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Partnership and Business Opportunities

Last Updated date 03-11-2023


At Alacritys, we are open to collaboration and partnerships with businesses, professionals, and individuals who share our passion for architecture, interior design, and the broader design community. If you are interested in exploring potential opportunities, here’s what we have to offer:


We welcome the chance to collaborate on projects that align with our expertise and interests. Whether you are an architect, interior designer, real estate developer, or related professional, we are open to discussions about working together to create exceptional spaces. You can contact us at contact@alacritys.in to discuss further.


If you have valuable insights, expertise, or experiences in architecture and interior design, we invite you to contribute your guest posts in any below form/s. Share your knowledge and showcase your talents with our audience. Contact us at contact@alacritys.in to discuss potential topics and contributions.


We want to assist individuals in making informed choices and acquiring the items they need to enhance their lives. We welcome discussions with merchants who offer products or services endorsed by Alacritys.

It’s important to note that due to the clear separation between Commerce and Editorial:

  • We accept products for review when our Technical/ Designer team find it suitable to publish it on the website.
  • We do not forward content coverage or product suggestions to our Editorial team without final decision on commerce.


Alacritys frequently collaborates with various brands, events, or media organizations to create content, which we refer to as collaborative or partnership content.

Collaborative content differs from other material on Alacritys in the following ways:

1. Typically, Alacritys receives compensation for the creation of collaborative content or obtains an equivalent value from our partners in place of direct payment.

2. While Alacritys maintains complete editorial control over collaborative content to ensure its relevance to our audience and alignment with our editorial standards, our partners usually have the opportunity to review and approve the content before it is published.

3. Commenting features are often disabled on collaborative content. All collaborative content on Alacritys is clearly marked (which is likely how you came across this page). Examples of collaborative content include:

A. Sponsored Content -

Businesses in the design industry can benefit from our platform to reach a targeted audience. We offer opportunities for sponsored content that aligns with our website’s themes and values. Connect with us to discuss advertising and promotional opportunities.

B. Promotional Posts -

Alacritys creates paid articles known as promotional posts to endorse specific brands, products, or services.

C. Affiliate Partnerships -

Readers trust Alacritys for their purchases, thanks to our rigorous testing. To boost your site’s visibility through affiliate links, you need a dependable individual affiliate program or an association with a major brand network. If your product is Alacritys-recommended and you’re open to an affiliate partnership, please contact us.

D. Thoughtful Gifts -

Some of the promotional posts take the form of gift guides, where one or more brands typically pay to have their products featured.

E. Contests -

Alacritys hosts two types of contests. First, we conduct regular giveaways, offering readers the chance to win prizes, with winners chosen randomly. These competitions are usually sponsored by the participating brand. Second, we collaborate with brands to organize design contests, often featuring cash prizes and judging by a panel of experts.

F. Branded Videos -

Our in-house video studio produces promotional videos for clients, which are incorporated into articles on Alacritys and shared on our social media platforms.

G. Talks -

Alacritys partners with brands to host talks and panel discussions, often recording and live streaming these events on our website and social media channels.

H. Alacritys Showcase Area -

Alacritys Showcase Area is a platform where brands can pay to introduce new products and showcase their designers and projects.

I. Community Engagement -

Alacritys collaborates with local businesses and professionals to engage with our readers. If you have events, workshops, initiatives, or other publications that would be of interest to our audience, pelase reach out to us.

J. Media Partnership -

Alacritys collaborates with events or other publications. In these partnerships, Alacritys does not receive payment but generally agrees to provide specific coverage in exchange for exposure on the partner’s channels.

K. Other Business Opportunities -

If you have innovative ideas for collaborating with us that don’t neatly fit into the categories mentioned above, you may let us know.

If you're interested in partnering with Alacritys, please contact contact@alacritys.in for details and pricing and get our media pack.


This demonstrates transparency and compliance with privacy regulations. It informs our partners and visitors about how we collect, use, and protect their personal information. It’s especially important if we collect any data from our partners or have any tracking mechanisms in place.


By using this website, our readers agree to be bound by our terms of use. Our Terms of Use outline the rules, conditions, and responsibilities that govern readers’ interaction with Alacritys. We recommend to review these terms carefully to understand readers’ rights and obligations as a user of our platform.


Our disclaimers protect our business from potential legal issues. While the specific content of the disclaimers may vary depending on our partnerships and the nature of business tie-ups, it addresses issues related to the accuracy of information, liability, and the nature of the partnership. It can help clarify the relationship and responsibilities between our company and our partners.


Alacritys, reserve the right to modify or amend the content of this Partnership Page at our sole discretion, with or without notice, as we see fit. Your use of this Partnership Page constitutes your acknowledgment and acceptance of the following:

We may notify you of changes to this Partnership Page by email or on the website.

Partners, users, and visitors should review this Partnership Page regularly for updates. Continued use after changes constitute acceptance of updated terms.

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do you want

Well-Designed space ?

Just fill out the form fields below. We are determined to make your space beautiful yet sustainable.