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Practical and Clever 15 Partition Design Styles to Divide Your Living and Dining Spaces

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Jul 11, 2024 Nov 21, 2023
How to Divide Living and Dining Spaces Smartlyc

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While an open plan concept has terrific perks, like optimal area utilization, there are some drawbacks!

This floor plan merges one or more common areas, like a living room or kitchen, into a single large space. This means there is little or no privacy, not to forget – the space becomes prone to mess.

Making civil changes, like building a wall to create distinct spaces, is pricey. Enter stylish and functional living room partitions!

Wood partition design for foyer and living room
Image Credit: Architectural Digest
These living room dividers have been seen as a sophisticated and simple way to make the most of an open-plan home for years. If you want to fashion a hall room partition in your home, we have you covered!

Our architects have put together a comprehensive guide talking about everything you should know about partition designs.

Ready for some design inspiration? Keep reading

You can split up Your Room without a Wall!

Wooden circular partition design for living room
Image Credit: Decoist

Going for a full-on construction of a new wall right in the middle of your living room is not feasible.

First, such a large-scale renovation will cost you a bomb. Further, living in a home with all the construction work is physically and mentally exhausting.

Craved wood lattice living room partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

And that’s where a partition for living rooms emerges as a star! These dividers require zero construction and minimal assembly. From free-standing screens to stylish curtains, there are plenty of ways to split a room without constructing a wall.

1. Elegant Foldable Screens

Beige foldable wood screen partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

Are you searching for the quickest, sleekest, most cost-effective, and easiest way to divide a room? Go for foldable screens.

These screens are super versatile. They not only seamlessly divide a single space but also double up as a decorative element.

Also, you can explore an array of DIY options. In a word, these folding partitions offer an uncomplicated, chic, and flexible solution.

2. Chic Bead Curtains

mahogany colored wood beaded curtain partition
Image Credit: Pinterest Spaces

If you don’t need complete privacy but want to visually delineate your space, go for beaded curtains.

Reminiscing the 70s chic and bohemian look, these curtains are lightweight and provide effortless movement through the spaces.

Read this blog by IKEA to learn how to divide a room smartly with decorative curtains.

3. Decorative and Folable Jali Divider

intricately craved wood folable jali partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

Making structural changes to a space is difficult, especially when living in a rental property. Here, decorative and foldable jali partitions offer a practical, functional, and aesthetic solution.

These dividers are portable and easy to move around, allowing airy and open space without compromising privacy. These unique partitions are a great way to bring traditional elements to a contemporary Indian home.

4. Divide with a Minimalist Bookshelf

White book shelf partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

Bookworm or not, a minimalist bookshelf can be a classy and cost-effective way to break up the space.

These create a beautiful physical separation while providing extra storage space for your books or decor items.

Moreover, modern bookshelves have an open back, allowing light to pass through keeping the space comfortably bright.

Also, you can stash keys or wallets out of sight with drawers or small cabinets. And here comes the best part: unlike walls, you remove and go over the shelves whenever you want.

5. Contemporary Sliding Doors

metal and glass sliding door
Image Credit: Pinterest
Bring an interesting vibe to your home without breaking the bank – install sliding doors. Among several budget-friendly partitions for the living room, sliding doors are genuinely space-saving and classy.
You can play with your creativity by adding attractive read-made curtains.

Why is adding partitions for the living room a good move?

Wood craved partition for living room
Image Credit: DesignCafe

While the concept of living room partitions is an antithesis of open-plan living, they are great at distinguishing between spaces and keeping them organized.

Below are some of the advantages of installing partitions for the living and dining rooms:

1. Smart Utilization of Space

White patterned partition for living room
Image Credit: Pinterest

Apart from privacy, open-plan designs have overlapping spaces, which are tricky to manage.

Living room partitions are a great addition to the open-plan layout, as they seamlessly demarcate the space, giving it a distinct characteristic.

Let’s say an intricate wooden partition design at the entrance will create a sense of intrigue while cleverly utilizing the overall area.

