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Unconventional Office Design Trends

Unconventional Office Design Trends

Not only have the housing spaces been developed to become some of the best architecture specimens in the world, but office spaces are also becoming a contributing factor. Employers are now worried about the well-being of their employees more than ever. And hence a unique, creative, multi-purpose working area only adds to the benefits they can provide to their hard-working employees.


Latest Unconventional Office Design Ideas




Real estate has grown mature now, with more and more people hiring the best office interior designers to make the most efficient and unique working spaces. Today, we will focus on some unconventional, or we can say yet to be a commoner’s idea for office spaces. Some trends that have changed how we see office spaces will be discussed. So, let’s begin with how and why people are doing these changes as well as why you need a Good Interior Designer in Pune:-

Top Trends

1. Co-working Spaces

With the prices of real estate ticking up from time to time, it’s harder to get a good office space at a favourable price. Gone are the days when people used to buy large areas to build an office. It’s the time for co-working spaces, where multiple companies come together and work, sharing the overall expenses. With only 5-7% of the market share right now, it is expected that co-working spaces would constitute near 30%+ in 2030. 

2. Privacy Booths

Privacy Booths


With all the workload and meetings up the schedule, it’s hard to have private time. Therefore, companies are now keeping specific private booths and areas where you can go and enjoy your own time. Having your “me time” is important, and therefore, they are hiring a Good Interior Designer in Pune who can build soundproof booths that are the best place to rest/ talk/work anything you like.

3. Community Areas

Offices are not meant to be boring places where employees only talk about work. You need to have spaces where you can stretch a bit, talk with your friends, play some board games and vent out stress. Hence, however luxurious office interior you may have, you should have a community area which is everything other than work stuff.

4. Smart Environment

Smart Environment


With the rise in technology all over the world, office spaces are now slowly becoming smarter than ever. Employees are now demanding better working conditions, and who else can make our lives better than the Best Interior Designer in Pune with enormous knowledge about recent technology? Therefore, the integration of technology is on the rise for any type of modern office room. 

5. Feels More Like Home

The latest office designs are now focused more on making employees feel at home. This is because what else can be more comfortable than your own house? Hence, a sense of comfort and peace like your home will only increase the output of your employees. The best thing that people are integrating their modern office interior design concepts with is that the regular spaces are innovated to look more like a smart, creative working place rather than putting simple cubicles inside a metal box.


Office interior design can be quite tough if not assigned to a Good Interior Designer in Pune. We at Alacritys offer professional interior design services for all office spaces. To know more about our Famous Interior Designers in Pune, their past work and services, visit our home page.


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