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Latest Commercial Interior Designing Trends in 2020

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The new interior design trends in the year 2020 will be coming back to anything and everything. All-white kitchens and aesthetic walls will not completely fade away, they will only advance and evolve.

We will see environmentally friendly options and methods. Designers and contractors are making a shift towards more resilient and sustainable equipment and material. It will be the year of green design. These materials are used to protect the environment from getting endangered.

Whether it’s an office space or a commercial one, emotions will be inspired and evoked. Ultimately it’s about what space requires and figuring out what the brand works for. Interior design brings a vibrant touch to any space.


Every sphere wants to go sustainable today; it’s the need of the hour. Sustainable designing reduces the impacts on the environment and our ecosystem. This means the use of renewable materials and lesser use of non-renewable materials. Brands are focusing on a greener perspective.

We must all invest in designs and goods that won’t cost us our environment and planet. In 2020, the sustainable design would not just be about wood usage and aesthetics but greener technologies and materials will be utilized in the working space. This will be huge in the office design trends 2020.

We will also see a rise in the locally handcrafted décor and resources that will have a longer-lasting period. This is will eventually lead to a reduction in waste. Quality will play a vital role, and longevity will be the aim.



Warm colors will be extensively used such as jewel tones and saturated hues. Walls, tiles, and cabinets serve the purpose of using more color. In previous years we have the use of the navy, grey, and beige. But this is becoming less and less popular.

Shades of pink seem to be a sign of more sophistication and will be very strong in 2020. A lot of terra cotta and peachy shades will be in; they give very soft and earthy tones. Golden yellow velvet and caramel and brown leathers will be seen as well. 2020 will bring the bold and bright back.



Layered patterns are becoming very prominent for textile designs and tabletops. There will be a mixture of patterns with colors coming together. Geometrical designs will be seen too. Curvy structures will be added to the interior designs in 2020. Softer shapes will be visible. Straight lines only seem efficient and economical; curves, on the other hand, make the space more upmarket and unique.


The iconic all-white kitchen trends will slowly phase out. There will be two-tone kitchens instead. A mixture of two colors will be seen, like white uppers and black base. Adding wood to space will pop out the light and give rustic feels. Black is the elegant color and combining it with natural materials and metals will be bold. It will be sophisticated and make the kitchen very appealing. The presence of plants and flowers and metals will bring brightness and balance to your kitchen space.


Lamps have always been an important product in interior decorations. Lamps will be seen in the workplace design trends 2020. There will be new designs in lamps. They will provide a feeling of warmth and brighten up space. You must purchase lamps that will complement the colors and space. Lamps easily fit into any interior decoration.



Handmade products will be used that shows the connection with the maker. People are interested in using products that tell a story and are not just materialistic.

This way you add a personal touch to your space. People aren’t always satisfied with purchasing materials and goods from shops. Creating unique wallpapers and photo collection will leave a mark in your home. You can make custom wallpaper that will include pictures of your friends, family, and children. These will show and remind you of the wonderful memories.


Brown, green and gray will be the dominant colors this year, but there will be a rise of the black color. One can never go wrong with black. Interior décor will be filled with black fixtures, furniture, walls and finishes. Black paired with other colors and material enhances the atmosphere. It can be used on brightly colored walls to create a warm and airy aura in your home.


Natural materials will be used. Materials like plaster will be used less. 2020 trend will bring nature close to people by using natural material line raffia, cane; raw wood, etc. houseplants will add the natural touch to any space. In 2019, people opted for natural interior design. This trend will continue in 2020 as well. Eco-friendly design is here to stay at least for a couple of years.

Natural and rustic woods would be used on windows and doors as well as on furniture. People will adopt the usage of recycled accessories and furniture along with handmade products. Natural stones like pebble, granite, and marble will be widely used to bring out the natural elements. The bohemian interior style will become a popular trend.



Accessorizing your house and office space brings out the uniqueness. Ethnic motifs will be a huge trend in 2020. You can exhibit the pieces and souvenirs you have collected during all your travels. The products and accessories from different cultures and places add extra magic and make your space more adventurous. Glass holders, magnets, small trinkets can be added.


The home and commercial design trends 2020 will see a comfortable look that is highly inspired by nature and the environment. Metals like gold, silver will brighten the space and will make a comeback. The use of ethnic details and textiles will be visible too. It will add a personal touch to your space and will be seen as extremely cozy and warm. These were the top trends that will surface in 2020.

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