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7 Opulent Strategies for Designing a Double-Height Living Room That Will Make Guests Want to Return

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Jul 11, 2024 Nov 20, 2023
Double Height Living Room

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Double-height living rooms are popular for their grandeur and style. They add depth and dimension to your home.
Double-height ceiling designs are used in open-concept homes to create a sense of spaciousness and grandeur. They can also be used to separate different areas of the home, such as the living room and dining room.
A double-height ceiling is a dramatic and luxurious feature that can add elegance and boldness to any home. Choose a double-height ceiling design for your living room that complements the overall aesthetic of your home.
High ceilings in living areas became popular in India in the early 2000s, popularized by Bollywood movies and TV shows. Homeowners now use them to create a sense of luxury and spaciousness.

Why do people love to have a living area with double height?

A. People like big living rooms because they are spacious and can accommodate multiple activities.

B. To create a large seating area and add designer living room sofas, accent chairs, swivel chairs, or even teakwood chairs, people love to have a luxury double-height living room in their home. This makes the living room broad-sized to create a comfortable and inviting space.

Luxurious double height living room with two floor
Image Credit: Pinterest
C. People love double-height living rooms because they want heightened and large-sized windows for the living room.
D. People love the connection between two floors and that’s why they prefer a living room with double height.

E. Luxurious chandeliers add a statement to catch guests’ eyes and that’s the reason people enjoy double-height ceilings.

Luxurious chandelier adding statement in the double height living room
Image Credit: Pinterest
F. People like to introduce features or artwork on any one or two walls to make them appear as some giant add-on to their living room, so a double-height wall design stays a priority while designing homes.
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How to design different types of double-height living room areas for your bungalow, penthouse, or duplex?

A. Double-height living room with plain slab and ceiling design –
A double-height living area with a plain slab and ceiling design is large, and spacious with a high ceiling that creates a sense of openness. It is perfect for those who desire a large, open, and well-lit living environment.

B. Single-side sloping roof and ceiling design –
A single-side sloping roof is a type of construction that uses a single-sloped roof to cover a two-story space. This ceiling roof design creates a dramatic, open feel and adds natural light.

A single side sloping roof creating open feel in double height living room
Image Credit: Contemporist
C. Double-side sloping roof and ceiling design – A double-side sloping roof and ceiling design is a type of architecture that uses two sloping roofs to create a higher ceiling in the living room. This design makes the living room larger, brighter, and more airy.
D. Some cutouts to the slab and ceiling design to get some natural light – Cutouts in the slab and ceiling design will let in natural light to a double-height living room, making it feel more spacious and inviting. The light will also help to brighten up the space and the cutouts will provide a view of the sky, which can be a calming and relaxing sight.
Natural light is coming from slab cutouts into the double height living room
Image Credit: The Architects Diary
E. Some classical designs add different types of roof domes – Classical designs use roof domes to create living areas with double height because domes are curved surfaces that support a lot of weight, allowing for large, open spaces without columns.

This type of design can be used in traditional double-height living rooms to create an impressive living space.

F. Also, by adding different ceiling materials like gypsum and options to gypsum like timber, ply veneer, ply laminate, glass, metal, etc. for double-height living room –

You can add different ceiling materials like gypsum, timber, ply veneer, ply laminate, glass, and metal to a double-height living room to create a unique and stylish space.

G. Playing with different paint colours that go with the entire double-height living room area –
Choosing paint colours for a luxury double-height living room can be a challenge. Some good options include light, airy colours like white, cream, or light blue. You can also add pops of colour with accessories or furniture.

Luxurious tv unit design catching guests' eyes in double height living room
Image Credit: Pinterest
Now that you have a better understanding of how to design a living room with double height, you can check out the design ideas below to decorate your living area:
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7 Luxurious Design Ideas to Make Your Double-Height Living Room Look Gorgeous

The dramatic effect a double-height ceiling design has on a room is unmatched by other architectural features. It creates space for other striking designs of the living room ceiling, like a striking chandelier, statement artwork, or an unusual piece of furniture in the living room, providing the ideal setting for bold, opulent decor.

Double-height rooms can also brilliantly blend the home’s public and private spaces. Use these suggestions to design an eye-catching, airy double-height living room.

Here is a list of the double-height living room plans that you can check out and discuss with your reliable residential interior designer to come up with inventive luxury double-height living room ideas:

1. Install large windows in your living room to give the impression of more space -

Large glass panels or tall windows in houses can be installed to fill the luxury of a double-height living area with a greater quantity of air, sunlight, and ventilation, carrying outdoor views inside and giving the impression of more space.
Tall windows carrying outdoor views and giving the impression of more space in double height living room
Image Credit: Pinterest
To let in more light in the living room and give the appearance of a larger space, you should install windows or glass windows in the house on two levels.
When designing a living room with double height, one of the initial steps is to plan the layout and install tall, expansive windows. Alternatively, you can build a decorative double-height wall design of windows with views of the outside by installing window panels one after the other on one side.

