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Know the things before proceeding for the designing healthier clinics & hospitals 

Good design is not just about appearances, especially when it comes to planning a new hospital. Research shows that good design influences patient outcomes, controls infection rates, and reduces medical errors. Architects, designers must work closely with hospital personnel to integrate state-of-the-art design with the highest standards of safety and efficiency. The result need to be a hospital layout that is focused on the health and well-being of patients and families, yet is flexible enough to accommodate future innovations in medical care and services.

Hospitals aim to treat patients and help them get better as soon as possible, but what if there were something other than medical supervision and expertise that could speed up the healing process? Alacritys claims that Hospital gardens are ‘essential not dispensable’.

In the twenty-first century a garden is the element most likely to give a ‘natural’ view from a window. The British Medical Association discussed the importance of views, access to light and hospital gardens in January 2011. In The Psychological and Social Needs of Patients, the BMA argue that hospital design should take into account the important therapeutic role of gardens. The environment is hopefully once again being seen as relevant for the well being of patients. Gardens can act as important spaces that connect the hospital with the wider world.

Locating reputed & best interior designers is the most important part while doing the architecture & interior designing of the hospitals and clinics. Not choosing reputed and well experienced designer will result in a negative way. So be very careful while choosing a designer for hospitals and clinics.

Make a list of number of wards, rooms, cabins, icus, nurse stations, receptions, waiting, washrooms, garden layout, parking, etc. & all medical equipment and sanitary accessories that you will be in need of and then plan the layout of the design of the place.

Locate a perfect surgical accessories and sanitary accessories dealer who can effectively do the product delivery and will also take care of the replacements.

While doing designing of hospitals and clinics, the lighting should be given more importance. Low lighting will create a dull ambience and using low lighting will not provide the best interiors. So make arrangements for bright lighting.

Use best furniture designs for hospitals while doing the interior designing. The furniture should be preferably in metal. Do not choose to have couches, or other cushion based furniture for hospitals as they are very difficult to maintain and they won’t last long.

Wall painting should be given more importance while doing the designing of hospitals and clinics. The painting should not be sober; it should be bold, bright and colorful with abstract or contemporary art!

Wall decoration of the hospital and clinics should be neat, colorful and informative (with awareness posters and interesting health tips).

Flooring should be given more importance. The flooring should not be slippery but it should be smooth. Wooden flooring is much better than tile flooring and laminated flooring for both patient rooms and for labs.


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