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Modern dining rooms ideas by expert interior designers

Your dining room is preferably the only space in your home where everyone sits together to have meals and share those happy light moments. In major of the interior designing projects, a dining room is often overlooked, especially if you are living in a small-sized apartment or a single-story bedroom. And if most of the times, you don’t feel like eating in your dining space, then it’s high time you think of renovating your dining area with the help of residential interior designers.

Here are top 5 dining decor tips by interior designers in Pune to inspire you to have a perfect dining space at home:

Dining Table Set

Dining table set is the prime focus of any dining area and thus it should be chosen in such a way that all of its element compliments the interior of that particular space. Like if you live in an apartment, make sure you buy table something in round shape to make your space appear bigger. Couple it with low height chairs to make your dining room look taller and bigger..

Lights & fixtures

Lighting of any room plays an important role in creating the perfect ambiance for that particular spot. Proper lighting can make your room refreshing and invite while dim lights can create a perfectly cozy environment for dining. Confused if you should put those big chandeliers or simply with the side lamps for some extra hues? Well, then ask residential interior designers in Pune to get best answers. Candle holders on the table or fancy glassware can also add to the charm.

Special Wall

This is one modern interior dining decor idea where a particular wall is kept in focus to highlight or bring the attention of your visitors into your home, especially in your dining area. You can start by painting the wall opposite to your dining table set in a different shade than the rest of the room. Try hanging a large wall painting or some table frame in contrasting shade tone to spruce up your dining room decor.

Give a touch of greenery

Most of you might be perplexed with the thought of adding greenery in the dining room. But let me tell you, adding greens to any place of your home interiors make the space more lively, refreshing and calm. Almost all professional interior designers in Pune suggest placing a potted money plant or some ornamental sapling in the center of the dining table.

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