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Terms & Conditions

Short Description:  Our pricing is inclusive of taxes. All customers are expected to pay taxes and duties as per government norms and rates. We facilitate financial loans and services for our customers, however, the terms of the same remain at the sole discretion of the service provider.

  • Taxes And Duties:  All Alacritys products pricing is inclusive of taxes. The taxes have been mentioned in your estimate and will be charged at the time of billing at each stage as per prevailing government tax rates.
  • Financial Services:  Alacritys only facilitates financial loans and services. Approval, processing and terms of the loans and services are at the sole discretion of the financial entity/partner/service provider.

1. Copyrights –

Short Description:  All designs shared are the exclusive copyright of Alacritys and cannot be used, installed and/ or shared without prior written consent from the company.

  • All designs shared with the Client at any stage of the customer journey are the exclusive copyright of Alacritys. The designs are shared with the intent that the order for the same is placed and executed by Alacritys. Any designs shared by Alacritys cannot be used, installed and/ or shared in any way or form without the prior and written consent of Alacritys.
  • Personalised design presentations will be shown to the Client through the whats app group created by Admin/ Designer. These will be shared on whats app group only after 50% of the payment has been made towards the Design Fees.

2. Revisions of Designs –

Short Description:  All design proposals are made after consultation with Alacritys’ certified Designer and Client. Clients are permitted to ask for minor design changes like changing the finishes or addition or deduction of any furniture items; however only twice. Only those site measurements taken post-kick-off are considered final. And differences if any, shall be added to the project cost. All GFC/ BOQs signed off by the Client are considered final and any changes will impact the project quotation and timeline.

  • Alacritys shares Design Proposal only after a thorough consultation between Alacritys certified Designer and the Client. You are permitted to ask for revisions for parts of the proposal as long as they are within the timelines of the Design service days, as enumerated in the proposal.
  • Design Proposal:  If the Design Proposal is not at all as per your expectation, you may request a completely new proposal only once if that comes within the mentioned timeline in the proposal given to you. This request will trigger a consultation with a Design Manager along with your Designer to understand the reason for your request. The next steps and timelines will be enumerated and mutually agreed upon. This will add to the number of Design service days of the project and the Client will be charged additionally for this.
  • 3D Images:  Please note that 3D images of your interiors provided during the Design finalization stage might not represent the physical products, the finishes, wood grains or the joint lines. Other features in 3D images are only for representation purposes and approximations of reality. Alacritys cannot be held accountable for the same. e.g.: The Client is not advised to compare the physical materials & finishes with the rendered 3D materials and finishes. There will be 2-20% of variations between actual & 3D.
  • Site Measurements:  Measurements/counts for any site works by Designers are not final. Measurements taken post-kick-off with verification by the Project Manager/Contractor will be considered final and any differences shall be paid for by the Client. Also, any change requested in the design post-kick-off will increase the design, production, and execution timelines.
  • GFC and ESTIMATE:  All GFCs and ESTIMATE once signed off by the Client are considered final. The client is expected to clear all his/ her doubts with the Designer if he/ she doesn’t understand the drawings and the quote. A Client must also ensure that the Designer has incorporated all the changes/inclusions they have asked for. If there is a change requested in the GFC post-sign-off, the Client will be expected to pay the difference amount and also allow for new timelines to complete the project. The project Design and Management fee is to be paid to Alacritys account.
  • The fee is levied based on the given presentation at the beginning including your taste for the interior style, your budget, & the Estimation that Alacritys share at the 1st stage along with the Design proposal.
  • The fee is applicable on all items (inclusive of modular and on-site services).

3. Delivery and Penalty for Delays / Quality Problem(s) –

Short Description:  Your order will be executed & delivered (*if the modular ones) as per the timelines discussed; however, we are not responsible for delays due to external reasons. Changes made to your designs can impact delivery time. The start date of the project is when 50% Design work payment has been released by the Client. The end date is when the Client releases the remaining 50% of the Design work and does a final sign-off on all drawings, and the scope of work has been given by the Client. Delay compensation will be applicable in case of delays due to Alacritys error. The company will pay Rs. 20,000/ per month on a pro-rata basis for all the days of delay beyond the handover date, and after a grace period of two weeks.

Delivery:  Your order will be executed and delivered on or before the assured delivery date. Alacritys is not responsible for any delay in project implementation due to third parties like vendors, contractors, force majeure or reasons beyond its control. Changing your scope of work, order and any unforeseen circumstances may also delay delivery time.

When we commit to completing your project in 45 days/ 60 days/ 90 days or so on, it is the time period for executing the project after Design sign-off. The start and end dates are defined in the agreement w.r.t. execution.

The timelines for Design are in addition to what has been stated above for the execution phase.

Start date of execution of the project: The start date is the date from when 40% advance as per the estimate is realized by Alacritys’ Account Team.

Completion date of the project: The completion date is the date when the last stage payment, i.e., 5% is realized by us and a final sign-off on all as-built drawings and the scope of work has been given by the Client.

