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13 Fabulous Balcony Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home & Office


Having a balcony nowadays is not in everybody’s destiny; today population is growing day by day. We are not being able to get a proper space for building houses. Most of the people are preferring balcony in the houses or the office. Because everyone wants to do relaxation in the balcony, So they are doing various decorations in the balcony.

Everybody wants their balcony should be more relaxing some are using comfortable chairs and tables in the balcony; some are using balcony swings for more relaxation. So people are doing various things for balconies.

Most the people who are living in big cities are not having open terrace or gardens for relaxing, they are only having a balcony for coming close to nature, so they are making various efforts for making their balcony comfortable.

Nowadays we are having so many options for balcony design but in this case, we have to select right things for designing because in balconies we are not having too much space to use, otherwise, it will be congested to site.

Here we will tell so 13 fabulous balcony wall decor ideas for your home and office –

1. Build A Chic Vertical Garden – Having a chic vertical garden in the balcony is a better idea. You can use vertical symbols and objects designs on walls, or you can use vertical design furniture, the cushion will also be used with different colours looks great. You can small plants also. You can use some beautiful flowers and plants also.

2. Hang Your Picture Frames – You can hang your beautiful memories there, like some memorable pictures you can hang there. You can use colourful frames, or you can try transparent frames. It is also a very good theme. There are lots of frames are available online or offline. People are using various types of frames like, hear shape, round, square or triangle shape frames.

3. Create a Reading Nook – Nowadays we are having various options for reading nooks for balcony, it is a very comfortable idea, you can easily set and take rest, or you can work also. It will be a better option for people those who are having a wide balcony. You can also use a sofa cum bed also in the balcony if you have wide space.

4. Hang a Magazine Rack – It is a better option for book and magazine covers. There are so many options available in the market for magazine rack you can easily choose any of them according to the size of your space. Most of the people prefer funky and trendy racks because it looks very attractive from outside.

5. Install Decorative Birdhouses or Birdcages – It is a very good option for bird lovers, you can keep a birdhouse or cage for colourful birds, it looks very attractive for viewers. You can easily buy a colourful birdhouse from the market of your choice. You can keep fish aquarium also, with some colourful fish if you staying in a covered campus.

6. Paint It Up in a Cheerful Hue – You can use some cheerful colors for your balcony, like some dark and shiny colours, red, blue, orange or peach; it is a better choice for designing an attractive balcony. You can also use colourful curtains and flowers. A different shade for different walls is also a better option.

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7. Hang An Artwork That Creates a Statement – You can some artistic things in your balcony like, paintings, pendulums, bells, color strips, or lights, it is also in trend and gives an attractive look to the balcony. Hanging ancient lamps also a better option.

balcony design ideas home & offfice

8. Hang String Lights – Hanging colourful string lights in the balcony is also a good idea, it gives party theme, and also gives an awesome look. You can easily get colorful light strings of your choice, but it only looks great if you are having a big space in the balcony.

9. How About a Clock – It is a very better option for having a designer clock on the balcony. You can use a wall clock, table clock or a Box clock, According to your choice and space. Don’t use so many clocks it will not be a better option.

10. Hang Recycled Tin Can Planters – It is also a perfect option for balcony decoration, You can use waste tin cans for planting flowers and small plants, you can paint them also with attractive colours. Don’t use them on the boundary, hang them on the wall.

11. Add a Small Table – You can use a small table in the balcony for keeping useful things like papers, laptops, phones, or snacks, you can paint the table also with exciting and attractive colors. you can also use the vertical, round or square table.

12. Surround Yourself with Flowers – You can use some beautiful flowers for balcony decorations, it is a very good idea for a refreshing look. There are lots of colorful flowers are available in the market, you can choose any of them. Try to choose different types of flowers, then you can enjoy various fragrances.

13. Add Some Shade – You can use some shades for balcony according to the atmosphere of your city, because sometimes you will not be comfortable in sitting, so use shades to protect your balcony’s decoration. Sometimes in rain or in summer, sunlight and water can harm your decorations.

Home interior balcony ideas

So these are some fabulous balcony decoration tips which are very useful for designing different shapes and sizes balconies, You can try something new for your balcony, If you are having a wide space so you can utilise it by using various decoration options, Like you can use chairs and tables, book shelve, birdhouses, channel for dogs.

If you are having a limited space then you can’t use so many things, but you can decorate it in a better way. Like, you can use a small garden chair; put a designer wall clock, flowers and small plants. Try to do research before balcony decorations. Nowadays we are having so many designs available on the internet, so it is not a tough job to select an attractive balcony design.

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