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Upgrade your master bathroom

There are two areas in the home, in particular, where it makes sense to spend money to keep things feeling up to date: your kitchen and your bathrooms. Why wait until you are ready to sell your home and then scramble to make all of these changes for someone else to enjoy?
Here are some key areas to address to upgrade your master bathroom:
If you have very little natural day light in this space, you may want to opt for cabinetry with a lighter finish as opposed to a dark cherry. White with glazing to give it character, painted finishes are also very popular.
If you don’t need to replace the cabinetry, you can give your bathroom a quick “facelift” by changing out the existing cabinet knobs and faucet fixtures with upgraded versions for a fresh look.
This is an easy and quick way to immediately upgrade your home, whether it is in the bathroom or elsewhere.  Vanity light fixtures should provide appropriate lighting. Look for current styles that suit your taste.  The finish on these will generally coordinate with your cabinetry hardware and faucet fixtures. It is worth it to spend a little more for a quality fixture! Adding a chandelier in the center of the room is a great way to add another layer of lighting.
If you cabinetry is in good shape, but you have counters that are looking dated, you can certainly replace the counters with or without replacing the cabinetry.  While the cultured marble that many spec home builders use is a good basic surface, I recommend you consider looking at granite or quartz options for a more customized look.
The tile in the shower area is another place where you can upgrade your bathroom.  This should coordinate in style with tile used for flooring. Natural stone products can provide a neutral base, and you can choose from a wide variety of accent tile to give it a little more interest.  Glass block tiles combined with stone provide a very stylish look.
Consider using wallpaper for your bathroom instead of just a paint color.  This is a great way to add dimension to the space and soften the look of a lot of hard lines and surfaces.  There are so many new and stylish options for wall covering available today that not only look great but are also easily stripped / replaced.  Look for a wall paper that is “washable” so that you can wipe away any spots from water or other personal care products.

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