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Can I know the services of Alacritys?

Alacritys do assist you in knowing architecture interior services & charges.


We provide, designing to execution services in Architecture, Interior Design,

Landscape Design & Graphic Design –

How do I connect with Alacritys?

We are available on call, through mail & easily through Whats app.


Drop a message with your requirements. Somebody from our end will contact you soon to give you information for architecture Interior services & charges.

Will completed project be shown before my site starts?

We may face challenges while taking you to the previous sites.


As clients may find it inconvenient & most important; matching of our timings is much more difficult, we will show you our earlier projects done at our office.

Can I know how do Alacritys charge?

Fixed square foot based charges on Residential & Commercial Projects; irrespective of materials used by you from lowest to highest range. Varies from project to project work.


Depends on the scope of the work. Depends on the stages of the drawings included.


Architecture- Rs.15 – Rs.150/ Sq. ft.

Interior- Rs.100 – Rs.250/ Sq. ft.

Landscaping – Rs.15/ Sq. ft. & above

3D Design – Rs.7/ Sq. ft. & above

Architecture Site Visit – Rs.1500/ visit & above

Interior Site Visit – Rs.2000/visit & above


Once we start the on-site work, site visit charges are applicable after the first 4 Architecture site visits, first 4 Landscaping site visits, & first 6 Interior site visits.

What areas Do Alacritys work in?

Vigorously working in Pune.


We can offer our architecture interior services PAN India as per the scope of the work.

How much consultation charges will I have to Pay?

Visiting our office & meeting on site will give you a fair idea for the project.


We will be glad to offer you first free consultancy. In the consultancy part, a rough idea on the quotation will be given.


Travel charges & stay charges at actual. Charges need to be paid if the site is beyond 20 km from Alacritys office.

How will I get the estimation & costing for my project?

As soon as you go through the consultancy part, you can get a detailed estimation as per your requirements & taste.


This process takes 24 hrs to 120 hrs.


Day based charges, that is, Rs. 1000/day are applicable for the process if it goes above 3 hours.

Can I know project packages & costs for that?

We have different architecture interior services & charges for various types of projects. Packages vary depending upon the quality of the materials, finishes & the labourer charges.

This doesn’t include any statutory documentation charges.


Architecture & Interior Packages:






Budget variations from Standard to High-end Packages:


–  Residential Architecture- Rs.1100- Rs.3000/ Sq. ft.

–  Residential Interior- Rs.1200- Rs.5000/Sq. ft.

–  Commercial Interior- Rs.1500- Rs.5000/Sq. ft.


–  Commercial Architecture- Rs.1100- Rs.3000/ Sq. ft.

–  Health Interior- Rs.1100- Rs.4000/Sq. ft.

–  Hospitality Interior- Rs.1100- Rs.6000/ Sq. ft.

–  Temple Architecture- Rs.900- Rs.4500/ Sq. ft.

What minimum area should I possess to get in contact with Alacritys?

-Residential Architecture- Minimum 2000 Sq. ft. & above

-Residential Interior- Complete 2bhk & above

-Commercial Interior- Entire 500 Sq. ft. & above

– Hospitality/Restaurant Interior- Entire 500 Sq. ft. & above

– Healthcare interior- Complete 600 Sq. ft. & above

Can I do Agreement for the project design & execution?

Yes! We follow an agreement process, to begin the design process & to follow up site work without waiting till the end.


This process needs initial registration to start the work.

What are considered allied services apart from Architecture & Interior?

Apart from architecture & interior design, we assist with –

  • 3D design
  • Landscape design
  • Vastu, liaising
  • Structural design
  • Civil consultancy
  • Graphic design
What will I get in Turnkey Architecture & Interior Design services?

Here we are! We involve ourselves right from the process of designing, working drawings to its execution which include labourers to contractors management.


We guide you in the architecture interior services & charges,  selection of vendors and materials with your choice if you wish & most importantly finance management.


In brief, we are there to provide you end to end solution.

What will be the approximate execution timeline for my project?

The entire process will have a schedule & guidelines for the Project Leader, Design Team, Contractors & the Client before from beginning to complete finishing of the work.


The project’s stipulated timeline may/shall change in case if there are any health issues, any material selection changes, delays in work due to non-availability of the materials.


Same way timeline changes if any drawing revisions, changes in designs & changes in payment terms from the client-side or the suppliers’ side.

What will be the project phases & minimum duration for the project execution if we work uninterruptedly?

We have considered below details for the projects of architecture interior services & charges to get executed:


Architecture Work having area 2000- 3000 Sq. ft.

  • 1st Site visit & Consultancy- 1-2 Day
  • Estimation Phase- 1-5 Working Days
  • Liaising Phase- Minimum 45-60 Days
  • 2nd Site visit- 1 Day
  • Design Preliminary Phase- Minimum 20-30 Days
  • Materials Selection Phase- Minimum 2-4 Days
  • 3D Design Phase- Minimum 4-10 Days
  • Entire Site Execution- Minimum 9- 11 Months


Interior Work covers an area, 800- 1000 Sq. ft.

