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Top 10 Architects In Pune – List Of Best Commercial And Residential Architectural Firms

Top 10 Architects in Pune

It is so exciting to know the Top Ten of anything. Be it top ten richest men, top ten firms, top ten movies/music and so on… In case you happen to plan to redesign your homes, architect new spaces then this article contains the perfect information to all your research. Today we have here the record of top ten architecture firms in Pune. Read on to know the best architects and architectural firms.

Top 10 Architects in Pune

Each of the firms listed below is into architecting, home designing, interior designing, commercial and residential designing, architectural firms. I am starting from the number one firm in Pune leading the other architects. 

Starting from the first, Alcaritys tops the list. 

1. Alacritys – Architectural Firm in Pune

There are no qualms in saying why Alacritys tops the list of top ten architectural firms in Pune. The firm Alacritys expertise in residential, commercial, corporate, hospitality, healthcare architecting and designing. Alacritys has the best architects that assure you the best quality of services such as architecture, interior design, environmental graphics and also temple designing. They are a  renowned firm with a number of satisfied clients over the years from all over Pune. 

2. Ogling Inches

Ogling Inches expertise in residential, restaurant, office interior designing and architecture. They work to offer the best, creative, practical yet ultimately personal service to each client. They aim to create each design uniquely with supreme quality. Things such as fixed project rates, one-stop solutions, unique designs and efficiency are what makes them set apart from other architectural firms in Pune. 

3. Sovereign Architects 

Sovereign Architects strongly believe in the saying “We Design You”. They provide services in architecture and interior designing. They have been working for many projects in Pune for township designing and landscaping. Their main objective is to make the complex of the projects seem easy. They plan and design their projects keeping in mind about the importance of eco-friendliness. They are based in Pune for the past 13 years.

4. Design Consultant Architects (DCA)

DCA has been an established firm in Pune since 1997. What began as a small startup now is one of the leading firms in architecture and designing. This frim DCA, offers just not architectural designing and interior designing, apart from that they provide complete assistance with electrical, plumbing consultancy, and turnkey solutions. Right from the beginning of the project to its execution they provide you with material to manpower, all that the project needs.

5. Green Hat Studio 

Green Hat Studio is a distinguished firm based in Pune for more than 15 years now. They expertise in designing with multiple concerns such as space issues, construction integrity, economical matters, aesthetics. Their aim is to explore more into teh depth of the architectural world and create more sustainable projects in future. 

6. Prasanna Desai Architects

Prasanna Desai Architects are a group of experts working together in this field for 18 years and more now. Their expertise lies in handling projects of Interiors, architects, urban and landscape planning. They ensure timely and speedy deliverance of their services to tier customers. They have been also conferred the title of the best housing in India. They are well known for taking up unique projects like slum redevelopment, housing cum shopping complex built-ups. 

7. Geomatrix Architects

Geomatrix Architects expertise in residential architecture and commercial architecture, industrial as well as structural too! They are a team of young and enthusiastic professionals that are heading towards a future where they desire to blend art and technology together. They are established in Pune as one of the best architectural firms of the past ten years.

8. Anil Ranka Architechts 

Popularly known as ARA, this architectural and interior designing firm has been started since 1993 in Pune. They have been delivering innovative and timeless designs since then. They are a group of professionals who believe in creating a versatile body of work ranging from architecture, interiors and landscape designing. 

9. TAO Architecture

They are a well known established architectural and designing firm in Pune.  their expert services include architecting, interiors, landscape planning, art installation, retail recreation, craft, institutional designing, luxury apartments, villa designing, housings and so much more. 

10. CCBA designs

They strive to work for excellence in designing home interiors, urban-rural plannings, campus planning. They provide you with comprehensive professional services like site analysis, site planning, architectural designing, structural designing, sewage designing. They keep complete transparency in expressing their professional opinion with their clients.  

These were some of the top ten best architectural firms from Pune, India. All these firms are professional, with the best quality of services like architecting and designing. 



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