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The trending interior designers tips for 2018

Interior Decor

WHAT MATERIALS ARE THE BEST IN 2018?:Top and Famous interior designers in Pune like Alacritys Designs suggest materials as per your budget. After all, not everyone can afford real wood or superior marble for flooring, cladding or furniture. You can use faux wooden beams on your ceiling and flooring too for a warm hot look in your office or commercial builidng. Plus, these materials are easier to maintain than natural ones and are versatile. Plywood and reclaimed wood are other materials you can consider.

HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST COLORS IN 2018? : Colors play a significant role in designing of any commercial spaces and create different moods as well. Hence, if you want a sophisticated ambience, Caliente AF-290, Pale yellow, Jewel tones, teal, fuchsia and bright greens are also favourites this year with interior designers. Pune also has many famous commercial spaces, where different colours are used in different spaces or areas to demarcate them based on their purpose. For instance, while soft colours are used in offices, darker tones are preferred in modular kitchens and kids’ rooms. Even dark black is trending right now for those who love a mysterious or gothic ambience.

HOW TO PICK FURNITURE FOR 2018? : Plush and rounded furniture is very popular this year, according to the commercial interior designers in Pune. Smooth, rounded edges and a lack of sharp corners are what most people want for the sake of safety. And such furniture pieces can look very fashionable, like a large heavily cushioned couch with no exposed hard surface. Soft cushions, faux fur rugs, and soft throws are trending as well since more and more homeowners want homes they will love to live in. According to interior designers, Pune has seen a sharp rise in commercial and residential home.

TEXTURES ARE EVERYTHING FOR 2018? : Textiles like velvet, soft cotton, and premium suede are in vogue and big folds or pleats are textures that people want in them. A unique way to furnish any room in 2018 would be to mix different textures like leather, fur, velvet, and cotton, as per Alacritys. These can be paired with both wood and wrought iron furniture for a luxurious setting.

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