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Don’t forget the ceilling design to spice up your spaces in interior design & exterior

Ceiling Interior Design

Doing home or office remodeling is not just about changing your wall painting or wallpapers and adding some new furniture in it, it’s much more than that. While some people love to experiment with wallpapers and furniture, they often ignore one of the important places to makeover in their house or offices, ceiling.

Best trendy material in ceiling is gypsum. This is easy to install & durable too. It comes in different thicknesses & has different brands too. Consult your designers for designs as per room sizes before starting the work


People tend to forget to remodel their ceiling until the very last minute just because it “skipped” their head and their plans.

One of the best ways you can do to remodeling your ceiling is by adding or changing your ceiling cladding. This cladding will make your ceiling looks simple and neat by covering some cabling or piping that you have. If you don’t have any of those, ceiling cladding could also act as a decoration. It is made in WPC (wood plastic composite) material or PVC material.

Ceiling is one of the most important things in your house. It’s not only a part of the structural element in your house, but it could also serve acoustic, aesthetic, or other functions that you may have in mind. Ceiling decorations could be done by putting the exact paintings, tiles or other finishes on it, just like the Sistine Chapel. However, it’s not the only way to decorate your ceiling. You could have aesthetics feeling in your ceiling by using timber.

Today, the plastic ceiling cladding is one of the popular choices. It’s made from PVC, and it could give a modern look for your ceiling. This type of ceiling cladding could be installed easily in your ceiling because it has interlocking system in the plastic panels that fit into each other.


This plastic ceiling cladding comes in various colors, have a high durability, protect your ceiling from insects, unaffected by weather changes, and can prevent condensation in your house. Not all panels of this ceiling cladding made from PVC, it also made of from other plastics such as polypropylene. Different plastic will have different properties that you could compare of, such as durability, heat resistance, impact strength, and so on. Plastic ceiling cladding could be useful to give a high standard of hygienic in foods that you store in your house. It’s because the ceiling cladding doesn’t permit the accumulation of dirt or condensation. It’s easy to clean up and the water drops could be dried quickly. They also didn’t shed particles just like the wood cladding done. Because of these benefits, plastic ceiling often used in public places such as hotels, hospitals, and other places that require a high degree of hygiene.


Ceilings not only useful in changing the looks and feelings in your house, it could also change the atmosphere in it too. Ceiling also good in serving the functional purpose in your house like hiding cables or pipes. While some ceiling claddings made from tiles or timbers, you could also choose the one that made from plastics. Plastic ceiling claddings are easy to install, following the hygiene regulations and chemical resistance, and also has various colors that you can choose.

To get the best option of ceiling cladding, you may want to consult it with your interior designer first so he/ she could recommend you some ceiling claddings that suits your house and needs.

Stained glass ceiling harmless, durable and practical. They are not afraid of dampness, and can even be cleaned with water or apply wipers. To create a stained glass ceiling designs using various types of stained glass is most often used sandblasting, contour. The glass surface is treated with a strong jet of compressed air containing abrasive particles. Using stencil allows you to get a variety of images and inscriptions. With sandblasting get matted picture or relief structure of glass or mirror.


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