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How you can transform your home decor without spending a fortune!?


Every day new styles and decor designs are coming up. It is quite common to have the urge to change our homes but the thing is that we do not feel like spending a lot of money on it. It is why the new trend is to DIY everything says leading Interior designing firms in Pune. It is the most affordable thing to do! Also one can start by relocating and changing the furniture positions a bit. You have no idea how big a change can these little things make to your room. Here are what top interior designers and the Best interior designers in Pune have to suggest:

  1. Get a lamp: A lamp can really change the look of a room. It is the most cost-efficient investment one can make to change their interiors. A table lamp, nightstand, desk or console table or even a floor lamp can look really aesthetic and change the whole looks of a room by many folds!2. New sofa and chair covers: You do not need to get new furniture. But you can always change the look of your furniture by adding in new covers! A soft pastel shade would look so new and bright in your living room.Sofa Covers3. Hanging photos: Who does not like photos? That is why Interior design firms in Pune advice to use special photo frames to adorn your walls. From handmade canvas pieces to modern art, everything can be hanged in these custom frames!Hanging Photos4. Painting your own walls: Do this if you are confident enough about your painting skills! Chalk out a design beforehand and then personalize the paints and come up with something eye-catching with a nice theme. Even graffiti works!Wall Painting5. Masking tape art: Masking tape can come handy into preparing any kind of wall art as well. It comes for cheap and can be used to create many interesting things and of different shapes, and not to forget colours. More the colours, more they stand out and make the walls look pretty!Masking Tap Art6. Spray painting: Spray paints are used very often for graffiti work. But did you know that they can be used for painting other things as well? Like your chairs. Make those dull chairs colourful, that reduces the cost of buying fabric covers and cushions to make them look pretty.Spray Painting8. Newer places to store your stuff: An Interior designing company in Pune shed some light on a simple and thoughtful idea! They advice storing jewellery and other accessories in decorative boxes, vintage bowls or even decorative cups. It might give the room a different look with no wastage of money. Even storing makeup brushes and blenders which come in different shapes, sizes and colour is a good option!


Even if redecorating the house can seem like an affair including lots of trouble and work, following these very simple and easy methods can actually make a difference to your house! Forget the heavy costs of replacing furniture, painting walls, and whatnot. Instead, stick to these newer and easier methods as per the advice of top interior designers in Pune. They surely would yield amazing results and make your home look prettier than ever in an affordable price!

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