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What Are The Key Elements Some Top Hotel Designers Use?

Key Elements Some Top Hotel Designers

A hotel is not just a place where people stop along the road to sleep until they are ready to head off again. If you run a hotel you are creating a place for people to settle in and establish a temporary home. Whether they are staying for just one night or becoming your guest for an extended period while they are on vacation or on a business trip, your guests want to feel welcomed and understood. They want to feel as though you are not just ushering them through a generic environment, but that you understand their needs and want them to enjoy their time spent with you. This illustrates the importance of hotel design.

Hotel design is about creating all of the areas and rooms within your hotel in a way that carefully develops cohesion and enjoyment without becoming cloying. A skilled Pune hotel architecture & interior designers will address the following areas as they apply to your specific hotel:

1. Guest Rooms

Of course, the main thing that a hotel guest will be considering is the guest room. This will be where he closes himself off from everything else, relaxes, and enjoys the amenities you have to offer. Hotel design in this area should focus on creating guest rooms that are conducive to rest and comfort. Depending on the style of hotel that you run these rooms can be quite simple or very elaborate. Regardless of the level of luxury within your rooms you should offer a pleasing color scheme, welcoming layout, and thoughtful design elements that will make your guests immediately feel at ease.

2. Luxury Suites

If your hotel offers special suites for things such as honeymooners or business guests the hotel design will want to speak to the special needs of these valued guests. Honeymooning couples will likely appreciate touches like softer bedding, a bigger bathtub, separate bedroom and living areas, and added amenities such as a space to enjoy special room service offerings or carefully chosen furniture that creates a cozy, romantic ambiance.

3. Common Areas

While some hotels seem to funnel guests from the front desk to their guest rooms, more distinct establishments offer areas in which guests can socialize and interact or just spend time outside of their guest room. The hotel design in these areas will be dedicated to creating a sense of warmth and welcome, encouraging socialization and unwinding. This also depends on the overall theme of your hotel. While some more modern hotels may lean toward white or bold colors and artwork meant to inspire conversation, cozier bed and breakfasts and old world hotels will likely feature darker colors, large furniture, and even a hospitality center featuring self-serve coffee or evening snacks.



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