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Colors & Moods In The Interior Design Of Your Home

Colors & Moods In The Interior Design Of Your Home

There’s no denying that color affects our mood. Those who are sensitive to their surroundings may instantly feel the energy created by a bright red kitchen, as well as the calm evoked by a serene blue bedroom. Others may not notice the color one way or another, but the effect is still there. Color has the power to invigorate, to soothe, to inspire creativity, and even to stimulate the appetite. Start paying attention to the number of red, orange and bright yellow restaurant interiors!

Today we embark on a journey of color. But rather than going the rainbow route, we take a look at some interesting hues and combinations that are making waves in today’s design world. And yes, we’ll throw in a bit of color theory for fun! After all, you can use color to create specific moods and feelings in your home, such as relaxed, joyful and safe. So bring your paintbrush along and get ready for a radiant read!..

A positive mood is important – but there are different types of positive moods and the best color for a room is directly related to the room’s purpose. For example, the color black or dark gray can be overbearing – but if done correctly the color can instill a sense of power and authority, which is why it is heavily featured in corporate offices. Here are some mood color tips divided by room:

Foyer – This is the first room most people see upon entering your home, so it’s best to use a color that is stimulating and friendly. Warm tones – such as oranges and beiges – are thought to inspire conversation and cast a welcoming glow

Dining Room – Red is a popular choice for dining areas because it encourages appetite. This is why you so often see red walls in restaurants. In addition, red can also be an awakening and stimulating color which can do wonders for bringing people together over a delicious meal.

Kitchen – The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, and is one room where you likely spend a great deal of time. Some of the best colors for kitchens include blues or yellows and white. These colors are friendly and can err on the side of whimsical or serious depending upon your personal taste.

Bedroom – The primary purpose of a bedroom is rest and relaxation. Thus, it is best to choose colors that inspire a feeling or tranquility. Soft blues, earthy greens and lavender are often the best choices to help you relax. However, darker colors have an ever greater effect – which is why deep blues and dark purples are also bedroom favorites. When it comes to adding color to your home, always start by choosing the shades you connect with the most.



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