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What Are The Key Elements Some Top Hotel Designers Use?

Key Elements Some Top Hotel Designers

Hotels are a key part of a travellers memory and hence everyone always tries to stay at best possible place at all times. Now, when we say best possible, we don’t mean that price matters every time. Other things like interior design in hotels, its location, overall aesthetics matter a lot when someone is selecting a hotel to stay at.


Hotel Interior Designer


So, today we will focus on some of the points that you can consider next time if you are diving or expanding your business in the tourism industry. We will try to keep all the points as clear as possible so that even a layman can understand. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at how hotels are developing and attracting customers these days.  

Key Elements to Focus on:

1. The Lobby

Hotel lobby interior


The hallway and the immediate space that follows the main door are always the first things that a consumer notices when entering a place. Now, we all know that initial impressions are the last impressions. Therefore, a significant amount of research and investment should always be made on the hotel interior design. Make sure the space is eye-catching and has a good amount of visual factors. Also, divide the area and give your probable customers a space for both social and private time. Make sure you use attractive colours and refrain from using sadistic shades. 

2. Technology

In this fast-paced economy, everyone wants to get linked with technology as much as possible. Therefore, don’t leave yourself behind in the medieval period. Rather go with the world and upgrade yourself. Put provisions for your customers to interact with the digital world. Some of the most basic digital devices can be a Smart TV and a good multimedia system. Try giving control in your customer’s hand as much as possible. Like try digitizing the temperature control system and maybe a digitally controlled lighting too. A wifi and charging points at all convenient places are also a must nowadays. You can also introduce digital fireplaces at your Hotel Design for better aesthetic purposes and can add 100s of different innovative things.

3. Colours and Textures

Modern hotel design


Modern hotel design must be less boring, and hence you should add elements of excitement to your rooms. Rather than using complex items of furniture that almost no one is going to use, you should add bright and vibrant colours and textures to your Hotel Design Interior with whom your customers would always live during the whole stay. The main point behind doing this is that you must add things that will be felt better than other conventional elements. And colours and textures of walls and furniture are the elements in your room that always gets interact with the vision of a person. Hence, increase this pleasure more and you will surely get better results.

4. Spaces

Rather than having a boring bed in a square room, you must innovate and find ways to give innovative spaces for different kinds of activities. For example, you can give a space for socializing and an area for privacy in your Hotel Design. An area for a bar or a recreational space, an innovative balcony, or a nice view of the scenery outside would also add to the wonderful experience.


To know more about hotel spaces and Hotel Interior Designer for buildings, visit our main page and explore our take on the design world. We at Alacrytis provide best-in-class interior Hotel Design services to everyone and strive to add value to your spaces all the time.

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