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Rubber Wood vs Sheesham Wood: Which is the Better Choice for Your Furniture in Home Interior?

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Jul 11, 2024 Sep 02, 2020
Rubber Wood vs Sheesham Wood

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Rubber wood vs Sheesham wood

Furniture is something that you do not invest in every month. So, identifying the right wood for your furniture can be daunting.

In this blog, we have discussed two amazing wood choices for your furniture – rubber wood and Sheesham wood.

Rubber wood beds, rubber wood chairs, and rubber wood dining tables are in high demand when people are looking for affordable furniture for their home interiors.

Sheesham wood is hardwood and deciduous in nature. They are slower to grow, making them denser than softwood and even costlier. So you need to be cautious while choosing it for your home interior.

On the other hand, rubber wood, which is a softwood, is derived from rubber wood trees, which means they are harvested after all the latex is drained out, which makes them less dense but economically viable.

These woods are best for furniture with pros and cons. However, both are aesthetically pleasing and can be recycled. Thus, making them eco-friendly, which causes the debate between rubber wood vs sheesham wood.

However, if you are still wondering, “Which is the best wood for furniture?” This blog from Alacritys is for you!

Solimo Petra Solid Sheesham Wood King Bed

Solimo Petra Solid Sheesham Wood King Bed

Sheesham Solid Wood with a premium teak finish. Mattress support is MDF board.

*At the time of publishing, the price was ₹15,549.

Rubber Wood

What is Rubber Wood?

Despite the name ‘Rubber Wood’, it is a real hardwood with medium texture and density, almost similar to maple or ash.

It is known as parawood or Malaysian Oak – though there are no similarities between oak and rubber wood trees.
A stack of rubber wood blocks neatly arranged on top of one another
Image Credit: De Woodpanel

A rubber wood tree usually takes about 10 years to mature, after which the latex is extracted from it.

The process of extraction of latex continues for up to 30 years. Once the latex is completely harvested, the wood of the trees is used to make furniture. Thus, rubber wood furniture like rubber wood bed and rubber wood dining table are economical and environmentally friendly.

What is Rubber wood made of?

Rubber wood is mainly obtained from the Para rubber trees. These are highly environmentally friendly, as they are made from rubber wood trees that have already served their purpose – providing latex.

Specifications/Properties of Rubberwood -

Rubber wood is safe for furniture, lasts over 100 years, has a pungent smell, is perishable, and can be stained

The following are the properties of rubber wood:

  • Sustainability – Rubber wood can last for more than 100 years if not harvested vigorously. In the case of latex harvesting, the tree can last for up to thirty years. Also, the price of rubber wood is affordable.
  • Colour – Rubber wood has a light brown natural colour. The wood can be stained in different colours after the staining process.
Rubber wood color panel featuring brown, clear, teak, organic white, espresso, and dusk grey color after the staining process
Image Credit: SSR
  • Allergies/Toxicity – There are no reported health hazards of rubber wood other than the standard health issues caused by all wood dust. However, a person with latex or rubber allergies might cause a flare-up.
  • Rot Resistance – Rubber wood can rot easily as it is perishable and has little to no resistance to decaying. It might also be susceptible to fungal staining and insect attacks.
  • Workability – Rubber wood is the best wood for furniture to work with for making furniture quickly and easily by hand or with tools. However, while drying, they tend to bend and warp. But once seasoned properly, they are easy to work on.
  • Odour – Rubber wood has a nasty, pungent smell. It is mostly strong when the tree is green. However, upon drying, the smell goes away.
  • UsesRubber tree uses for furniture vary depending on the necessity. It is mainly used in making cabinetry, kitchen woodware, furniture, and other wooden items.

Rubber Wood Tree and Rubber Tree Uses -

Living room with comfortable sofa and elegant coffee table made from rubber wood, and a chic lamp accentuating the ambiance
Image Credit: Google Images

The following are rubber tree uses for your home interior –

  • Furniture
  • Cutting Boards

Rubber Wood Furniture Types -

An inviting setup showcasing a rubber wood chopping board with vegetables and a knife
Image Credit: Pepperfry

As the price of rubberwood is pretty low, people prefer to carve out different types of rubber wood furniture. Some of them are mentioned below –

Home interior furniture showcasing rubber wood study table, rubber wood bed, rubber wood dining table, and rubber wood chair
  • Shelves
  • Window frames
  • Butcher blocks
  • Rubber wood study table
  • Dressing table
  • Cabinets
  • Rubber wood bed
  • Rubber wood dining table
  • Rubber wood chair

Quality & Durability of Rubber Wood -

Rubber wood is highly durable, strong, and resistant to environmental degradation making it an amazing wood for furniture
Image Credit:  Paco Cabello

Rubber wood is quite durable and has a strength of 9500 psi, hardness of 500 pounds, and stiffness of 1.3 million psi.