After the realisation of the 1st stage advance, i.e., 50% Design fees, the following activities will take place:

  • Scheduling of site measurement, survey and recording of team’s visit to the site. Please note that this step is dependent on site readiness, which the Client has to confirm with the company.
  • Assigning a Designer and a Project Manager –
  1. Designer’s first call with the Client – If possible and based on mutual convenience of both parties (Alacritys’ Designer &/or Contractor or site manager, and the Client), site readiness, as well as after producing the 1st furniture layout; the first meeting at the site will be scheduled and completed within the first 7-10 days if required.
  2. Project Manager roles – The project manager will be the single point of contact who would keep an eye on the site supervisor, contractors & Designer’s jobs. The site Supervisor will visit the site as and when decided by team Alacritys. If full-time supervision is required by the Client, then the Client needs to appoint the project management team on a monthly salary basis to complete the execution.
  3. Any delays caused because of the Client’s vendors, site readiness, payment delays, client’s material selections not completed, delays caused by the builder, delays by the Client in accepting quotations and other delays because of client dependencies in the design service days and/ or because of force majeure conditions will not be considered in the delayed days.
  4. lay compensation will not be applicable if a Client moves into the property and then if some snags/works are pending.
  5. Penalty: In case of delays due to Alacritys errors, Alacritys will pay Rs. 20,000 per month on a pro-rata basis for all the days of delay beyond the handover date, and after a grace period of two weeks.
  6. Alacritys will not be held responsible for damages caused during the installation, fixing or moving of Client procured material such as flooring material, electrical/ plumbing fittings, appliances, hardware, or miscellaneous fixtures/ materials.
  7. The company will not provide any other compensation besides the delay compensation that is stated above.

4. Design Changes Due to Technical Non-Feasibility –

Short Description:  Contractors that work on the project can be categorised as – Alacritys’ vendor, Client’S vendor, Alacritys’ referred contractors, and Alacritys’ employees referred contractors. Alacritys is completely responsible for the works undertaken and the warranty terms are applicable as enumerated in the company’s Warranty Policy. The company is not responsible for the work or any damage caused by contractors in other categories as listed above.

  • At the time of execution, there may be Design changes due to site conditions, material changes and/ or technical non-feasibility. The Client will need to approve these changes when brought to their attention by the Designer/ Project manager and the implication(s) thereof. Quotations may change through the process until the project reaches the sign-off stage and the Client pays 95% of the total budget amount.

5. Material Change –

  • Material Change – The Client can make changes to the materials selected up to the design sign-off stage. Any material changes made post the payment of complete Design fees will incur the cost of the works undertaken and might result in an increase in timelines.
  • Materials can be changed with the Client’s approval because of the –
  1. In case of material unavailability (after earlier confirmation is received).
  2. If the quality of what was selected by the Client changed during procurement.
  3. When Alacritys is not happy with the quality provided by the vendor.
  4. Finish and material selections must be done with Alacritys & take approval together.
  • Materials may go out of stock by the time the project reaches the installation stage. In case the selected material is not available with the vendor (for reasons beyond our control), Alacritys will not be liable to pay a delay compensation. Further, if there is a request made to the customer to select an alternative finish, he/ she must do so immediately to avoid unnecessary delays in the execution and/or production.
  • If the vendors are from the Client’s side, the Client needs to ask their vendors to provide material details & supply on time during on-site work in order to ensure there is no delay in work & no damage to pre-existing works during execution.

6. CONTRACTORS – that work on the project can be categorised as –

  1. Alacritys’ contractors
  2. Client’s contractors
  3. Alacritys’ referred contractors
  4. Alacritys employees’ referred contractors
  • Alacritys contractors – For works undertaken by Alacritys vendors, Alacritys will raise the relevant invoices pertaining to the stage the project is at and payments will be made to Alacritys. Alacritys is completely responsible for the works undertaken and the warranty terms are applicable as enumerated in the company’s Warranty Policy. Responsibility for any damage/theft in your site will be taken by us only if the site is exclusively under our control and no work is undertaken or access is shared with vendors who are not appointed by us.
  • Client contractors – Alacritys is not responsible for work undertaken by the Client’s contractor(s). The estimate is given directly by the vendor and the payment is given directly to the contractor. Alacritys will not give guarantees of timelines, quality or finish in such a case. Also, the Warranty Policy does not apply to works undertaken by the Client’s contractor.
  • Alacritys referred contractor – A representative of Alacritys may be asked by the Client for a referral of a vendor for works that Alacritys does not undertake. Alacritys onboard vendors for ancillary works that are not yet within the scope of services that the company offers. Alacritys is not responsible for the works of Alacritys’ preferred contractor(s). The estimate is given directly by the vendor and the payment is given directly to the contractor. Alacritys will not give guarantees of timelines, quality or finish in such a case. Also, the Warranty Policy does not apply for works undertaken by Alacritys preferred vendors.
  • Alacritys employees’ referred contractor: The Client may ask for references directly from the project managers, designers or carpenters or another Alacritys contracted staff and/ or Alacritys contractors/ Alacritys preferred contractors. Please note that the team has been given strict instructions to not refer any vendors from their side directly. Alacritys is not responsible for such contractor’s works, quality or timeline. If the Client gets any commitments from them or has paid any money to them, it does not fall under the contract between the Client and Alacritys.
  • Additionally, if you direct our maintenance team during the snag or warranty period and get work done by our maintenance team on products that were not made by the Alacritys team but by your vendors, Alacritys referred contractors, Alacritys employees’ contractors and it comes to our knowledge, you will be billed for the same.