Pro-tip: Add a glazed box between the kitchen and dining area to divide the space elegantly without blocking light.

2. Enhances Privacy

Wooden craved partition for living room
Image Credit: Pinterest
Loft-style apartments are becoming popular in Indian cities. These homes ensure optimal use of limited space. However, there is a downside.

Loft-style apartments have an open-plan layout, which means there’s little or no privacy. Enter partitions for the living room. These offer an inexpensive and attractive option to make the space functional while adding privacy.

Straight, high-quality wood slats tastefully segregate the living area and bedroom to create an intimate and private space.

3. Adds Aesthetics

half curved wood partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

Investing in living room partitions is more than just a practical option. They also doubles up as a beautiful home decoration. Though simple, they have an attractive aesthetic appeal to a plain home without requiring a major civil overhaul.

For instance, Instead of a solid wall, you can install slim vertical metal partition designs to add depth and interest to a space.

Since there are countless partition design options, choosing something that neatly aligns with your decor is essential.

4. Pocket-Friendly Option

Metal and glass living room partition
Image Credit: Pinterest
Going for a full-fledged renovation to create separate spaces will burn a massive hole in your pocket.
Having said that, it will also cause trouble for you and your family, especially when you have kids or elders.

So, what is the option? The living room partition offers a pocket-friendly solution without making any structural changes.

Instead of opting for a foldable screen, you can recycle full-length louvered shutters to create a separate kitchen and dining area section.

5. Easy to Install

Black metal frame and glass partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

Okay, unlike a solid concrete wall, these partitions for living rooms are relatively easy to install. You need an expert interior designer, a skilled artisan, and a couple of days to build a partition between the living room and kitchen.

And the best part: In the future, you can remove and replace them effortlessly if you want to change the interiors.

15 designs for partition between the living room and dining room

Rustic wood partition screen
Image Credit: Pinterest

While living room dividers create a sense of privacy and camouflage the unappealing areas, they obstruct light and make the space look confined.

Are you looking for contemporary divider design ideas that not only keep your room well-lit but also add character to it?

Our experts have put together 15 ideas for every interior style. Whether you love modern interiors or rustic design, we have covered every style.

Keep reading!

1. Wooden Partition Designs

wood craved and glass partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

Who says that hall partition designs have to be drab and uninspiring? Check out exquisite wooden partition designs and see how they can turn your space into a stylish haven. These partition designs uphold their primary function – easily dividing the space while adding elegance.

Looking for some wooden partition inspirations? We have picked up some of our favorite styles. Read on:

  • Wooden partition with door
wood partition with door and blue background
Image Credit: Pinterest
Bifurcate your kitchen from the living area with this sleek wooden partition design featuring a door. It will not only add depth but also create an enclosed space for meal preparations. Standard doors are usually a good choice. However, if you love experimenting, go for swing or sliding doors.
  • Patterned Wooden Partition For Living Room
white patterned modern partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

Exciting patterns and engravings give the classic wooden partition designs a beautiful modern twist. Besides serving its purpose – demarcating two spaces, this living room divider stands out as a splendid backdrop for your dining room.

wood slated partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

Explore different textures of wood with a captivating wooden partition design. This sophisticated pattern design will not only brighten up your space but also double up shelves where you can place decorative pieces.

2. Minimalist Living Room Partition Design

gold metal partition frame with hanging plants.
Image Credit: Pinterest

Do clean lines, uncluttered looks, and simple designs fascinate you? With a minimalist partition design, you can get that “less is more” vibe.

Whether a small studio apartment or a luxe 5BHK home, simple hall partition design ideas help you achieve sleek, elegant, and pleasing decor.

Below are some interesting innovations for beautiful and subtle interiors:

  • Chic Horizontal Sectional Partition Design
metal framed partition with horizontal shelves
Image Credit: Pinterest
Instead of putting a not-so-pleasant shelf to divide the room, install this chic and minimalist living and dining room partition. This not only saves the precious negative space but creates a much-needed divide for a single room.
  • Modern and Minimalist Metal Partition Design
black checkered frame for partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

Nothing screams classy than an exquisite and elegant metal partition design. This beautiful partition for the living room will not capture the attention of your guest but will demarcate the areas along with adding privacy.

