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Top 10 Importatnt Vastu Shastra ideas for your living room

Among the so many elements to consider while designing your homes, Vastu is probably something that most of the Indians would like to take a glance at. The living room is certainly one of the major ambiences in your home. “Living room” is a relatively new term and often addressed as a sitting room or lounge. It is probably where most of the free time of your family members would be spent. While Vastu is said to have a great impact on the positivity and well being for the people who live in there; it is vital to look for some suitable Vastu tips for the living room.

Some important Vastu tips for living room

Vastu tips

Being the centre of attraction in the entire house, decorating your living room is likely to be on your priority list. Well, it is however not only about the style and décor, but as per Vastu, your living room is where positivity and goodwill would enter your life and relationships. Therefore, in order to attract worthy elements into your life, it may be vital to look forward towards designing your living room.

Location of your living room
Since Vastu Shastra considers the placement of various elements into your home, it also determines the best location for different rooms. The below details may be helpful with respect to this:

  • North-west: the north-west quadrant is said to belong to the air element, it is therefore perfect for a living room if you’re seeking to avoid get-togethers or late night parties. This quadrant signifies movement and encourages guests to move, avoiding their longer stays.
  • North-east: Having your living room in this quadrant will help in bringing in extreme positivity to the environment. It brings mental peace and serenity to the people residing in the home.
  • North: Known for health and wealth, this quadrant infuses plenty of positive vibrations and helps in establishing an absolutely congenial ambience.
  • South-West: Having your living room in this quadrant would attract guests like flies to sugar. This quadrant makes people feel safe at home. This location is favourable for occupants however your guests would turn into pests. The south-west is preferred as it is related to Prithvi (Earth) which is related to the stability. This direction encourages your guests to stay longer at your home and they don’t even leave your home early and hence making the owner of the home sometimes uncomfortable.

Other aspects of your living room
living room ideas

Along with the location of your living room, it is important to consider the placement of various other things that you may be used for decorating the room as per your tastes and preferences.


Most of the free time your family spends together may be before the television. The southeast corner is probably the best to place your television. However, you should avoid setting it on the northwestern wall since then the members of the family would predictably spend more time watching television which is not good always.


While you’re searching interior designers in pune to select furniture for your living room, it is suggestible to go for rectangular or square pieces instead of the ones that are circular. Coffee tables or side tables are considered to be the best in square or rectangular shapes when need to be placed in the living room.

Recliners are considered good for living rooms because they encourage relaxation.
The beams which are exposed in your home are believed not to be good as per Vastu. The reason is that because they build a sense of depression. It’s always advised to go with a False roofing or false ceiling to camouflage or hide the exposed beams, and therefore, you can avoid the incoming negative vibes.
According to Vastu Shastra, it’s considered that a fish aquarium is a mighty tool which is so much powerful as it acts a cure for a lot of defects of Vastu. However, you should be using the fish aquarium according to the guidelines and rules of Vastu; otherwise, it might demolish your happiness in your own home.

The showcases plus the additional heavy items must be in the south or west or south-west of your room. The head of any house should sit, facing north or east. In the southeast section, of your house, the TV should be kept on the wall in the East direction.
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If the windows of your living room face the north or east from where the morning sunrises, it would be suggested to go for curtains that are light or sheer. Also, the windows face the west or south, some heavy drapes are regarded to be preferable. You are free to use either a single type of curtains or use a suitable combination of thick and light curtains.
Open space and plants

Open space and plants

As per Hindu mythology, you should be keeping this Ishan Kon or the northeast corner of the living room of yours clean and empty; the reason to keep this area well-maintained is this is the area which should be appealing and drawing the attention of utmost good fortune. You can beautify the area, decorated with plants, ensuring that they should be healthy and caring.

Chandelier refers to a very familiar feature when it comes to Indian homes, mostly. Undoubtedly, it adds the taste of beauty and decoration to a particular area. Nevertheless, keep in mind that it’s not located in the room’s centre. Rather, you can hang this chandelier in the west or south direction of your room.

Lighting in hall

When you talk of bright rooms, they surely welcome you with the ultimate positive energy, whereas the dark rooms push it away. Have the designing of the living space of yours with attractive, not dim lighting in various corners to keep the room well-lit during the whole day and even at night. Go for vintage bulbs with a soothing and lovely glow invited in your room to welcome you and your guests with a comfortable vibe.

Wall color for home

Wall color for home

A few of the colors transports positive energy to your classic living room. According to the Vastu Shastra, keep in mind, for the Vastu color for living room, you can use light yellow, white, or green shades for the walls; they are the apt choices for the area of living space as they carry a secluded vibe.

Use these hues in a combination or individually to enhance the effect of positivity at its peak in that particular space. It would be good if you’ll avoid black or red color for the walls of your living room.

Paintings and art

The wall of the northeastern side of Ishaan corner is the absolute place if you want to hang paintings in your home. Nonetheless, you must go for amazing images; plus you should be avoiding the pictures which depict pain, hunger, anger, or any other bad or negative thought.

To feel the positivity, you can go with hanging portraits of your idols or gods or a few of the alluring and beautiful paintings at your sweet home in the northeast direction or on the wall or corner of north-east.

In addition to it, you can even hang your gurus’ pictures, any picture of the waterfall in north-east direction. In fact, it’s even recommended that have the images of any water feature, water fountain, or put a fish tank in the north-east section of your living room.


Moreover, the images of running horses, birds are the best to display in the north-east corner of your home. To add in this, the artworks or images of guns, wild animals like lion, tiger; wars; swords shouldn’t be displayed in your living room as they add the bitter negative energy flavour to your lovely living room.


Should be liberated from dust and clutter

There is a need to make a positive ambience around you which should include a space of airiness and cleanliness. Keep in mind that to keep your living room, free of dust and your room should be clean enough. Maintain room accordingly and make adequate storage space so that your staff can be unseen; also clean the top of the table and other surfaces of the room to keep make it clutter-free.




Flowers have the power to implants the positive vibe into any corner but it’s always advised to keep real flowers. It’s a recommendation that never put the flowers which are dead ( the flowers which attract misfortune); or the artificial flowers which are usually made of plastics (as plastic represents dead and the stale energy); bonsai or cacti/cactus plants as these plants have a negative influence on your career and financial matter; As these flowers begin to die, instantly they must be replaced with refreshing flowers; plus they exist in inauspiciousness.


To be talking in more detail, the Chinese bamboo plants are particularly believed to be immensely lucky as per Vastu Shastra because these plants transport good luck to you. The “money plants” also bring good fortune as they should be kept in water.


As per Vastu recommendation, the design of flooring slopes should in east direction or in the north side. These easy Vastu tips for living room will surely help you well to design interiors that could bring good fortune to you and your family members.

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