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20 Best Paint Colours For Small Kitchen That Every Homemaker Finds The Kitchen Smashing And Appealing

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Jul 11, 2024 Nov 18, 2023
20 Best Color for Small Kitchen

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The kitchen may be the most frequently visited room and the centre of your house. Not only can a stunning kitchen enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, but it can also make you happier every day.

It’s crucial to choose the right kitchen colours. Alacritys Pune architects would be happy to assist you in discovering the right colours you want. Here are the best-chosen options by us, the top 20 colours for painting a small kitchen :

1. Startling Pink

Image Credit: Pinterest

Starling Pink might be overwhelming for large kitchens, but it is just right for small kitchens. Pink is one of the most popular paint colours for small kitchens.

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2. Bright Yellow

Bright Yellow
Image Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

The Bright Yellow overhead disguises a low ceiling. It is one way to make a small kitchen appear larger.

3. Light Grey

Image Credit: Dibu-Deco

By selecting something understated, you can ensure Light Grey provides interest without overpowering the space. It can be an ideal choice when choosing kitchen colour options for your kitchen.

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4. Dream Cream

Dream cream
Image Credit: Pinterest

Utilizing all-over colours on cabinetry and walls will make small kitchen paint colours feel seamless. For instance, a warm, cosy, and ultimately timeless Dream Cream colour would be light and buttery in tone. Consider pairing it with light or rustic wood cabinets when coming up with rustic kitchen ideas. You can also add Pink or Earth tones on the cabinets for a more feminine effect. Any kitchen colour combination can use this colour.

5. Blue

Image Credit: Pinterest

Blue is the most appropriate colour to paint a small kitchen for a tiny kitchen as it symbolizes both the sky and the sea. It is associated with wide-open horizons, creativity, and inspiration.


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6. All Black

All Black
Image Credit: Pinterest

Although black in a small kitchen could seem cramped, it can have the opposite effect when used properly. Your kitchen appears uncluttered with a solid Black wall.

7. Moody Grey

Moody Grey
Image Credit: Shelterness

Using a deep, brooding colour like Moody Grey, your kitchen can look classic. Ensure your kitchen has sufficient natural light to successfully use this colour in a small space.

8. Pastel Yellow

pastel yellow
Image Credit: Pinterest

Choosing a Pastel Yellow colour for your small kitchen is not the first thing that springs to mind. But in small doses, it can be an essential touch to add to walls.

9. Lime Green

Lime Green
Image Credit: Pinterest

Choose a vibrant colour like Lime Green for your small kitchen. However, try this if you enjoy clever designs in the home kitchen. Remember that painting Lime Green would bring that charm & cheerfulness to your kitchen.

10. Orange

Image Credit: Pinterest

An Orange or Terracotta colour scheme will create warmth in your kitchen. Making your kitchen feel cosy and using these earthy tones can help it have an organic vibe.

11. Red

Image Credit: Pinterest

Red is one of the more striking colours amongst all kitchen paint colours, as it is less frequently utilized as a kitchen colour idea for small kitchens. However, this colour is for you if you want your kitchen to be the centre of attention. You can do that in small amounts, but be careful.

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12. Blue-Grey

Blue Grey
Image Credit: Hachiskitchen

For a small kitchen, Blue-Grey is a subdued and elegant option. It is not as wacky as pastels or as daring as bright colours or black. However, it works perfectly when the contrasting colours are being used in the right proportion.

13. Emerald Green

Emerald Green
Image Credit: Pinterest

For small kitchen paint colours, Emerald Green may make your kitchen feel as unique as the gems. This is especially true if you have a small kitchen with high ceilings.

14. Bold Teal

Bold Teal
Image Credit: Pinterest

Here we suggest using this for the ceiling. This will draw the eye and give the impression of more space in a small kitchen design. White cabinets, a wood floor, and other traditional elements make up most of the kitchen, but the ceiling makes the room stand out.

Ula sketch

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15. Turquoise

Image Credit: Pinterest

Your kitchen will look brand-new and exciting when painted Turquoise. This magical Turquoise colour for small kitchen colour ideas helps create a clean and welcoming atmosphere in a modern kitchen with white cabinetry.

16. Lavender

Image Credit: Pinterest

A fresh take on traditional Grey is to paint your kitchen, Lavender. Without being overpowering, it gives excitement to your kitchen. Both standard and modern kitchens benefit from this warm & subdued colour.

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17. Purple

Image Credit: Berger Paints

A sleek, minimalist kitchen with lots of natural light will look gorgeous with the warm, lovable and inviting Purple tones. It is the best colour for a kitchen without being overpowering or intimidating.

18. Brown

Image Credit: Decoraid

Brown colour schemes in small kitchen designs are organic and earthy, creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere. A traditional kitchen will look especially elegant in this rustic tone.

19. Neutrals

Image Credit: The Spruce

White, cream, and Beige are likely to come to mind when you are looking for options in small kitchen paint colours. But many more colours are available, and some are ideal for adding coolness to a tiny kitchen.

20. Peach

Image Credit: Wooden Street

Because of how fresh and cheery it feels, this colour is associated with spring. It’s a fantastic way to add year-round brightness to your home. Peach instantly transforms a space into a soft, romantic, and feminine one if you choose it from different available options for kitchen paint colours. It adds joy and love to your kitchen.

Important to understand before choosing kitchen wall colours

Consider the kitchen wall colours mentioned above and choose one that suits you. The perfect finishes to use from any paint company are, satin or semi-gloss for kitchen walls.

