10+ Unique Curtain Draping Styles for Living Rooms 

Standard Drape

Curtain drape ideas include straight curtains adjusted to graze the floor or end above the sill.


Achieve luxury with longer curtains, creating an elegant pool on the floor, perfect for curtain drape style.

Enhance curtain drape style with tie-backs, gathering them to the sides for a tailored look and increased light.


Add elegance to windows with swag curtains cascading over jabots, enhancing the curtain drape style.

Swag and Jabot

Layered Look

Combine sheer and solid curtains for depth, privacy, and light control, ideal for curtain drape ideas.

Create an airy feel with gracefully draped scarves over rods or hooks, enhancing the curtain drape style.

Scarf Draping

Ruched or Gathered Style

Achieve soft elegance with gathered curtains along the rod, creating graceful folds for curtain drape ideas.

Balloon Style

Elevate formality with gathered fabric creating balloon-like shapes, perfect for curtain drape style.

Tab Top or Tie Top

Thread curtains directly onto rods for a relaxed look with visible loops or ties, ideal for curtain drape ideas.

Ripple Fold

Modernize your curtains with evenly folded waves, maximizing efficiency and elegance in curtain drape style.

Grommet Drape

Enjoy contemporary sliding panels with metal ring tops, enhancing curtain drape ideas.

Box Pleat

Neatly fold pleats for classic formality and structured curtain drape style, ideal for traditional settings.

Tailored Valance

Enhance windows with decorative accents while allowing ample light, perfect for curtain drape idea

Cafe Curtain

Provide privacy and light with half-window coverings, ideal for kitchens or casual settings in your curtain drape style.

Tension Rod Drape

Achieve versatility and ease with lightweight curtains held by tension rods, ideal for temporary spaces in curtain drape style.