  • Wooden Slat Living Room Divider Design
Minimalist wood slat partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

Integrate a no-fuss wood slat partition for your living room to make your space alluring. The slats create an appealing pattern that interplays with light and shadow, adding depth to the space while dividing the areas harmoniously.

3. Bold and Transitional Style Hall Partition Design

A harmonious balance of traditional and modern elements lies at the core of transitional interior design. Pick a neutral color scheme and bold patterns for partition designs to complement it with transitional interior decor.

If you are still confused about which hall partition design to select, check out some of the suggestions below:

  • White Coloured Wooden Framed Partition
white wood slat partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

You can never go wrong with a white-colored wood partition design when it comes to revamping your home decor. The bold frame and neutral color align seamlessly with the transitional style interior decor. Display abstract and contemporary statement pieces along with

  • Close Shelved Partition for Living Room
living room partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

This unique white, tall, close-shelved living room partition radiates style and class while combining the coziness and softness of a transitional room partition design. Further, it defines the sitting area while preserving the spacious demeanor of the living room.

4. Modern Metal Partition Design

Gold metal partition with hanging plants
Image Credit: Pinterest

Modern Indian homes are increasingly adopting open-design layouts. While these plans have a practical purpose, they sometimes fail to create a homely vibe.

So, what’s the solution? Simple, with creative metallic partition designs. Below are some amazing ideas for metal partition design that will add the right amount of elegance to your home:

  • Angular Metal Partition for Contemporary Homes
Black honeycomb metal partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

You can never go wrong with a beautiful geometric-shaped metallic living room partition design. The hexagon metal screen creates a classic yet contemporary look, partially separating the living room and dining space.

  • Simple Metallic Partition Featuring Circular Design
White wood partition with circular design
Image Credit: Pinterest

This no-fuss yet elegant metal partition design effortlessly divides the space between the dining area and lounge room. The circular design and soft white hue sets the artistic tone for your home while lending a delicate touch.

5. Mid-Century Style Partition Designs

Glass partition with wood partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

With sleek lines, exciting geometric shapes, and innovative use of materials, midcentury interior style is gaining popularity.

If you love this unique interior decor and want to elevate it with a beautiful hall partition design, keep scrolling down.

  • Partition Design With Different Textures
Metal shelves with wood frame partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

This stylish living room partition features a couple of wooden beams with metal shelves. They create a unique ambiance in the room while serving its purpose. Display potted plants, along with decorative figurines and statement pieces.

Wood patterned partition with storage
Image Credit: Pinterest

This exquisite hall partition design adds to the subtleness and elegance of your home. While it beautifully separates the foyer from the living room, it has ample storage space to keep it organized.

6. Metal and Glass Partition for Classic Interior

Metal textured glass partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

The classic interior decor has this regal and refined atmosphere to it. With fine and sublime furniture and quality materials, this decor exudes a comfy and posh mood.

Now, finding a living room partition design that perfectly aligns with this decor can be paralyzing.

Here, we have narrowed down a couple of design ideas:

  • Elegant Metal and Glass Partition Design
Oval metal and glass partition
Image Credit: Pinterest
Frosted glass and metal frame partition
Image Credit: Pinterest
Want to bring classic aesthetic appeal without making it too ornate? Choose a translucent textured glass fitted in a gold metal frame. It is an excellent addition to small apartments as it creates an illusion of spaciousness and a distinct room.

7. Wooden and Glass Hall Partition Design

Wood and textured glass partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

Charming, deep, multidimensional, and surprising – something is intriguing about eclectic interiors. It beautifully juxtaposes different colors and textures to add a unique personality to your home.

