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Best decor ideas for your home this summer from alacritys

Summers have knocked this season early, and its time to get home-smart by making your decor best complimenting to this scorching heat. Although people prefer being around coolers/AC’s in such a weather but not everyone can afford it and these machines cannot be placed at every place. So what about renovating your home to make it ideal for summer season. A home which is beautifully decorated with perfect summer accessories and colors can help you a spend soothing summers. And the most fascinating fact about these summer decor ideas is that they are more or less inspired from traditional lifestyle concept.

Expert interior designers in Pune bring you the best summer decoration concepts which you must apply in your house without any delay.

Palm in ambience

You can decorate your living area with green palm species of different kinds which when grows big fills up the ambiance with fresh air and scenary view. This will add up a flora essence to your surrounding making it seem more closer to the nature. And did we forget about the cooling effect that comes when you live around green plants. Other than palms, you can also use bamboo, Chamaedorea woodsoniana, etc.



A movable Waterfall

Nowadays, there are multiple water accessories available for decoration in various sections of the house. Each of these are designed beautifully to give a look of waterfall and who doesn’t feel calm seeing flowing water. Everyone does! So, the trick is that you have to buy a portable waterfall for your living room. Don’t worry it comes with a water connection, no leakage seal and electricity cable which lets you place it on your favourite space. The latest trend is of sandstone waterfall which looks absolutely natural and magical. You can ask interior designers in Pune to suggest a complimenting waterfall for your home.


Green lighting

No palms or waterfall? Well, then this one is definitely for you. Add the cool factor to your living space without actually putting the green plants. Green is considered one of the favourable cooling color in the palette, so use it and enjoy this summer.


Give some space to Birds or pets

Not only humans, but even animals do feel dehydrated in this weather. And more than that birds and pets usually add to our delight factor and with proper arrangement you can make the birds come to your place everyday. Put bowls rice and water in your balcony or yard, so birds can come and have them.

So, these were some cool summer decor hacks which you can use to make your living space happening this summer. For more information and other suggestions, you must get in touch with interior designers in Pune.




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