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Interior design project: finding artists & artwork

Artists Artwork

Many of our vendors know that we work hard to provide our clients exceptional trade pricing. Raising a bar on the industry’s standard of client designer to designer relationships. Artwork is no exception to this rule. In many cases our interior design projects are full scale turnkey projects leaving our interior design teams to select all accessories down to the last detail including artwork.

Artwork is a very personal statement and the independent artists from all over the world that make up Minted’s collection of framed photography and prints provide the perfect touch to our interior design projects. The variety of styles in paintings, prints, and photography represent emotions or styles that perfectly complement the Alacritys interior design client. There are also limited editions pieces that are signed and sold through the Minted website that are priced very reasonably.





Framing artwork is also a key element in the interior design process; some interior design projects need a rustic washed wood style while other modern home interiors demand strong black frames that are just as elegant as the prints they surround. Minted’s artwork can arrive framed ready to hang in the design or style of you prefer, choose from 12 different framing options.

Designers know how to sell art; one way or another they convince people it has value– tangible as well as intangible– and that it’s worth paying money for in order to own. Rarely in the art world do people spontaneously buy art without any prompting simply because they fall in love the moment they see it. They ask questions first, and whomever answers those questions has to answer them convincingly enough to demonstrate that the art is worth owning, that they’re better off making it a part of their lives than not. Ask anyone in the art business. They’ll tell you no art sells itself; someone has to sell it.

Take a look at shared artwork that can be selected for different Interior Design Project. For a big and great selection of  paintings, prints, and photography don’t forget to explore FizdiIndiaartMojarto etc. you will find highly talented independent artists.

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