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Colors & Moods In The Interior Design Of Your Home

Colors & Moods In The Interior Design Of Your Home

Colours can elevate mood, while colours can also dull the surroundings. The best way to use colours in your space is to use them concerning the space where it is, the application of the area, and the cultural fit of the region.


Interior Design Of Your Home


When you blend all these perfectly, the result is quite beautiful, and you get a living space that attracts everyone. Referring to this point, today, we will focus on interior design colour combination and the effect of colours on moods and inside interior design in brief. So, let’s begin:-


Colour can Change Psychology

Interior design


Yes, it’s correct as colours can really change a person’s mood. Don’t believe it? Try going into a bright room where the Interior design colours are more alive and bright when you have an uplifted mood. After this, go to a room with dark and shady colours. You will notice that the first room brings more out of yourself, and you feel a little bit more alive than before. Whereas, a dark shade doesn’t necessarily mean bad but would surely affect the mood as you will feel more like a dark confined cage with less energy. This change in mood is nothing about you and all about the interior design colour scheme that surround you. Bright colours have a good impact on your mind whereas, and darker shades have a completely different mood. Hence, whenever you are finalizing your colour decor, always check the purpose of the room and the lighting is. And not to mention, your favourite choice too!

Moods and Effects of Colours                                       

In this part, we will understand the different effects of Interior design colour seen in a human. So, it’s best to understand this section and then go ahead to finalize the room design colours or yours.

Red interior

1. Red

Red is a colour that raises the energy levels of the room and stimulates love and passion. The best places to use red in your colour decor are living, dining, and entry room.

2. Orange

Orange, interior design colour combination tends to excite people and promotes more activity. Therefore the best place for using orange is the kid’s playroom and exercise room.

Yellow house interior

3. Yellow

Using a Yellow interior will capture joy and sunlight from the surroundings. And will communicate happiness. The best use of Yellow is in the Dining, Living, and Kitchen.

4. Pink

Pink associates itself with kindness and love and boosts creativity. Therefore, use pink in your bedrooms and nursery.

Green colour kitchen

5. Green

Green has a more calming effect than anyone else; hence it is generally used in bedrooms where you come at the end of the day to get relaxed. Other places to use green Interior design colour is living room and kitchen.

6. Blue

Blue is soothing and helps lower blood pressure. The best place to use blue is in the bedroom and bathroom.

White colour

7. White

White Interior design colour is often considered a timeless classic, and therefore, one can use it anywhere they find convenient.

8. Black

Black gives a depth to the room and often grounds other colours associated with it. Hence you can use it in the mix with anything that fits your room.


These are some of the interior design colour psychology we have mentioned. To know more about interior design colour theory, visit Alacritys main page and explore our take on the interior design world. We specialize in providing the best-in-class interior design consultation.



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