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5 Tips For Bathroom Interior Design

Bathroom Interior Design

Bathrooms are the smallest space in a house, and designing the interior for a bathroom is no joke. You need to do a lot of work and preparation to make a perfect bathroom design. And if there’s renovation involved, it can be even more troublesome. But after all that hustle, the end result is what leaves you satisfied. Pune Interior Designer, Alacritys gives you detailed ideas below.


 Bathroom Interior Design


There are many bathroom interior designs out in the market that can confuse you. So here are 5 amazing Indian bathroom decorating ideas and tips for making your bathroom look spacey and beautiful. 

1. Go with Light Colors

Bathroom lights


Bathrooms usually don’t need bright and vibrant colors. So unless you are making some statement, always go for light and airy colors. Traditional bathroom interiors only include white color. However, you can add different colors to make a Bohemian or an Indian-style bathroom interior design. Ensure that all those colors are not too vibrant and unpleasant to the eye. Also, if you are planning to add wallpaper in your bathroom, make sure you only cover the wall where shower water can’t reach. 

2. Use Plenty of Lights

Bathrooms are one of those places in your house where good lighting is needed the most. So don’t hesitate of going overboard with the lights. In fact, add plenty of them. Whether you are planning on adding wall lights or back mirror lights, make sure that you are using only LED lights. LED lights will give you a better vibe and make your bathroom look more spectacular. You can also add some decorative wall lights to give your bathroom an elegant look. 

3. Make Use of the Corners

Bathrooms are the smallest space in your house. It can be quite difficult when you are trying to make use of that small space for all your toiletries. That is why you need to make sure that you use all the available space in your bathroom. Most people forget about the corners. They can be used for various purposes. Add a shelf or wall cabinet in the corners and put all your items there. If you add a shelf, you can add some decorative items there. This way, your bathroom will look more spacey and bigger. 

4. Add Fragrance

Nobody likes smelly bathrooms, especially when guests come over. Bathrooms are those places in a house where you can relax your body and mind. So add some good fragrance in there. You can use some good floral-scented candles or aromatic herbs to make your bathroom fresher. 

5. Rearrange Your Toiletry kits

Bathroom accessories


Even though you have the perfect bathroom interior designs, it does not matter if your bathroom is not clean. Bathrooms and kitchens are those places that need cleaning the most. So make sure to clean your bathroom and rearrange all your toiletry kits symmetrically.


These Indian bathroom design ideas you can apply to your own bathroom. If you’re having issues doing all these yourself, you should seek professional help. Remember that at Alacrytis, we offer different interior design ideas to help make your perfect dream bathroom.

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