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Restaurant Plan Layouts & Tips

Restaurant plan

In the restaurant industry, the owners generally concentrate only on prioritizing the good quality of food and the service, and to do so, they often overlook the restaurant layout, which in reality plays a vital role in overall customer satisfaction.


How To Select Proper Restaurant Plan Layout To Develop Your Business


The layout of a restaurant plays a critical role in restaurant operations and workflow. Please keep in mind certain guidelines for a restaurant layout and floor plan design.


1. Comfort For Diners And Staffs

Before planning a proper restaurant layout, you have to keep in mind that everybody comes to the restaurant not just for eating food but want to get a comfortable atmosphere too. Whether it be the case of your staff or the diners, comfort plays a crucial role in the restaurant industry.

2. Outline Each Space

You have to keep in mind that the central space of your restaurant is your dining area. So you have to allocate 60% of your space for this area so that your customers feel comfortable dining with their family and friends. If you have sufficient space, you can make a restroom too.

The next most obvious space is your kitchen, without which nothing is possible. In your kitchen, you will have to separate places for food preparation, cooking, dishwashing and food storage. Your restaurant must have two toilets. Because one should always be built for staff only and the other is for your guests.

3. Think About Seating Capacity

In this worldwide pandemic situation, everyone is very much concerned about their social distancing. Never overcrowd your place with lots of tables and chairs. This will make the ambience of your restaurant comfortable and safe.

4. Safety

Safety is important at all costs. In your restaurant, you must keep first aid, sanitisers, some fire extinguishing equipment and contacts of several persons like doctors and fire operators.

5. Outdoor Space Must Be Attractive

The outdoor of your restaurant is the entry point for your guests. So try to keep it tidy and green always. Greenery soothes our eyes, so it will give your space a fresh look.

6. Lighting

If you come to the discussion about lights, you will see that different restaurants use different types of light according to their theme and environment. The lighting influences the environment of the restaurant, which in turn reflects customer satisfaction. If it is possible, try to make proper use of natural daylight.

Final Thoughts

The layout of your restaurant reciprocates the workflow of your employees. Therefore it is important to allow ample space for each unique part of your restaurant to make it comfortable anyway to your customers.

Nothing is more important than customer satisfaction. However, for a truly satisfying restaurant design layout, you can contact Alacritys, which will fulfil your needs within your budget.


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