Rubber wood is highly durable and resistant to environmental degradation.

Though rubber wood is less dense than other woods, it is durable and strong, which makes it an amazing wood for furniture.

Look and Feel of Rubber Wood Furniture in Interior Designing -

Rubber wood is a soft, non-flexible wood that is ideal for bedroom furniture as it can help you relax after a hectic day.

It is also a great choice for dining tables, as it is durable and easy to clean.

A kitchen with rubber wood dining table and chairs, providing a cozy space for dining and gathering
Image Credit: Furnishing tips

Advantages & Disadvantages of Rubber Wood Furniture -

Rubber wood is durable sustainable and cost effective but is perishable triggers allergies and is not good for outdoor

The following are the advantages of using rubber wood –

  • Durable
  • Sustainable
  • Cost-effective

The following are the disadvantages of using rubber wood furniture

  • Perishable
  • Not good for outdoor
  • May trigger allergies
BLUEOXY Wood Polish

BLUEOXY Wood Polish

Wood Polish helps to clean, polish, and protect your wood.

*At the time of publishing, the price was ₹433.

Sheesham Wood

What is Sheesham Wood?

A stack of sheesham wood tree blocks neatly arranged on top of one another
Image Credit: Indiamart

Sheesham wood is great for making beds, chairs, etc., for residential and commercial purposes. But what is Sheesham wood?

Sheesham wood comes from the Sheesham wood tree, which is a deciduous tree and is also known as Dalbergia Sisso and Indian Rosewood.

Sheesham trees usually grow in sand and gravel along riverbanks. These trees can flourish in the slightly salty water.

What is Sheesham Wood made of?

The Sheesham tree is also known as the Dalbergia Sissoo tree. These trees take around 22 years to mature enough to be harvested and can grow to a height of about 30 meters.

Specifications/Properties of Sheesham Wood -

Sheesham wood has a blend of unique physical properties, which has allowed the wood to carve a way for itself in the world of woodwork in furniture like Sheesham wood study tables, Sheesham wood sofas, and Sheesham wood beds.
Sheesham tree uses are just not about aesthetics. Let’s see what is so divine about the wood:
Sheesham wood is dark reddish brown with a golden sheen, dense and solid, hard and durable, rough end grain
  • Colour – Sheesham wood is dark reddish brown with a golden sheen, making it elegant and warm. The contrasting pale yellow makes it perfect for Sheesham wood furniture and decorative pieces.
  • Weight – Sheesham is dense and has a solid feel without being overly heavy. The balance in the weight and strength makes it ideal for cutting and crafting Sheesham wood beds, Sheesham wood sofas, and Sheesham wood study tables.
Sheesham wood bed and side table creating cozy and welcoming ambiance in the bedroom
Image Credit: The Home Dekor
  • Odour – The Sheesham tree has a mild, pleasant odour when freshly cut. The fragrance fades with time, but the natural smell of the wood remains, adding to its richness.
  • Strength – The hardness and resistance to wear and tear make it an ideal wood type for furniture that demands durability.

Wood crafters craft musical instruments and furniture with Sheesham because of its strength to withstand even the harshest of times.

  • End Grain – The end grain of Sheesham is quite coarse with a diffuse-porous arrangement. This adds to the hardness and durability of the wood, making it ideal for flooring and Sheesham wood furniture.
Sheesham wood grains are quite coarse with diffuse-porous arrangement, enhancing the appearance of the wood
Image Credit: Pinterest
  • Grain – The tree is known for its straight grains, which add to the strength of the wood’s stability. This allows them to be shaped in any way without losing their integrity.

Sheesham wood texture feels grainy which enhances the appearance of the wood.

Sheesham Wood Tree & Sheesham Tree Uses -

Sheesham wood chest of drawers providing storage and adding rustic charm to the space
Image Credit:  The Timber Guy

In making Sheesham wood doors and windows this wood is generally used in tier-two cities. In addition, Sheesham has many applications in aircraft and marine plywood.

Sheesham wood tree is also used as charcoal for cooking food, making musical instruments, decorative pieces, carving, engraving, and even sporting goods.

Sheesham is robust and pliable, which makes it ideal to build into any custom-made furniture design for your home interior.

