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Best interior designers in pune from alacritys showing vision to use black in your residential & commercial places

Black theme Interior Designing

Indian taste for interior color scheme is generally white & bright; either it is residence or commercial space. But, creating a more seductive mood is a different story. Gothic style interior would surely go with the shades, overtone & undertone of Grey, Charcoal & Black.  This Gothic style requires crafty & classy creation to give subtle look in the spaces.

The materials go with this unique color scheme are, leather armchairs, sofas, golden objects like, chandeliers, center table, some brass sculptures or murals, matte -blushing rose or yellow fire colored wallpapers or texture paint. Charcoal hued laminates for cabinetries, LED lights of different lengths shine through, wall to ceiling, wall to floor.

This ‘Extravagant Black’ will never be out of fashion. If it is used properly then it will give you & your space very stylish & modern look.  You should know where & how much black paint or material to be used to break up the monotony of this Extravagant Black & get the difference in the space. To understand this style with this color scheme you can refer some of the pictures shown below.

After seeing these pictures will tempt you to go dark for your next remodel. A simplistic look makes any space with Extravagant Black a winner. A Black furniture or in kaleidoscopic space, breaks all spatial boundaries. To tickle your taste buds, add splashes of Brown colored furniture with ‘Extravagant Black’. Any one or few Black marbled object is a Welcome partner with the large Black panelled spaces. & this space dominates more if light colored wooden flooring is added in the material chart.


To inspire the space with Extravagant Black, gear up for metallic paneling. It adds a luxurious element. Giving Charcoal Black a back seat & making space Scandinavian, proliferating spaces in wood is the best option suggest best interior designers in Pune from Alacritys. In the Black & wood creation let the Black be in the background, where accessories will do the conversation. Adding pops of colors magnify warm tones in the spaces. If the furniture is charcoal grey or black then adding light colored flooring gives depth to the space.


You can make Grey & silver color scheme, pairing a grey wall or surface with some metallic element like a statement mirror or a cabinet. Any room or office cabin will look luxurious and you can try it in any kind of space. For this color mix, Alacritys’ favorite interior is the bathroom which you can make it seem more elegant and stylish. For a classy & retro style, you can go with Black, White, Light Brown & Green. Green is to make space lively. This is for nature lovers. It induces calmness & relaxing mood.
Black & White- This chic combo never goes out of style and actually it gets extra fashionable, time by time. It’s the ideal blend for the ones who want a minimalistic space where the cool objects really stand out. Try it in any of your room and also add something grey or brown for a just a little trendy twist.


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