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Hire Residential Architects In Pune For A Spacious Home

residential architects

Life seems jittering when your house lack storage space and your house have no defying place to store your extra pieces of stuff or existing items. Lesser, or no storage space makes the house look dirty and unorganized; giving the feeling of messiness and negative energies all around. To combat such type of situation people start investing in storage racks or materials that cost more than interior designing for storage.

Residential Architects


In this case, hiring a residential architect would be a shrewd decision. Their professional expertise and knowledge can create a great interior for storing your existing or extra kinds of stuff. Keep reading for getting tips to design your storage areas: 

1. Under the Stairs 

Home stairs


All have stairs in our houses and the place under this area is many times ignored. This extra space can be used to design shelves and cabinets for storing shoes or extra materials. These areas can also be utilized as a utility room. 

2. Addition of Shelves to the Rooftop

We get anxious seeing the space and unorganized areas. However, the empty rooftops can be used to create great visuals inside the residential area. These empty roofs can be used to make shelves or racks for storage. 

3. Using Corners of Wall 

The corners of the wall are the most ignored part of the house but it can be utilized better and also add a glam look to your resident area. Adding racks or cubical shelves would provide desired space to organize your area. However, a proper placement should be done in these corners under the guidance of an experts architect

4. Adding Nesting Tables

Using the furniture that would add double duty like it can be used as a study table or dining table. Moreover, it can also be used as a storage table with drawers and cabinets. This will increase the storage option and can make your home look more spacious. 

5. Using Storage Beds

Storage Beds


Decorating your home with a spacious bed, under the bed should be designed with some hidden cabinets where the extra stuff or existing materials can be stored. You can also use a side beds storage table which will embellish the look of the bedroom and delivers an amazing storage space. 

6. Make Your Kitchen Spacious

Add a little storage corner to your kitchen for the repository. It will enhance the organization area around the kitchen, moreover, it adds a trendy touch to your kitchen. However, hiring an architect for this work would be a great idea. 

7. Use Outdoor Space Wisely

Sometimes the most overlooked part is the outdoor area and adding some great cabinets and shelves to use it as a garage can be more appealing. You can use some rotating or corner cabinets to make it spacious, which will also make your outdoor look alluring. It will provide a sophisticated view of your home with more space. 

Adding spacious design to your home looks appealing and makes it organized. Above we have mentioned some unbeatable ideas and tips. However, you can also visit Alacritys for amazing ideas to décor your house and make it spacious. Contact us for more information regarding residential architects.

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