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Lighting Fundamental In The Interior Design Of Your Home

Lighting Fundamental In The Interior Design Of Your Home

Lights play a very close role in designing the interior decoration of our home or space. Perfect lighting creates an impact not just in terms of aesthetics but also affects mood and cognition. Lighting in Interior Design should be layered the same way we use the colors and textures in a room. By adding a layer of lighting to the space, we can provide a more significant light depth to our room design.


Different Lighting For Home


To choose the perfect Types of Lighting in Interior Design for your area, you need to understand the concept of layered lighting because different parts of your home do not require the same exposure to the light. There are some elements to consider before heading to layer lighting. The trick with the layered lighting is to create a dynamic layer that appeals to the design itself. There are three major categories for interior decorating

1. Ambient or Low lighting

Ambient or Low lighting 


The role of Ambient Lighting in Interior Design is to provide the base lighting to the space as it substitutes Natural Lighting in Interior Design. Low lightings provide an adequate visual to the room. This kind of lighting is achieved mainly through mounting these lights to the ceiling. Using table lamps also provides very cozy Ambient Lightings in Interior Design


There are some recessed lightings as well that also provide ambient lighting. The most common idea to achieve low lights is by adding a dimmer switch to these lights so that a perfect exposure of light is possible.     

2. Accent Lighting 

Accent Lighting 


This type of Lighting in Interior Design highlights purpose in various sections of the room. These lights are suitable for illuminating a specific object in the living room, like glowing pictures on the wall and the bookshelves to highlight the room’s main attraction. 


These lights are also best suited in the hallways and entrance to the space. Another way to use these Types of Lighting in Interior Design is the wall sconces, and they work as an excellent mood-setter for a room. They provide additional lighting to the dining room and surface space in a bathroom. 


Cove lights are also a great way to use accent lighting; these cove lights are used for tray ceilings. These lights are most commonly seen at malls and restaurants. But they are well suited for home light decorations as well. 

3. Task Lighting 

Task Lighting 


Task Lighting in Interior Design is used to perform tasks requiring higher exposure to the light than the ordinary or ceiling lights can provide. We use these lights in the kitchen for cooking and mostly at our desktops and study tables. These Lighting in Interior Design are also used for reading purposes, and this light is commonly referred to as the utility light. Proper use of task light can result in a space that minimizes glare and shadows and prevents eyestrain. 


These Types of Lighting in Interior Design are also used under the kitchen countertop to illuminate cutting the veggies and performing the cooking tasks. 


We at Alacrytis provide the best interior lighting services and ideas in the market. If you are interested in any of the ideas mentioned above, you can visit our official page and contact us by email. 



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