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Top 10 Interior Designers In Pune – Professional, Affordable, On-time

interior design in pune

If you plan to redesign your house or office, you might be looking for the best interior designers in Pune. We have listed out the Top 10 Interior Designers In Pune – Professional, Affordable, On-time. And it is important not just to look for the name and fame but the quality of work, your budget, and the assurance of timely services. 



Top 10 Interior Designers in Pune

Starting from the first on the list, it is undoubtedly, 


  • Leading as the number one interior designer in Pune, Alacritys was established a decade ago with a team of experts in designing residential, commercial, corporate, hospitality, healthcare centers.
  • Alacritys is known for its good professional behavior with its clients not just in Pune but all across India.
  • The core team consists of 6 passionate ladies, led by Trupti Ladda. She is a dynamic person who holds designing and architecting to her core. And her morals such as time management, client 100% satisfaction and professionalism has brought Alacritys to be at the peak of the top 10 interior designers in Pune. 
The below are just for your information.


RedBricks Designs

RedBrick is known as Interior Designer Pune. Its expertise lies in designing, consulting and execution of work. With 15 plus years of experience in house designing services and solutions, the team RedBricks Designs has renovated plenty of residences, offices, showrooms, pharmacies, stadiums, and banks in India. Their team takes care of all your requirements, beginning from site visits, layout planning, designing, detailing, and completing works. 

Design Extracts Interior Designers

Design Extracts is a firm believer in art, and thus they deliver art in the form of interior designing based on principles for beginners
Its USP lies in creating designs that depict its client’s inspiration and passion. It is known for giving a generous amount of time and attention to its customers, coming out with an affordable plan, and achieving maximum client satisfaction.  
One word for Design Extracts is that they are: CREATIVE. Be it a minimalistic design or European theme, or traditional Indian, they can make anything and everything for you. 

Sudhir Pawar & Associates 

The man behind the name Sudhir Pawar and his team has redefined the outlook of living spaces in Pune.
They are known as interior designers in Pune and provide services for both residential and commercial space design ideas
Established in 2007, Sudhir and his team are dedicated to delivering a budget-friendly plan to their customers with high-end interior designs that stand on par with international standards. 

Design Addict Interior Designers 

Design Addict is known in Pune Interior Designers List. They specialize in producing professional designs for interior design and decoration projects.
They also provide consultancy for a wide range of spaces such as residential, corporate office, showroom, hospital interior design, etc. 
Their passion lies in creating unique projects that pertain to their client’s personalities, dreams, and visions. 

Interior design

Area Planz Design

Area Planz makes it to our list solely because of their unique passion that lies in textures, combining materials and fabrics, playing with colours to create magic from room to room that tells a story. 
Clients love them because during the discussion period, the client is heard, and his words are executed through their plan.
Sulekha Pune reviews that Area Planz Design specialize in delivering interiors and common spaces for single-family, multi-family, and high rise developments, Model Merchandising, 
Space planning and room layouts, and much more. 

Live Space 

Live Space was founded when two friends wanted good interiors but found it difficult to find a good interior designer who could bring their imagination to life. And thus, Live Space interior designers took birth, which is now a decade old.
They deliver the best designs with technological innovations, which is also the backbone of Live Space. 
Launched in more than eight-plus cities in India. Live Space expertise in designing modular kitchens, contemporary living rooms, Sydney chic rooms, ethnic designs, and much more unique and one in kind of designs. 

Decor my place

With the experience of 15 years plus in designing, Decor My Place leads in India and the international market. 
Decor my place is a place of budget, scheduled delivery and creativity with durability.
They specialize in providing services of furniture for Kitchen, Wardrobe, Teakwood crafts, etc. 

Exclusive Interior Designers 

With its headquarters in Pune, Exclusive was established long back in 2005. They are one of the most expanding .Their primary services include designing residential and commercial, architecting, turnkey solutions and global sourcing. Their belief remains in designing spaces that evoke a sense of comfort and belonging to the clients. They ensure that they provide utmost satisfaction throughout the project and even after.

Ogling Inches Design Architects

as per Kohinoor Pune reviews, Ogling Inches in the Pune Interior Designers List works in designing and redesigning residential, restaurant, office interiors. 
Their clients say that they have nothing but the best to offer when it comes to creative, practical, yet ultimately personal service to each client. 
Ogling Inches stands apart from other Indian designing companies because of fixed project rates, one-stop solutions, unique designs and efficiency.
These were the top ten Interior Designers In Pune that are professional and provide affordable and on-time services. And if you are looking for a home design, architecting you know where to ring us at!

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