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Bungalow interior design trends for 2017

We all dream of owning a stylish looking home, be it a bungalow or an apartment. Your home interiors define your personality, be it a vibrant boho look or a contemporary one. One shows you being creative and outspoken while other keep you grounded with reality and tradition. The time when apartment-living was considered something luxurious and popular to have, is now switching to bungalow-style living. People living in metro cities are ready to hire professional interior designers to get affordable bungalows interior design services in Pune.

The professional interior designers help in transforming each and every inch of your bungalow and give it an amazing look. Alacritys is a renowned bungalows interior design service provider in Pune known to transform plain looking bungalows into some masterpieces of artwork. The experts present in this organization utlilize their skills and expertise to deliver perfect home interior designing solutions at competitive pricing.


Let us explore some latest trends in bungalow interior designing:

Leather furniture:

We all have grown up seeing wooden and metal furniture in homes for decor and other purposes, thus going for leather furniture is simply in vogue this season. You would find some exquisite piece of leather furniture and decor accessories that would compliment your house in all way. Try placing some leather chairs in your living room bringing a new style quotient to your space.

Ombre palettes:

Gone are the days when pastel colors covered most part of the decor and designs. Now ombre grading colors are becoming people’s favorite for the most part of their bungalows. Such shades of colors give a beautiful insight to your home with amazing colors and textures. And not just on walls, you can apply this shade to your pillows, curtains, wallpapers, frames, etc. .

Contour mirrors:

Mirrors are best for creating an optical illusion that gives depth and light to your living space. With positioning, they can also work as windows which you can place on the walls and add gleam to it. Use rope or metal hangings to hang mirrors on walls to accentuate the beauty of place around you without putting any extra efforts.

Fiber Lamps:

Every house or a place is incomplete without proper lighting, especially the decorative ones. There are new trends coming all your way this year, with light strings, fixture torches, fiber and pendant lamps. These light lamps add an element of comfort and warmth to the bungalows without putting any extra efforts, money and time.

Try some and revamp the interiors of your bungalow like never before.


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