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5 tips for bathroom interior design

Having a small bathroom can be delightful if it is beautifully designed or else can add to your miseries. And filling it up with decorative and unnecessary things won’t accentuate its look anyway. With the proper inclusion of techniques by residential interior designers, even a well-organized bathroom in a small space look elegant.

Here are some bathroom designing tips from the best interior designers in Pune for making your small bathroom look ventilated, spacious and happening.

Decorate With Mirrors

Mirrors are the most impressive and significant decor item for interiors of any small space to make it look larger. They are available in different shapes, designs, styles and materials.

A frameless wall mirror adds length to the walls making it appear larger and beautiful. Alternatively placing an L-shaped mirror can help in utilizing the corner spaces too. Light fixtures and mirror chandeliers add style to your bathroom.

Light Fixtures

Small light fixtures in the bathroom can act as the natural source of light, in case your bathroom doesn’t have any. When designing the interiors of your bathroom, make sure you add large windows to your small space.

Storage Spaces

Storage is one of the prime concern for everyone who owns small-sized bathrooms for decluttering the space inside the bathroom. Floating shelves, handle-free cabinets, and corner shelves are best for storing your bathroom essentials in a neat and clean manner.

Style with big tiles

Placing big light shade tiles on the walls make small sized bathrooms look bigger than it actually is. However, if you are still looking for ways to make your walls look more elegant and attractive, along with giving an expensive look. Make sure you choose neutral shades for the tiles with expansive patterns and stripes.

Slim bathroom essentials

Instead of attaching large king-size shower faucet and bathtubs, try placing slim small ones to make space look more elegant.

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