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10 Simple and Easy Balcony Wall Decoration Ideas – Give Your Balcony a Complete Make Over

10 Simple and Easy Balcony Wall Decoration Ideas

Nothing is better than relaxing peacefully on your own balcony. A well-decorated balcony decor can soothe your mood after a hectic day. There are many more ways you can consider decorating your balcony. This article tells you all about how to decorate balcony walls. Let us have a look at all of them.

10 Simple and Easy Balcony Wall Decoration Ideas

1. Paint The Walls Bright

The most simple and straightforward way is to paint the balcony walls with bright colors. Use any bright color or texture you prefer. You can also mix and match different colors to make the wall look more colorful and vibrant. 

2. Hang Photo Frames 

Balcony decoration

Hang photo frames of beautiful memories for your balcony wall decoration. There are different types of frames available based on their design, shape, and size. You can choose anyone as per your preference, such as colorful frames, transparent frames, or canvas prints with various shapes like round, square, triangle, and so on. 

3. Use Wall Planters

Plants are an absolute go-to choice for balcony decoration. Get any type of plant you like and place them in beautiful pots of various colors and shapes. Or you might try some unique and interesting planters and hang them on the balcony wall

4. Place a Magazine Rack

For those who love reading, this will be your favorite option among all others. Choose any balcony rack from the market and use it for your balcony wall decoration. Keep books, journals, newspapers, and magazines you like to read while relaxing. This will look so funky and trendy from the outside. 

5. Artificial Grass Rolls

Another simple way to decorate a balcony is to use a few artificial grass rolls. You can place them for your balcony wall decor or on the floor. This adds more greenery elements to your balcony, which are available in various shapes and sizes. 

6. Add Wall Lights

Balcony lights

Adding some soft accent lights adds a lot to your balcony wall design. The play of light and shadow will look so much dramatic and aesthetic. You can add garden lights, artificial candles, or lantern lights. 

7. Keep a Small Table

You can place a small table at the corner of your balcony wall to keep your useful things like papers, laptops, phones, or maybe some snacks to binge on. Paint the table with attractive and exciting colors to make it look super cute and trendy.

8. Swing Chair

A swing chair is one of the best balcony decoration ideas. Adding a cozy swing chair will change the look of your space. You can use it to work or to relax after a hectic day. Get a wooden swing chair or a hammock. 

9. Install Birdhouses or Cages

This is a very good option for all bird lovers. You can keep a colorful birdhouse next to your balcony wall for your birds, or even you can include an aquarium to keep your fish. This will look so attractive to viewers from the outside. 

10. Get a Clock

Fix a statement designer clock on your balcony wall. There are numerous designer clocks available in the market, get one of your choices, and it will make your balcony aesthetically pleasing. But remember not to place too many clocks that might make the space look cluttered and messy.

So, these are some of the balcony decoration ideas and tips you can follow to decorate your new balcony or transform the look of your existing one. At Alacritys, our experienced team helps you to choose your desirable balcony decoration idea amongst a huge lot and make your space look unique and beautiful than others. We offer different types of planning and decor ideas as per your requirement. Contact us to know more!

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