If you are into eclectic-style home decor, you will love the following divider designs:

  •  Elegant Wooden and Glass Partition
Metal frame with glass partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

Glass partition designs with sublime wooden frames are a sight to behold. Check out the one in the above picture; this attractive partition for living and dining rooms creates an illusion of walls without compromising on light flow and airiness. This partition design offers a foolproof way to give your house electrifying eclectic vibes.

Wood partition with frosted glass
Image Credit: Pinterest

Instantly lift your home decor with this frosted glass partition divider design. Creating a relaxing transparent division between two spaces, this living and dining room partition allows an uninterrupted flow of natural light, giving your home a comfy look and feel.

8. Rustic Style Beautiful Folding Partition Designs

Checkered wood partition for living room
Image Credit: Pinterest

There’s something magical and magnetic about old-world rustic interior decor. The exquisite vintage-style and functional furniture exudes warmth and class. Want to bring this bygone charm into your home? The following living room partitions will give a traditional twist to your home.

  • Graceful and Functional Folding Partition Design
folding metal and glass partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

A combination of functionality and aesthetics is rare to find! This tastefully done folding partition features innovative pivoting panels on the frame, which lends subtle to the overall ambiance of your home. Also, they are easy to operate – all you have to do is slide the doors softly.

  • Nature-Inspired Divider Design for Rustic Homes
Bamboo partition for living room
Image Credit: Pinterest

Give your contemporary home natural elements by adding this bamboo-like partition. This innovative divider will not only capture the attention of your guests but also lend a relaxing and peaceful vibe.

9. Industrial Style Inspired Divider Designs

Black metal frame with wood shelves for plants
Image Credit: Pinterest

Are you a fan of stripped-down spaces, clean designs, and minimalist yet functional decor? Then, you can also opt for the industrial-style inspired living room partitions.

Check out these functional and gorgeous living room divider designs, adding warmth and character to your home.

  • Fascinating and Compact Hall Partition Design
Black frame and closed wood shelves for partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

This impressive partition is an excellent addition to any modern or minimalist interior decor. Featuring a metal frame and wooden shelves, this living room divider design creates an elegant ambiance for your home. Further, the open shelf design allows natural light to flow, giving your home a welcoming look and feel.

  • Minimalist and Functional Hall Partition
Metal and wood bookshelf partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

Bibliophile or not, this stunning living divider design brings the charm of intriguing industrial-style interior decor. This living room partition design is an excellent way to turn something as simple as a shelf into a piece of functional art. This metal partition design demarcates two spaces and gives it a distinct character.

Modern Farmhouse-Inspired Partition Design

Wood slat partition with hanging plants
Image Credit: Pinterest

An excellent blend of traditional decor with contemporary furnishing, modern farmhouse interiors are becoming popular. It is crucial that your hall partition design harmoniously resonates with the cozy and comfortable vibes of this unique interior decor style.

Below are some interesting ideas you can copy for your home:

  • Ultra Modern Rotating TV Unit Partition Design
Wooden partition with rotating TV unit
Image Credit: Pinterest

Do you enjoy watching TV from different areas, such as the living room and dining room? Then, this rotating TV unit partition design is for you. Rotate the TV stand around; it will follow you wherever you go. Plants, artifacts, and other decorative items can be placed on multiple shelves.

Wood slat partition wall for living room
Image Credit: Pinterest

Create a stylish and practical space with a multi-purpose living room divider design. Made of wood slat panels, this partition gracefully separates the seating zone and dining area. Put up a TV unit to make the most of the negative space, giving your room a luxury feel.

10. Retro Style Sliding Partition Design

wood slat sliding partition
Image Credit: Pinterest
What if we say it’s possible to bring the best of both worlds – aesthetics and functionality?
Retro-style sliding designs are multipurpose and best suited for modern spaces, giving a vintage feel. Check out these practical and easy-to-pull-off sliding divider designs.
  • Fancy and Functional Sliding Partition
wood and glass sliding partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

Unlike conventional swinging doors, sliding partitions are simple to operate and can be pushed to one side when they are not in use. Moreover, this contemporary living partition design ensures optimal space utilization. From Japanese-inspired rice paper panels to traditional barn doors, there is a plethora of choices for every home.

