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Best Interior Designers In Pune From Alacritys

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You may think applying black colour on walls is not a good idea, but it’s not true at all. If done with proper care and dedication, black can be an elegant, classy, and superior colour for your residential and commercial places. Alacritys, Interior Designing in Pune gives you complete ideas about different colours & colour palettes.


Best Interior Designers In Pune


The black interior can win hearts at first glance if done with perfection. Yes, black is a risky colour and should be handled by experts. With experts, your black room interior can be a big hit. Here are some tips from the best interior designers on how one can use black house design or black commercial designs. 

1. Colour Scheme

Bedroom colour


Choose your colour scheme wisely. You can choose grey and silver as they make an impressive duo together. You can add some metallic elements to the wall surface to give it a classy and stylish look. On the other hand, black and white is a combination that is never out of trend, and it gives a stylish look to the place.  

2. Balance is Important 

Decided to go for a black home interior? It is a bold step, and if done properly, it can reflect style, elegance, and class. You must maintain the balance of wall colour with furniture, curtains, and other accessories. Make sure the other accessories complement your wall colour. You can go for a full metallic setup that is classy or complement the colour with dark wooden furniture, depending on the space and purpose of the space. The furniture or accessories of the bedroom will surely be different from the living room, and you have to think accordingly. 

3. Lighting 

The lights in your place can make a big difference. You have to be careful about the fittings of lights. As it is a dark colour, you have to consider the way you can get a bright ambience without bothering your black room interior. LED lights play a vital role in this case. 

4. Green is Still a Good Option

Green interior


Thinking about having a dark living room? Applying black as a wall colour would not stop you from adding a little touch of green to your living room, and in fact, it is a brilliant option. You can add vertical gardening indoors or wall-mounted plants for giving your place a classy look. 


We Indians usually think about something bright and white, and very few people choose black to complement the architecture. Though it is risky, not with a leading interior designing company as Alacritys. The black decor reflects elegance, status, and class, and it gives a stylish look that can beat any other colour scheme. If you are hesitating to choose a dark theme, don’t be as it is one of those themes that can compliment a top-notch architecture at best. Whether it is your study room, bedroom, or living room, it can be both unique and soothing. When it comes to the commercial interior, the demand for black interior designs is rising over days as it gives a perfect look to a professional corporate building. 

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