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Home lighting Solutions: Smart Light Ideas to Transform Your Home

Home Lighting Solutions

Alacritys is a well known Pune Interior Design firm that suggests opting for smart lighting while choosing light designs for their home’s interiors. These lighting systems can be easily controlled through gestures, voice commands, remotes and even mobile apps. Smart lighting is gradually gaining popularity as they are versatile and are perfect for any room setting. You can easily control and experiment with these lights. They also reduce power consumption by minimising cases of lights being left switched on when not in use.

Home Lighting Design

1. Schedule Your Lights

Home lights


All lighting systems labelled as smart can be operated on schedule. With the scheduling options available, you can use the official app and choose a schedule to switch the lights on and off at your convenience. Alacritys Interior Designers in Pune adds that the app also enables you to select the location and daylight saving data which saves you from manually adjusting the schedule according to daylight hours.

2. Come Home To The Lights On

With smart Interior Lights for Home, you don’t have to come home to a dark house or leave lights switched on while you are away and waste energy and money. With the app, you can schedule to automatically turn on your lights as you enter home or switch them off when you leave.

3. Group Lights For Greater Control

Grouping lights by zones or rooms is an effective way of using them. Interior Designers in Pune suggests you can use the app or smart voice assistants/speakers such as google home or Amazon echo to do that. You can create rooms or zones and group different lights, so they act as a single unit when controlled.

4. Set The Scene

Smart lighting that is Interior Lights Design can turn everyday lighting into a sensational experience. Home Light Solutions let you set the mood for different activities during the day with modes that mimic sunset and sunrise. The app lets you manipulate brightness, colour temperature and even different hues. Once your scene is configured, you’re only an app tap away from your favourite mood lighting.

5. Home Security With Lights

Smart Interior Lighting Solutions also doubles up as home security by linking switches and smart plugs to any motion detectors like cameras or motion sensors. Alacritys in Interior Design Pune says – All you have to do is set the lights to activate with motion as the trigger. Any motion will switch the lights on and make anyone trying to sneak in the house think twice. The vacation mode on the app is another way to use smart lights as a theft deterrent.

6. Perpetually Illuminate Cupboards and Storage Space

Illuminate Cupboards


Don’t you often find yourself entering dark storage spaces at home with hands full of stuff and fumbling for the light switch? Smart lighting will ensure that the light is on in the closet or loft when you come in and goes off the moment you leave.

7. Create Accent Lighting For Your Furniture

You can use smart lighting Design for home to illuminate shelving, cabinets or stairways. These smart LED bulbs come in thin strips and can be easily attached to the furniture. They give a striking effect and look impressive. You can even mount these lights around your television unit or on the edge of your bed for great results.

Smart lighting for Home Light Solutions is genuine, affordable and breathe a new life in every place they are fixed at. Smart light strips, bulbs, bar lighting and spotlights can completely transform the ambience. Smart lights with voice activation give you a futuristic home, making your living experience more fun, especially if you have kids at home who would enjoy different kinds of mood lighting. They are the perfect combination of ambient, mood and accent lighting.

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