2. Install living room curtains on tall windows -

Long drapes and living room curtains that are added to the double-height living room‘s aesthetics give the room more life, playfulness, and luxury.
Long curtains giving high ceiling house a sense of grandeur
Image Credit: Pinterest
A luxury double-height living room can be decorated in a variety of draping styles and colour schemes following the living room sofas. It should be a combination that exudes elegance and fosters a cozy, at-home atmosphere.

Silk Curtains give a high-ceiling house a sense of grandeur and luxury. Living room curtains that have long draping make it quite inviting and make you feel special and confident in your day-to-day lifestyle.

3. For a contemporary and appealing appearance, use living room walls to create a focal point -

A double-height wall design can be modified in countless ways to give the room personality and aesthetic appeal. High-ceiling house offers even more options for wall decor.
TV unit design with wall paneling giving aesthetic appeal to the high ceiling house
Image Credit: Pinterest

You can transform the living room wall design by adding stunning wallpaper with intricate patterns, striking wall art, textured paint strokes, 3D wall panels, or just a sizable statement piece.

You can also create a stone cladding on the living room wall design or display with a selection of paintings, photos, or prints to create a more cohesive look. A stunning feature against a double-height wall design painted in a contrasting colour can add vibrancy and character to your luxury double-height living room designs.

4. For chic ambiance, hang a decorative chandelier -

The living room interior can be designed and embellished in countless ways. There is no danger of someone unintentionally bumping their head if you hang a tall, attractive double-height chandelier from the ceiling.
Decorative chandelier hanging from the ceiling adds elegance in double height living room
Image Credit: Pinterest

Living room chandeliers from sleek to heavy or bulky designs for different living room sizes are available in the market. You can check the varieties of chandeliers here.

You can hang a stunning double-height chandelier from the ceiling to add elegance to your rich luxurious living room.

If you hire Alacritys, then you will have multiple designer ways to use chandeliers in your double-height living room design beyond just plane ceilings.

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5. Decide on floor lamps and layered lighting on the wall of the living room -

A floor lamp can be added to your double-height living room to create a layered effect, just like a cascading chandelier would.

Adding beautiful layered lights on your double-height living room wall and creative light fixtures at various heights will give your living area a sense of luxury and grandeur that will impress your visitors.

Creative light fixtures at various heights impressing the visitors of double height living room
Image Credit: Pinterest
To draw attention to your varied collection of decorative items in your rich luxury living room, you can also choose floor lamps rather than ceiling-mounted lights.
You can also increase the brightness of your modern double-height living room ceiling design by adding gorgeous-looking reflective mirrors.

6. Increase the functionality by adding storage in your living room -

The use of living room interior decoration ensures the space’s aesthetic appeal and racticality.
One of the most practical ways to approach the idea of a double-height living room design is by adding a storage system.
Bookshelf storage making space appealing and organizing the double height living room
Image Credit: Pinterest
Extra storage is made possible by a well-thought-out cabinet or bookshelf, which also organizes your double-height living room and gives it a contemporary appearance.

To make your space look more visually appealing, try arranging floating wooden shelves in asymmetrical rows as well as columns.

Avoid having open shelves that are taller than six feet because cleaning them will be difficult.
You can affix a sizable, stylish piece of furniture with shelves to divide the rich luxury living room‘s large space that matches the design of the living room ceiling.

7. Increase the space's warmth by adding stone-cladding patterns and textures -

If it is not furnished and decorated properly, a traditional double-height living room may appear cold and uninviting.
By incorporating decorative wooden elements like furniture, wooden panels for double-height wall design, and flooring made of wood, you can add warmth and an opulent atmosphere.
Wooden paneling behind the staircase adding warmth to the high ceiling house
Image Credit: Pinterest

Use upholstered surfaces with colourful accents like cushion covers, curtains or carpets, and other soft furnishings to add vibrancy and vigor to the space.

Are you trying to figure out how to get your double-height living room design to the top of the fashion ladder?

How about knocking down the ceiling to make a double-height living space? This design is gorgeous, current, and practical. Furthermore, this brilliant trend is rapidly gaining traction throughout the entire world.

This method will not only make your luxury double-height living room remarkable, but it will also give the rest of the house depth and dimension.
The room will become more spacious as well, and your mind will become more open to all the endless possibilities.

Let’s take the plunge –

A. Beautiful double-height living room ceilings and flooring should be added -

To give a strong impression of the internal layout of the house and make the space attractive, it is necessary to emphasize the height of the rooms, particularly for a small double-height living room.
Textures and patterns from the floor to ceiling design infusing beauty to the double height living room
Image Credit: Pinterest

We’ve already seen how adding floor lights, floor lamps, layered lights in the design of living room ceiling, and hanging chandeliers to a space can enhance it even more with the play of light and shadow.

