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Unconventional Office Design Trends in 2020

Unconventional Office Design Trends
It is no more a simple task to design an office space. Nowadays companies are turning progressively complex not only in their functions but also in their operations.


The commercial interior designers are working really hard in order to know the ever-evolving requirements of businesses while they are also continuously indulged in making an organized brand environment that perfectly holds the innovation as well as a company’s corporate culture.


Business leaders often experiment with office design in order to enhance productivity and if you are also one of them then you can simply hire the commercial interior designers in Pune who will help in transforming the look of your commercial space.


With interior office design trends 2020, the office managers can easily keep up with the competition. You must be thinking that the future of work is based on technology and grand marketing scheme but no future now lies in the interior space design.


It has now turned out to easy for small businesses to enhance productivity as well as improve the workers’ engagement with small office design trends 2020.

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Below stated are some top workplace design trends 2020 that you definitely need to implement in your office this year.


1. Green office design

If you want to increase the productivity of your office then you should surely go for green office design. It said that green office design often helps in enhancing worker productivity. This kind of design is known for impacting the worker’s well-being as well as efficiency in a positive manner.


It has been seen that when workers work in green-certified buildings they instantly had a 26% increase in perception as well as 30% few sick days.


2. Biophilic interior design for offices

The biophilic office design is mainly an increased trend of carrying the outdoors indoors or more correctly into the workplace.


You need to bring style into your office with colors and patterns by wallpaper. If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to provide your office an added knack then do go for wallpaper. Keeping in mind your industry, you can make it elegant as well as trendy as per your preference.


Remember that you should never overboard if you want to give your office a professional and perfect look at the same time then just select one wall in every room to be accent wall with attractive wallpaper.


3. Dynamic flexibility

In the past years, dynamic spaces used to include indoor-outdoor access through movable green dividers, step-style equipment, garage doors, and video & television equipment. These spaces were mainly designed to meet the requirements of the progressively multidisciplinary commercial world.

office design trends 2020

But now everything has changed because dynamic flexibility now includes a new generation of moveable, ergonomic, multi-functional as well as lightweight elements that are perfectly designed to fit any commercial space & purpose.


Now gone are the days when heavy & bulky furniture were utilized. The dynamic flexibility design trend ensures complete transformation of your office space right from the meeting room, semi-private space, podcast studio to the production area.


4. Bringing nature inside

Remember that nature can render amazing psychological benefits. You can make use of a vertical garden, a small atrium, some scattered potted plants as well as hanging plants.


If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in your office do arrange for things that help in connecting with nature. Remember that biophilic design is not just about the plants but also several other things like:


Windows: Nothing can be better than natural life when it comes to giving life to space. The views of nature are known to have a positive impact on feelings of well-being as well as energy levels.


Outdoor spaces: If your building has some outdoor then do invest in some comfortable chairs as well as tables.


Wood and stone: As these materials are derived from nature they are known to offer an amazing way to emulate the outdoors.
Therefore, office spaces that include plants are known to have good and serene ambiance. So make sure that you incorporate some plants in your office as it will help in increasing employee productivity.

Commercial interior

5. A community in a remote world

With the passage of time, it has been seen that people are now living in an increasingly digital world. A study was conducted which revealed that almost 70percent of professionals are now working remotely at least one day per week and 53percent people work for half of the week at least remotely.


Due to all these reasons, companies now need to rethink as well as redesign their office spaces so that they can easily meet their employee’s ever-changing requirements and expectations even in a progressively remote world.


For this adaption, it is necessary for the businesses to work with designers so that they are able to create attractive as well as comfortable spaces that can encourage a sense of community, shared values as well as comfort.


6. Upholsteries & fabrics

There are many companies that are working with interior designers in order to plan out the best office landscapes. Now the days are gone of stereotypical monotonous monochrome color schemes.


Geometric, as well as abstract patterns, are now considered as sustainable solutions. Leather is still known for its elegance, quality as well as timelessness that will never go out of the style.


If you want to bring nature indoors then you can definitely take advantage of real or wood laminate furniture as it is the modern trend.


7. Comfortably and healthfully sitting

When you are planning for the modern office design then it is very necessary for you to keep in mind the well-being of employees along with their physical needs.


You can go for ergonomic chairs as they will assist in adjusting the posture that will further contribute to reducing the stress on the neck, hips as well as spine. Therefore, ergonomic furniture is going to benefit everyone.


Thus if you have your office in Pune then you can hire professional Office interior designers in Pune who are well-known about the above-stated office design trends in 2020.




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