*This price will not be open to negotiation.

7. Value Added Services –

Short Description:  Alacritys provides its Clients with value-added services including deep cleaning before handover, floor covering, and coordination with a builder’s agents vis-a-vis furnishing details of civil, electrical and plumbing changes if any.

  • Deep cleaning of your project will be undertaken by Alacritys only once and before project handover, and on a chargeable basis.
  • Floor-covering of your project will be undertaken by Alacritys, before the commencement of works at the site, and on a chargeable basis.
  • Alacritys & the Client will coordinate with the builder’s agents with respect to furnishing details of civil, electrical and plumbing changes if any. When within Alacritys scope of services, we will issue GFC (Good For Construction) drawings to our contractors to execute the same.

8. Quality Assurance –

Short Description:  Alacritys services results in custom-made products that are not off-the-shelf and/or standard products. Therefore mistakes in installation, vendor errors, differences in material quality/ delivery, site works etc can occur. We commit to fixing such errors at the earliest.

  • Please note that Alacritys services result in custom-made products that are installed at your site and not bought off-the-shelf and/ or are not standard products. Despite our best efforts and precautions, errors such as differences in material quality, material deliveries, site works, installer errors, vendor errors and the like can occur.
  • These mistakes that can happen during the course of site work, dispatch and/ or installation are rare but possible. However, we assure you of Alacritys commitment to deliver the product as per our policy and we undertake to fix such errors at the earliest.

9. Cancellation & Returns –

Short Description:  Non-manufacturing defects/ damages post delivery of products cannot be returned or replaced. Refunds for advance paid will be paid only if approved by Alacritys and after a 10% deduction of original product value towards design/ survey and other overheads.

  • Any non-manufacturing defects and damages post receipt of delivery is not valid for returns or replacements. Customised/personalised and made-to-order furniture, purchased from Alacritys, cannot
    be returned or exchanged.
  • Any refunds for advance paid, if approved at the sole discretion of Alacritys, will be considered only after a 10% deduction of the original value of the product towards design/survey and other overheads.

10. Customer Abuse Policy –

Short Description: Alacritys expects the Client to respect the service provider and be courteous to all our employees. We request everyone to resist hostile or abusive behaviour in case of an unsatisfactory experience and/ or unexpected delays. Alacritys reserves the right to discontinue projects and/ or initiate legal action in the event of such behavioural circumstances.

  • Alacritys always prides itself on the paramount importance it gives to customer service. Company employees/personnel are trained to treat customers with the utmost respect in every interaction at every stage of the Client’s journey with us. Despite our best efforts, in exceptional mitigating circumstances, like systems downtime, last-minute changes, and policy-related issues, our services may be impacted for short durations and we must reduce and minimise such circumstances to the maximum possible
  • The company expects the Client to respect its service provider and be courteous to the employees of the company. We request Clients be mature in their understanding of the situation and resist resorting to hostile and abusive behaviour. In such behavioural circumstances by a Client, the company reserves its right to take all such steps that may be deemed fit including, discontinuation of the project and/ or initiating legal action civil and criminal.

11. Milestones AND Payment Terms for Projects –

*Payment Terms Structure for the items which get added to Interior work –

1. Design and Consultancy –

  • 50% – Before starting the Design work
  • 50% – At the time of approval of the GFC Design work

2. On-Site Work –

  • 40% – To start the site work
  • 30% – To start the furniture finishes work
  • 25% – To start the painting work
  •   5% –  To start the furnishing and artefacts work

*Payment Terms for the items which get added to Civil & Landscape work –

  • 50% before starting the Design work
  • 50% to start the Site work

*All payments once made at each stage are non-refundable and non-redeemable.

12. Photographing Completed Works

For the architecture & interior designer’s portfolio of works, the Client must agree to allow the Designer (Alacritys) to photograph and take videos of the project through all its stages of works and after the project is completed which means that the client will allow for ‘before and after’ pictures.

If the photographs are used for business or publicity reasons like posting online, on social media, or for marketing and advertising, Alacritys will agree not to disclose the client’s name or address without prior consent. We recommend Client to cooperate with us by letting us take the video shoot along with the Client’s live testimony and this would be added to the Video of your completed site of yours.


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