You can add windows to let in more natural light. However, luxury double-height living rooms can also benefit greatly from the addition of textures and patterns to the floor and ceiling roof design.

Use your imagination to experiment with different textures for the modern double-height living room ceiling design and floors to infuse the space with beauty. Wood or stone materials with abstract, asymmetrical, or irregular patterns and textures can add more interest and a unique style to a space.

Additionally, you can incorporate a luxurious wooden wall paneling design that covers the wall and rises to the design of the living room ceiling to enhance the room.

B. Install tall plants for the home to spruce up the area -

Bring your favorite plants into the rich luxury living room! Small potted plants have been used to add aesthetic appeal to small rooms, but there are plenty of options for tall plants that are appropriate to the size of double-height living rooms.

Tall plants adding eclectic touch to the double height living room design
Image Credit: Pinterest

The area becomes more alive, cozy, and welcoming thanks to the tall plants that fill it.

Visitors can enthusiastically take advantage of the fresh oxygen supply when tall plants are nearby.

Tall plants add an eclectic touch to the interior décor by utilizing a variety of colours and textures.

C. The staircase next to the double-height living room can be classic but stylish -

The staircase gives the room a sense of depth and volume, whether it ascends from the luxury double-height living room‘s center or follows one of the double-height wall designs.

The physical connection of the two stories improves the house’s functionality as well.

Staircase design in the high ceiling house giving a sense of depth and volume
Image Credit: Pinterest

A double-height living room with a staircase often connects the two spaces, with decorative railings providing support.

If you’re searching designs for double-height dining rooms but lack the room, you can set up a dining table and classy chairs at the bottom of the stairwell for easy access from both floors.



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Pros and Cons of adding double height living room to your house

While the rich luxury living room‘s purpose is the same in both scenarios, there are significant differences in the design and aesthetic.

A double-height living room has advantages and disadvantages, just like any other aspect of interior design.

Pros and Cons of double height living room


  1. The fact that the living room appears more prominent is lovely news!
  2. More natural light can enter the room if windows are at the top portion of a high-ceiling house.
  3. Larger windows and even bigger ceilings and ceiling roof designs also give the impression that the room is larger.
  4. If you choose monochromatic colours, it will have a very aesthetic feel to it.
  5. The walls and design of the living room ceiling give the room a bigger appearance.
  6. The interiors appear much more upscale and edgy.
  7. The tall, raised double-height wall design gives the impression that the entire house is open.
  8. A double-height ceiling design in your homes or offices will give the space a regal feel.


  1. Regular upkeep includes crack filling, large wall painting, and possibly light bulb replacement. These can be extremely challenging or impossible.
  2. You may have noticed that open areas are very noisy. That holds for high-raised walls and ceilings as well.
  3. While large living room windows do let in more natural light, they can also make your rooms hotter in the summer.
  4. Not only the heat but your pockets could also get burned. Double-height ceilings are expensive. Increasing the wall height can double the cost of the house!


Decorating a double-height living room requires creative thinking and often professional help. If the space is not planned and properly decorated, it will appear unattractive and empty. In such cases, you will need to put more thought and effort into a double-height living room plan to design a visually appealing space.

A luxury double-height living room can make a tiny apartment feel twice its size, and it also gives you more options for decorating. You can follow the above-mentioned ideas to make your rich luxury living room more inviting and very functional.

However, there are some challenges associated with designing high-ceiling houses, such as the need for regular upkeep and the potential for noise.

Overall, a living room with double height is a great option for those who are looking for unique and luxurious spaces. So, We have some questions for you –
  • How would you set up your living room with double height?
  • Would you like to go for a double-height wall design in your living room?
  • If your staircase is next to the living room and that is visible from there then would you like to have a see-through effect between two floors?
  • What kind of sofa types and arrangements would you like to make in your high-ceiling house?


Do double-height living rooms cost more money?

Considering the market prices for larger spaces, they may lean toward the higher end, but you can also make your small living room with double height look opulent and enormous by adding decor.

How Is a Double-Height Living Room Constructed?

A double-height living room is constructed by raising the ceiling to twice the standard height. This can be done by adding a second story to the house or by raising the roof. The extra height creates a sense of spaciousness and grandeur.

How can the double-height living room be divided while still appearing as one space?

A double-height living room with a staircase creates two separate spaces, or you can create the appearance of a balcony in the upper half of the space. In addition to adding height, this also provides much-needed privacy.

How high should you hang a chandelier in a double-height living room?

If you have a 20 to 25-foot high ceiling, the bottom of your chandelier should fall roughly 5 to 8 feet down from the ceiling.

Can wallpaper be used in a living room with two heights?

Yes, wallpaper can be used in a rich luxury living room with double height because it adds colour to the walls and breaks up the monotony of the space, making it appear bigger and better. Wallpaper helps to improve the room’s appearance by establishing a focal wall.


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