  • Lightweight and Elegant Living Partition Design
wood hinged door sliding partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

Are you tired of dragging heavy sliding partitions? Has such a partition become a liability rather than an asset for your home? Worry not! This lightweight and flexible partition design is easy to operate from either side. Not only are they great at space-saving, but they also give your home a refined look and feel.

11. Customized Mirror Slider Partition Design

Barn style sliding partition with mirror
Image Credit: Pinterest

Living in a small apartment can make you feel claustrophobic. Making major civil modifications may not be an economically feasible option.
But, with clever mirror sliding partitions for the living room, you can create an impression of a roomy space.

Read on to check out some engaging ideas to install customized mirror sliding partitions.

  • Appealing Customized Mirror Sliding Doors
Stainless steel sliding partition with mirror
Image Credit: Pinterest

Mirrored partition designs have been a top choice among interior designers. Check out the captivating mirrored sliding partition, which not only gives a definition to the space but also visually expands the room. Ideal for tiny homes, these partitions reflect light, which makes the hall appear more welcoming and brighter.

  • Luxurious Mirror Barn Sliding Door Partition
Black metal sliding door with mirror
Image Credit: Pinterest

Bring a royal twist to your simple decor with mirror games. This barn-style mirror sliding partition not only keeps the sitting area from the bedroom but also creates a sense of privacy.

Further, the smartly placed living room partition mirrors reflect the light, making the area look roomy and vibrant.

12. Stunning Veneered Wood Partition Design

veneer wood slat partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

Whether you want to create a snug seating area or a home office space, the veneered wood partition design offers a ravishing solution. From minimalist wood slats to decorative divider design, here’s a quick rundown of some beautiful design ideas:

  • Functional Veneered Partition Design
Veneer partition with shelves and storage
Image Credit: Pinterest

Are you looking for something artsy and also practical? This veneered wood partition design is just for you. It is a perfect choice for a simple and contemporary space. This divider design not only subtly conceals the areas but also provides storage space to keep your home organized.

  • Minimalist Veneered Wood Divider Design
gold metal partition frame with hanging plants
Image Credit: Pinterest

Do you wish privacy between the dining area and kitchen or living room? But you want something that is compact and allows free movement across the space. Go for a minimalist wood slat-inspired divider design! This wooden partition design features clean lines and gives a dynamic feel to your space.

13. Intricate Jali Partitions

Black metal jali partition with floral patterns
Image Credit: Pinterest

Nothing screams elegance, gorgeousness, and sleekness than a traditional Jali partition. Whether you want a gracefully done demarcation between the Pooja room and other areas or to create a sense of intrigue by partly concealing the living area and foyer – a Jali divider design is worth a shot.

Scroll down to find some exciting design ideas:

  • Modern Jali Design with Beautiful Patterns
Intricate metal jali half partition
Image Credit: Pinterest
Take an ornamental route with this intricate and captivating metal jali partition design. Sporting a dark color, this partition is ideal for mid-sized and large homes. This jali defines your space without overwhelming the interiors.
  • Simple Jali Partition Design for Modern Homes
Wooden craved jali partition
Image Credit: Pinterest
Do simple and neat designs fascinate you? This beautiful, intricately designed Jali living room partition is an excellent way to add depth and pattern to a plain space. This not only keeps the space private but also provides a storage area to ensure your home doesn’t become cluttered.

