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Author: Alacritys Team

Home Lighting Solutions

Home lighting Solutions: Smart Light Ideas to Transform Your Home

Today, new age home buyers opt for smart lighting while choosing light designs for their homes interiors. These lighting systems can be easily controlled through gestures, voice commands, remotes and even mobile apps. Smart lighting is gradually gaining popularity as they are versatile and are perfect for any room setting. You can easily control and experiment with these lights. They also reduce power consumption by minimising cases of lights being left switched on when not in use. Here are a variety of ways you can smartly use these smart lightings.

Double Height Living Room

Double Height Living Room – Pros and Cons of Living a “Height-ed Life”

How do you judge a house? By its functionality, its beauty? But over and above, spaciousness is what attracts a layman and even the professional architects. Indeed a spacious home offers better ventilation, increased light and an incredible feeling of lots and lots of space. Families with children will understand how much do children love to run around in their homes! Isn’t it? 



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