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Author: Alacritys Team

West Facing House Plan

West Facing House Plan – Best House Plan Designs From Alacritys Pune

West facing house plans are not hard to get; you need to consult the right expert and architect to get a proper plan. These require extra care and dedication to get it designed properly. There are several benefits of a west-facing house if everything is prepared right according to the guidelines of Vastu. Vastu is one of the most ancient sciences of India.


Benefits of South Facing House

Benefits of South Facing House and Why You Need to Consider It

The orientation of a property plays an important role in making it appealing. The debate regarding which is the best north, east, south, or west is never-ending.


Choosing a property specifically on the basis of the direction of the house and its garden can seem a little extreme to some people. However, when you need quality of living, you need to ensure that your home is suitable for the lifestyle you are looking for. The direction of the house and its garden is extremely important in such a case.



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