14. Scandinavian Style Divider Design

wall and metal partition design
Image Credit: Pinterest

Mixing visual appeal with functionality, Scandinavian interiors feature a clutter-free look with no-fuss accessories. And if you want to bring the charm of Scandinavian homes, check out the following inspirations:

  • Simple, Elegant Neutral Colored Partition for Living Room
White wood checked partition
Image Credit: iStock
Are you searching for the right partition for your Scandinavian-style interiors? This elegant and stylish partition provides an excellent solution to create a sublime and subtle division in your space.
  • Basic and Beautiful Living Room Partition Design
Metal and glass partition with door
Image Credit: Pinterest

There is something comforting about the Scandinavian homes. This simple but elegant metal partition design does justice to the minimalist space. This no-fuss hall partition idea gives a soft look to your home while serving its purpose – concealing the dining area from the kitchen.

Factors to consider before installing living partition

Metal frosted glass partition
Image Credit: Pinterest

Hall partition design can wonderfully transform your space into a practical and pretty haven.

However, with a gazillion options, picking up a divider design that perfectly resonates with your decor can be confusing.

If you are sailing in the same boat – perplexed and overwhelmed, go through the next section.

1. Room Dimensions and Design

Wood slat partition with a storage space
Image Credit: Pinterest

Before deciding on a hall partition design, consider the room’s width, height, and shape. This helps you pick a style/design that fits well with your space. Also, always be mindful of possible obstacles, like doors, walls, or windows, to ensure you can move around freely.

Contact interior designers if you need help measuring your room. They can help you understand the overall dimensions and assist you in finding the best option.

2. Aesthetics and Design

Ornate divider for small room
Image Credit: Hearthancd Petals
The purpose of a living room divider shouldn’t just be limited to optimizing your space. It should add aesthetic value that blends delightfully with your decor.

Consider your decor – whether rustic, chic, or modern – to choose a living room partition design. This makes picking a divider that seamlessly blends with your home quickly.

3. Material Durability and Quality

Ornate metal jali partition design
Image Credit: Pinterest

Your choice of material matters a lot when you are out to choose a hall partition design. It will not only impact its durability but also its visual appeal.

When selecting, be mindful of factors such as durability, maintenance, and visual appeal. For example, if you want modern decor, glass partition designs are more suitable.

4. Cost and Installation

Traditional white wood divider
Image Credit: Pinterest

Living room partitions come in a wide range of prices. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the budget beforehand. 

Things like material and size can affect the prices of a divider design. For example, beaded curtains are pocket-friendly, while a sliding partition may be on the higher cost spectrum.

It’s crucial to understand that hall partitions are a huge investment, so never compromise on quality or durability.

Conclusion - Are You Ready to Optimize Your Space?

When it comes to hall partition design, the choices are immense. We understand your challenges in finding the best option that goes well with your interiors.

This blog aims to make things clearer while helping you delve into the world of divider design. For more information, contact our residential interior designers in Pune.

Whether you have a huge home or a compact studio apartment, we help you find the right option that fits your decor and budget. Also, our experts help you get solutions for some common architectural or interior design queries, such as:

  1. How easy is it to install a hall partition?
  2. Which materials are best suited for hall partitions?
  3. Which divider designs are easy on my pocket?
  4. Which partition material is soundproof?
  5. What are the best partition designs for small apartments?
  6. Does installing a living room partition require any major civil modifications?

What are you waiting for? Call us now!


What materials can be used for partition design between the living and dining rooms?

When it comes to partitions for living and dining rooms, the choices are limitless. For a modern living room, go for a minimalist metal or glass partition design. Similarly, for traditional or classic decor, intricate wood partition designs are the best choice.

Are living room partitions a permanent fixture?

The partition between a living and dining room can be permanent or temporary. It depends on the materials and installation methods – for example, wood partitions are mostly permanent.

Is there a difference between wall partition and room dividers?

Yes, they are as different as apples and oranges. Partition walls are mostly permanent and difficult to replace. However, dividers are temporary and can be replaceable.

How can you choose the suitable material for the hall partition?

Before choosing material, consider your interior decor style and maintenance preferences. If you are looking for low maintenance, go for metal partition designs.

Which metal is suitable for a living and dining room partition?

Experts usually recommend aluminum as it is sturdy and lightweight. Since aluminum is low-density, it can be molded into various shapes, making it easy for customization.

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