is not a lot of information available on the internet. Most of the information is targeted towards adults or young adults. A well-designed kid’s room will surely go a long way. A kid’s room should be interesting and fun at the same time so that it is comfortable to live in. 

5 Residential Interior Design Tips For Kids Room


Every kid has their preferences, so the interior design for kids room should be set depending on what the kid is into. Here we have listed down a few tips that you can follow when you are designing your kid’s room.

1. Good Lighting

Kids room interior


Lighting plays a very important role in a kids room interiors, and it will make or break the room interiors. Since the room will be used by the kid to study, designers should make sure to set up a study table and put an ample amount of light near the table. Some kids need a small light when going off to sleep, so it is important to keep a low ambient light near the footrest.

2. Kid-Friendly Furniture

A lot of designers make the mistake of setting up adult furniture for kids’ rooms to futureproof the design. All the furniture in the kid’s room should be specifically designed for kids. Make sure to add a few adult-sized furniture in your kid’s room so that teachers and parents are also able to spend time there. Some of the key furniture of the kid’s room are the study table, bookshelf, bed, side table, study lamps, and chairs.

3. Soft Colors

When you are choosing the color for a kid’s room, make sure to use a soft tone so that they brighten up the room. Avoid using dark colors for the kid’s room because it makes it quite gloomy. It is also a smart move to avoid the stereotype and not color the room blue or pink depending on the gender of the kids.

4. Display Boards

Kids end up getting all sorts of awards, and parents love to cherish them. A display board is a perfect way to showcase all the kid’s achievements and encourage the kid to work hard. Make sure to add a small corner in the kids room interior design dedicated towards display boards.

5. Storage

Storage room


Kids have a lot of things to store, which includes toys, books, clothes, and so on. It is important to set up separate storage options for everything so that the room remains clean and sorted. Ask your interior designer to make as much storage as possible for your kid’s room.


If you are planning to get your kids room interior redesigned, then it is important for you to do the proper research. You can check out https://alacritys.in/ to know more about interior designing before jumping into the process. Most of the interior designers out there follow a basic pattern when designing a kid’s room. You can always make changes to the design depending on your kid’s needs.


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