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Save your energy, time & electronic items with the right use of switches & socket

switch board

Light switches & sockets are the secondary particulars you have in your mind when thinking about decorating spaces either they are commercial or residential or hospitality or healthcare. You should think about them when your designer starts working on concept & design for your space as they enhance the beauty of a décor.

There are more than 100 companies of switches in India. Safest switches are modular ones. Modular switches & sockets are safer for them who have children at home as no exposure of current carrying parts in them. Modular ones help in adding beauty to the places. That adds visual appeal in interior. They are multifunctional as they allow many fittings & gadgets to work together & do not disturb either light, data or communication.

All leading brands are having wide range of mounting plates that add aesthetic value to any kind of interiors.

One of the brands of electric fittings named Legrand use motto- simplicity of use, simplicity of installation & simplicity of distribution. They have series from basic switches to touch screens via sensitive switches. Ranges are- Mylinic, Mysius, Arteor.

Havells has over 1 lac retail outlets in India, which are serviced by an extensive distribution network. Additionally the company has a chain of exclusive showrooms called ‘Havells Galaxy’ and offers 24×7 customer service allowing customers to avail their services. Wipro Lighting has been known for its precise efforts in bringing in inventive products along with unique lighting ideas. Wipro has established its place as a company providing the best in class lighting solutions.

Specializing in electricity distribution, automation management and production of energy management installation components is Schneider Electric India. The company is bestowed to expand technology and results that make energy safe, reliable, efficient, green and productive. Materials are made from special material for longer life span and are flame retardant. The sockets have shutters that are child proof.


Single Pole: Single pole electrical switches also recognized as toggle switches. It controls just one circuit. Such type of switches has single input and single output. A single-pole switch turns a light on and off from one location. These are most common switches found in the home. And these are easy to operate.
Double Pole: Double Pole electric switches control to separate circuits. A double pole switch is like separate single-pole switches that are mechanically operated by the same lever, knob, or button. These are also very easy to handle.
Three Way switches: A three-way switch consists two brass screws, a green screw and a darker colored screw. Using three-way switches, light can be control from two different locations. The three-way switch does not have the toggle handle switched. That is because one position does not mean that is necessarily on or off. It depends on the position of another switch.

Four-way switch: when you are using four way switch then it is recommended to hire a professional because its installation is not easy. A four way switch has four terminals each with two pairs of travelers.

Multi-location switch: Multi location switch is the interconnection of two or more electrical switches which are used to control an electrical load from multiple locations. For example, this allows lighting in a hallway, stairwell or large room to be controlled from multiple locations.

Dimmer switch: Dimmer switches allow you to turn the light in several subtle shades.

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      We are determined to make your space beautiful yet sustainable.