Home furniture Wooden Couch Diwan Sofa Settee

Wooden Couch Diwan Sofa Settee for Living Room and Office

Three 3-Person Sofa for Living Room and Office

*At the time of publishing, the price was ₹734.

Sheesham Furniture Types -

Home interior furniture showcasing sheesham wood sofa, sheesham wood study table, sheesham wood bed, and sheesham wood door

The following are the types of Sheesham wood furniture –

  • Sheesham wood sofas
  • Sheesham wood beds
  • Sheesham wood doors
  • Sheesham wood study
  • table
  • Nightstands
  • Coffee Tables
  • Chairs
  • Dining Tables
  • Wooden Cabinets
  • Handicrafts

Quality & Durability of Sheesham Wood -

Sheesham wood blocks featuring the hard sheesham wood texture that does not warp or bend
Image Credit: Pinterest

The following are the qualities of Sheesham wood –

There are variant types of Sheesham tree uses because of their possession of below great qualities.
  • Sheesham wood furniture is resistant to termites.
  • Because of the hard Sheesham wood texture, it does not warp or bend.
  • The wood is highly resistant to natural decaying. However, as it is vulnerable to wood-boring beetles, it must be treated and checked at regular intervals.

Look and Feel of Sheesham Furniture in Interior Designing -

Sheesham wood dining table with tan-brown color and the streaks making the wood look and feel royal
Image Credit: Sunrise International

Sheesham wood sofa looks and feels royal. The tan-brown colour and the streaks make the wood look royal and can transform the look of the room.

However, it is recommended to ensure you pick the right Sheesham furniture, depending on your home type and your choices for home interior.

Ask your interior designer to pick the right type of furniture for your home.

Advantages & Disadvantages -

Sheesham wood is aesthetically pleasing, highly durable, and has great strength and a unique grain pattern, but hard to find
The following are the advantages of Sheesham Wood Trees
  • It is highly durable
  • Great strength
  • Unique grain pattern
  • It is resistant to termites
  • and natural rotting
  • Resistant to water
  • Has aesthetic looks
  • Economical and Cost-
  • effective
  • Eco-Friendly
The following are the disadvantages of Sheesham Wood Trees
  • Finding the original Sheesham is quite difficult.
  • It might be damaged due to water.

Now as you understand every above detail that brings a sense of clarity about rubber wood and sheesham wood. Let’s take a look at some more ideas on the above woods.

How to Choose Good Quality Rubber Wood Furniture?

Sheesham wood is aesthetically pleasing, highly durable, and has great strength and a unique grain pattern, but hard to find

Before picking furniture for your home, these are a few points that you must keep in mind –

  • urability – Furniture is constantly in use, so it must be sturdy. Rubber wood is a highly durable wood that is used to make commercial furniture such as rubber wood dining tables, beds, chairs, cabinets, carvings, and other items because of its great strength.
  • Colour – Rubber wood is light to medium tan and can be painted, but stains poorly. Process with acrylic wood primer and at least two coats of undercoat before buying rubber wood beds and other furniture items.
  • Sustainability – Rubber wood is considered environmentally friendly because of its rapid growth and sustainability.
    It is also reusable and recyclable, which further enhances its environmental benefits.
  • LongevityRubber wood trees are a great investment for furniture. This is because it can withstand substantial amounts of wear and tear over the years.

However, as it is not a very good friend of water, be wise while carving the coffee trays, floorboards, ottoman, and bathroom furniture out of it.

  • Functionality – Furniture is a major investment, so choose functional pieces made of strong rubber wood like rubber wood chairs, and other items.
  • Aesthetic – The furniture in a room can either enhance or detract from its overall appearance. As a result, it is critical to choose rubber wood furniture that complements the room’s décor and size.

How to Choose Good Quality Sheesham Wood Furniture?

While purchasing Sheesham wood furniture check durability, color, longevity, functionality, sustainability, and aesthetic

While purchasing Sheesham wood furniture, the first thing you must remember is to ensure the quality of the wood. This is because investing in furniture requires a substantial amount of money.