  • 1st Site visit & Consultancy- 1-2 Day
  • Estimation Phase- 1-5 Working Days
  • 2nd Site visit- 1 Day
  • Design Preliminary Phase- Minimum 20-30 Days
  • Materials Selection Phase- Minimum 2-4 Days
  • 3D Design Phase- Minimum 4-10 Days
  • Entire Site Execution- Minimum 50- 60 Days
What mutual decisions I & Designer need to take?

The client has the authority to decide the team of vendors and contractors from his/her reference or through Alacritys team of vendors and contractors, according to the budget or for specific parts of the site.


These things need to be pre-discussed between both parties & will be added in the agreement that will take place in between the Client & the Designer.

What Contractors & Designers mutually do?

Designers & Contracts do have the authority –


to discuss & decide the Timelines, Designs, Execution & can do the changes in any of them if it is essential.

What are my responsibilities to maintain the timeline of the work?

1. Approval of the Designs at earliest

2. Selection of contractors & suppliers after the design phase itself if they are from the client’s side

3. Selection of the materials before the design phase & if required then should be in time at the time of the site work

4. Timely payment to the designer & on-site working contractors

5. Timely Payment to the selected labours, contractors or vendors if the client has any of them from your side

6. Direct payment to the supplier/ vendors on time

How do I get a vision of the selection of the materials for my site?

We do provide material board in two forms – Sample board & Mood board at different three-four stages at the time of Design phases.


Even 3D does help to understand the materials & looks of the site.


Before the site starts almost 80-90% selection happens. Rest materials may get selected on-site, at our office, or suppliers’ shops or showrooms.

Will I get a chance to know the quality & prices of the site materials?

We can give you a warranty for some of the products & for some of the materials.


Warranty varies from product to product & material to material.


Some standard raw materials don’t change. While selecting the materials for finishing look, clients may accompany us, see the options for many of the materials & freeze them as per his/her taste & the site demands.


Prices may vary depending upon the selection of the materials; which will indirectly or directly make changes in your project cost.

What precautions should I take before executing the site?

It is always better for you to go with the pre-decided products, materials & designs.


That will avoid any kind of impact on the work process & avoid the effect on end product finishes if the site.

Can I get a chance to integrate my favorite Furniture & Accessories into the Design?

This is possible if you finalize your choices at the time of designing phase & before starting the actual work process.


It will help us to create a proper amalgamation of various products on site.

Do Alacritys consider eco-friendly & sustainable materials?

We do consider the sustainability of the products for a longer duration.


Eco-friendly is the individual’s choices & we opt for that depending upon client’s inclination.

How can I decide Design styles without being much confused?

At the time of design phases, you have the freedom to choose the styles & change the styles in case you want something different. & even when not liked the given ones.


It is difficult to change the styles when work starts on-site as it changes the entire design & theme. This may bring sudden weird variations in the places we execute.

What is the difference between Design & Decoration?

These are the two different words:


‘Design’ helps in & controls the details of the products. Designers are aware of the sustainability of the structure & the products, technical & legal parts for the ongoing site work & at the time of the site completion.


‘Decoration’ does involve the add-on to the existing aesthetics of the site & the structure of the site; eg. draperies, accessories, look & feel of the new materials with the existing materials at the site.

What modification rules do I need to follow?

– You can ask for any kind of modifications only at the stage of Design.


– Any structural changes can’t be made once executed at the site.


– In case any minor modifications are there then you & designer will discuss & decide mutually; whether to implement it or not at the time of execution, providing that should maintain the basic theme & blend with adjacent materials.

What termination rules do I need to follow?

– Any party can terminate the agreement with the prior 3 weeks notice.


– In case of the termination; all the designs, drawings, and work executed according to Alacritys shall remain the property of Alacritys only & not allowed to be used by the Client.


– You need to pay the charges to the Designer & the Contractors, need to clear the Suppliers’ bills as per the stages of the work process & as decided in the agreement.

Why Architects are so important?

Architects help to develop the society, as well as support in shaping the future of the people. There are several old renowned architects across the world who not only created the individual homes or apartments but developed the cities also.


Architects do work on aesthetics along with planning with a double vision that guides people to develop their residences & even professional places.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional Interior Designer?

-They will be guiding you throughout the process that makes work hassle-free.


-As they are trained & experienced, they will assist you in the selection of the right materials to enrich your site both visionary and structurally.


-Because of their networking in the market, they can easily explore ‘n’ number of options for the particular category & assist you in choosing the materials & getting them available on site.


-They have commands on the soft wares that are used to design the spaces. This can lessen the time-consuming process very easily. This makes you stress-free.


-As they have an exhaustive experience, they know what is right for you, your near and dear ones & associates who will be part of the spaces who will be part of it in coming days ahead.

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