These painting colours for small kitchens are simple to clean and resist stains and dirt that accumulate on walls over a while. While selecting the finish for the kitchen walls, you can discuss it with residential interior designers in Pune.

Ula sketch

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 How to choose wall colours for small kitchens?

– There are a few popular basic strategies when choosing small kitchen paint colours. Perhaps the most popular is to decide on the most popular interior paint brands available in the market. This makes your job easier based on available kitchen sizes & cabinet finishes & colours.

– The big advantage of using trending kitchen colour paint companies’ consultancy is that they free you from thinking about the complex part of picking a single-colour or two-colour combination paint based on your choices in small kitchen designs.

– “The theme for the future will be innovation-focused”, says Amit Syngle, CEO of Asian Paints. So, create a stylish & pleasing kitchen wall colour combination. Discover different wall colour ideas & enhance your home.

– No matter what you do to change the kitchen wall colours around you, remember that it will impact your mood and overall health. “Wall colours can even make your immune system work more effectively.”

– A new breed of small kitchen paint colours lets you choose between cool and warm colours. This is when you check the wall paint colour catalogue of more than 2200 available shades given by paint companies such as Asian Paints for home interiors.

Wall paint colours catalog by Asian Paints

– This can bring colour to your fingertips so that you can set the colour with any kitchen shape & cabinet finish. Products in this rapidly growing space include Asian paints, Nerolac, Berger, Dulux, & Indigo. Each is designed to replace and enhance your dead kitchen walls into aesthetically pleasing kitchen walls for many years to come.

– Therefore, to beautify & bring perfection to your kitchen, a multitude of ideas have been suggested by Alacritys. From these ideas, you can find out which one to choose and why to choose that particular colour for your desired kitchen.

– As stated earlier, a kitchen’s design and structure will have craft-friendly vibes and will probably be the best choice for your home.

– A kitchen’s arrangement and plan are amplified by the colour you choose, creating a different mood of joy.

Choosing small kitchen wall colours with kitchen cabinet colours & finishes

– You need ample lighting & large windows when your kitchen is small. Plenty of natural light will help you to choose lighter cabinets & bright colours. This makes a small kitchen look more spacious.

– If a cabinet colour is already in your mind, see how it stacks up against a variety of styles and textures of backsplashes and countertops. Small kitchen modular companies like Pepperfry, Urban Ladder, Sleek, Godrej Interio, & Jindal Kitchens; are giving different small kitchen design ideas. So that you can easily choose the best one which you want. If you have a customization plan then you can choose just laminate & get it pasted on the kitchen cabinets.

– There are various laminate finishes from different branded catalogues, such as Royale Touche, Greenlam, Stylam, & Airolam You can see the e-catalogues from the available companies or you can visit their display centres. It will be gratifying to see how laminate options for your cabinet complement the painting colours for the kitchen walls you have already selected.

Kitchen cabinet laminates

– Small kitchen modular cabinets are pre-fabricated furniture units with varied customisation options. They’re usually built using marine wood & MDF boards which are made up of smaller particles of wood and sawdust packed together. They’re also made using calibrated plywood. Calibrated timber has a smooth and uniform thickness.

– The raw materials used to make modular kitchens are waterproof HDF/MDF/Plywood which are painted with Duco or regular furniture paint. For a second type of modular kitchen look, you can see options in anti-scratch acrylic laminates with edge binding.

-These two types of modular small kitchen designs are trending in kitchen cabinet design. There are some others as well like wooden modular kitchens, matte finish laminate-based modular kitchens, & high-gloss laminate finish kitchens.

– If you are planning to repaint the walls of your small kitchen design, your colour selection should depend on how much of the wall peeks out from around the cabinets and appliances. Whatever mood you wish your kitchen to induce, your kitchen cabinets will be the driving force because they take up so much optical space.

– Choose a colour/s that speaks to your individuality, cooking aspirations, and meal times.

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The kitchen, even if it is a small kitchen design, maybe one of the most essential rooms in your home, so it’s natural to feel conscious when making kitchen wall & cabinet colour choices. By understanding factors like the kitchen’s size, lighting source, and the overall visual you wish to create. So that you will be able to narrow down colour choices that suit your preferences & this will craft an outstanding kitchen colour combination for you.

So now that you know a few things about small kitchen paint colours, kitchen cabinet finishes & colour selection, the real questions are,

  1. Which colour combination do you prefer for your small kitchen design?
  2. Which small kitchen modular cabinet colour would you like to select?
  3. Which paint company would you prefer for your small kitchen & why?

Require Expert Assistance for your project?

We are dedicated to enhancing the aesthetics of your spaces make them beautiful.


How to make a small kitchen look bigger?
  • Try to choose bright colours instead of even middle-toned colours for kitchen walls.
  • kitchen cabinet sizes should be proportionate to the kitchen size.
  • Try to choose any light colours from any colour palettes for cabinets in a small kitchen.
Which type of wall colour to choose in the kitchen?

Go with light neutral colours as they are more reflective than dark colours and they will make your kitchen appear bigger and brighter.

What type of kitchen cabinets to choose in a small kitchen?
  • When the shutter cabinets are under the kitchen countertop, they need to be 750mm in height and not more than 450mm in length.
  • When the drawer cabinets are coming, the length should not be more than 600mm in length.
  • In the case of overhead cabinets, you need to keep in mind that the height shouldn’t be more than 600mm.
  • In short, the answer is, that the sizes of each cabinet should be proportionate to your small kitchen size.

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