Here are a few points that you must keep in mind while purchasing Sheesham furniture:
  • Durability – Sheesham wood is known to withstand scorching drought and heavy rainfall. Making sheesham wood doors, bathroom furniture, floors, coasters, and chopping boards and treating them all with oil makes it easier to work with and more durable in wet areas.
  • Aesthetic – Sheesham wood is naturally beautiful, warm-toned, and hard. It’s perfect for vintage homes and can be carved into elegant designs. Affordable Sheesham wood furniture is widely available in India.
  • Sustainability – Sheesham wood is grown without chemicals and fertilizers. Also, it is considered sustainable due to its affordability, availability, and workability.
  • Functionality – Sheesham wood can be made into anything – from chairs to beds and Sheesham wood study tables to almirahs. Buying Sheesham wood furniture online can help you save money.
  • Longevity – Sheesham wood has a longevity period because of its strength and resistance to water. In addition, the wood is resistant to termites and other wood-eating insects. Hence, furniture like Sheesham wood beds made out of this wood can last a lifetime.
  • Colour – If you plan to buy Sheesham furniture, look for a golden to deep reddish brown colour with a dark streak. This means the wood is authentic and of high quality.
  • Durability – Sheesham wood does not decay due to natural factors. Also, it has medium density, which is easy to work on. The wood’s elasticity, oil content, and hardness make it highly durable and the best wood for furniture.
Vivek Wood Solid Sheesham Wood Console Table

Solid Sheesham Wood Console Table for Living Room

Wooden Side Entrance Table for Home with 2 Drawers & Shelf Storage

*At the time of publishing, the price was ₹8,649.

Which wood is best for furniture in India from the above two kinds of wood?

Here are a few points that you must keep in mind while purchasing Sheesham furniture:
Rubber wood is one of the best wood for furniture when it comes to wooden furniture. This is because it is lightweight and has an appealing grainy surface.

Also, rubber wood furniture can be easily cleaned and maintained – thus, there is no effort in cleaning the table every now and then.

Comparison of rubber wood furniture and sheesham wood furniture featuring rubber wood chest and sheesham wood sofa
Image Credit: Pinterest

Moreover, it has minimal shrinkage and cracking, which makes it long-lasting. On the other hand, rubber wood furniture is unsuitable for outdoor use and might warp if not properly cared for.

Sheesham is another best wood for furniture in India. The wood’s elegance and visually appealing feature encourages decor enthusiasts to buy furniture made out of Sheesham.

Also, this wood makes great furniture because of its strength and resistance to termites and weather.

So, while purchasing Sheesham furniture, be sure to look for the golden to tan colour, along with dark streaks, and the touch must feel sturdy and heavy.

On the other side, Sheesham wood cannot be exposed to higher temperatures, as it might degrade the quality of the wood. Also, it needs frequent maintenance and polishing to keep it new and shiny!

When choosing between rubber wood vs sheesham wood, Alacritys suggests doing your research. This is because investing huge amounts of money in the best furniture wood to buy another one after a few months is not economical.

However, the above-mentioned differences can be very useful while researching the best wood for furniture to buy.


The final answer to your question – “Which wood is best for furniture?” lies here!

Choosing the best wood for furniture can be a challenge, but it is not impossible. It all depends on your taste, preference, budget, and environmental concerns.

Both Sheesham wood and rubber wood furniture are environmentally sustainable and long-lasting, making them a great option for homes and commercial spaces. Adding furniture made from these woods will undoubtedly give a room a touch of class.

By considering the pros and cons of the wood, you can pick the ones that suit you best. Also, no matter what wood you choose, the right wood craftsman will turn it into a beautiful piece. So, contact the best interior designer in your location, and let them do the magic!

Now, our questions for you are to elicit your brainstormed responses –

  • What are some interesting facts about rubber trees?
  • What are the two types of Sheesham Wood?
  • Which are the best furniture wood items from the above will you choose for your home?


How do you take care of rubber wood?

Wipe rubber wood furniture with a damp cloth and mild soap solution, then dry with a clean cloth. Avoid leaving it wet, as water can remove protective coatings and make it weak and prone to rot.

Is rubber wood furniture considered high quality?

Rubber wood is a fine-quality wood that is ideal for furniture. It is strong, flexible, and scratch-resistant, and it is on par with some other hardwoods in terms of hardness. Despite these qualities, rubber wood is readily available at a low cost. Hence, it is a good choice to opt for rubber wood furniture.

Is rubber wood more durable than Sheesham wood?

Sheesham wood is more durable than rubberwood, which is prone to rot, fungus, and insects. Rubber wood is chemically treated, but Sheesham wood can withstand harsh weather and water.

Which wood is best for furniture in India?

Teakwood is the best for furniture in India. But, this is costlier compared to Sheesham and rubber wood.

For those who are looking for economically cheap wood furniture, Alacritys suggests going with Sheesham furniture first and then with rubber wood furniture.


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