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Is Plywood Stronger Than Wood – Know The Difference

Is Plywood Stronger Than Wood

So, you’re looking to revamp your home with some new wooden furniture, some kitchen cabinets and wooden cupboards to heighten your homes aesthetics and get that peerless structural integrity that other materials could never reflect. Once you decide on the design, shades and placements for your furniture, shelves or maybe the perfect and ergonomically designed cabinets for your kitchen the next step would be to get them made.


Plywood vs Solid Wood


This is the step where many of us get stuck and aren’t sure how to move forward, because you need the right quality of wood that’s durable and serves the purpose for a long time. This is where the face off begins between plywood vs solid wood. While making a choice, one has to decide whether to go with Plywood or Solid Wood. Questions like, is plywood stronger than solid wood? Or if you decide on Solid Wood that obviously looks grander and beautiful would that be worth it? 


You might be wondering how strong is plywood? Plywood basically is a mixture of wood and glue. It is manufactured by gluing different layers or sheets of wood/veneers that come together to create plywood boards used to manufacture cabinets and furniture.


Whereas, solid wood is obtained from trees after taking them to a sawmill where they are sawn into planks, boards or blocks of wood that are specially dried and then turned into pieces of furniture. Different kids of wood can be used for the process, such as pine, teak, cherry, rosewood, oak etc. 


Plywood vs Solid Wood

What To Choose For Your Home?

Now that you know the difference and when it boils down to plywood vs wood you might wonder if you should go for plywood or solid wood. When you ask how strong is plywood?  The answer is simple, there are various grades of ply. For example, A- grade plywood is free from defects while X-grade plywood would have cracks and other defects. Selection of wood completely depends on your purpose.


Plywood is the best when it comes to applications that require sheet materials which wouldn’t crack, shrink or warp according to temperature and weather changes that we face. Plywood is best for curved surfaces, cabinets, desktops and storage containers.


Solid wood is often combined with plywood for. For example- a shelf made of plywood will have an edging of solid wood to cover the plywood’s edges giving it a solid feel. Sold wood is used when aesthetics and beauty counts. It is used for its strength and stiffness which makes amazing bookshelves, decking structural support and solid structures like a sculpture or an art piece. 


So when it comes to Plywood Vs Solid Wood all you have to do is list down your purposes and choose your materials wisely.



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