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Latest Major Trends in Hospitality Design

Major hospitality design trends

As per the studies, it has been observed that leisure time is surely on its peak and accordingly are the travellers hitting the destinations on a budget.

If you’re travel cum interior designer, then what’s more could you ask for! You might observe that extra innovative and creative element in any property in the combination with the ambience; how that surrounding atmosphere is on a go with a spoon of appeal and fascination which grabs your eyeballs. The new trends in hospitality are the topic of something which is gathering the public’s attention.

hospitality design

Before finalizing any design, witness the same property from the customer’s perspective and always have this thought in your mind!

So, now as we are realizing that the Hotel design is trending and is setting the goal of more and more scope. Therefore, in 2019, it’s something which you can except seeing hotels creating that delicious charm of social spaces, putting higher money in more energy-saving technologies, and having the focus on a hyper-local design to awestruck your guests with the current hospitality trends and match up to their high-demanding expectations.

Next time, if you desire that your guests are having that satisfying face and hopefully recommend your hotel to their family members and friends, getting that ultimate design should be pretty much on the bull’s eye.

Here are some of the latest trends in hospitality which will quite amaze you!

1. Eco-friendly features

As the trending global travelers, choose the hotels which are based on eco-credentials. Also, the interior designer in Pune is encircling the green tag in 2019, to go all green this time! This is the effort in the path of becoming environmentally friendly in an enhanced way. Bulks of properties are interested in investing their money on energy-saving or using technologies which are energy-reducing.

The designing of the hotel is done in such a manner which includes automated LED lighting system; heat sensors; movement detecting AC to reduce the consumption of energy.

Some of the hotels are even targeting sustainability program which boosts the locals, guests, and partners to take into account an Earth-principled manner of living. The initiatives also include removal of plastics.

2. Hyper-local design

In co-ordination with musicians, designers, local artists, in addition to retailers, hotels are in the way of using designer elements to narrate the full drama of their neighbourhood’s social and physical history. Adding up all those things, a local can profit himself in the property by reducing the costing of design; also giving the guest the ultimate experience which really mirrors the soul of their particular destination.

The trend of hyper-local design is not that new, the increasing hotel’s number (independents and brands both identical) are engaging into a huge push for delivering the real neighbourhood vibe the travellers desires for!

The atmosphere and design must aptly grab the attention of the surrounding area.

In this category, you can also welcome your guests with a brochure which is such a good option. Also, there are more good ways in which you can explain your fantasy and designing is one of them. This means that you can go with hanging images in your hotel at the reception desk. Further, you can opt in the lobby area and make it storage of autographs and photos of people who have earlier stayed in that particular hotel.

And yeah if you won awards and accolades, then, of course, you can display those so that your kind guests can have a good time glancing at them.

3.Indoor meets outdoor

With smart ideas, which each day passing, hotels are dimming the borderlines in between the outdoor and indoor spaces.

The lush greenery on the walls, the amazing indoor waterfalls, innovative and creative daylight technologies are used to give the helping hand to guests who can stay linked with natural ambience.

The greener your surrounding is, the better it is. The green vibes are being considered on top because customers take dense greenery into consideration. Fortunately, there are numerous ways in you can indulge the green design into your own hotel.

Let’s say, just have the thought of buying the furniture which is made from recycled potted plants and wood in each and every room. It’s always advised to have such a built that there should be natural lightning in all of the rooms. This will surely save some light energy and its bill in addition.

In Indoor meeting the outdoor design, the design elements can include windows from floor-to-ceiling, slatted roofs. Nature-inspired photographs will definitely do a lot to grab the guest’s eyes. The lobby area with a light-filled atrium adds the artificial green wall which integrates the feel of outdoor while your guest, enjoying the coffee.

4. Experiential social spaces

The fashion statement of hotel design is the increasing focus on friendly neighbourhood styled bars, communal lobbies, and decorative coffee shops. However, a few of the hotels are in search of more creative ideas to surprise their guests while making them feel like, they are staying at their own cosy home.

A funky and unique speakeasy lounge, modern in-house lake themes, the extraordinary theme of “W Living Room” which is well-furnished with sofas, swigs, and an awesome fireplace.

You can also incorporate a library area where your guests can try hands-on ocean of novels and make the best out of their leisure time.

Nowadays, smart technology is even playing a big role in our routine life. Everyone wants to integrate technology into their designs and desire to make it as smart, as chic, as contemporary as possible.

Let’s say the numerous iPads in the lobby area of your hotel can eliminate the need for space for the big reception area.

This is the condition as your guests can actually use your iPads for check-in and check-out. Also, on the whole, with the latest trends in technology along with smarter techniques, you can use smart thermostats for controlling the temperature as, how much you want. Finally, yet importantly, you can dive into the likelihood of indulging streaming services such as Apple TV, Netflix in your hotel rooms.

Your hotel can have the facility of vintage themes. There are hotels which include space for breweries, local wineries, and live concerts.

Along with the fun, greenery, technology, people are duly in search of fitness. The in-room gym is highly attracting the guest to a particular hotel. The inspiring slogans on the walls trigger your motivation levels.

5. Re-imagined lobbies

In recent times, youth-aimed chains like Moxy and Ace have turned down your lobbies into buzzing social centers which provoke your guest to chat, work, and undo regarding cocktails and breweries.

Nowadays, the lobby area is used in an imaginative manner for meeting the exact needs of guests.

The rooms in the hotels are giving the “Productivity Table” which involves USB ports, power outlets, in-built “Qi wireless charging”, and rentable drawers which can be used by the guests to store their personal items.

Hotels are even focusing on the self-serving bar or a wine-section in the lobby area so that their guest can have their drink without facing a rush at the bar.

Hotels are even transforming their lobbies into unique performance and retail spaces. Guests can have the feel of a modernized art gallery in the lobby area.

Evolving design trends

hospitality design trends

A lot of latest hotel designs or the new trends in hospitality are the sources of inspiration by the current lifestyles of present-day travelers. The acceleration of eco-friendly hotels is grabbing the interest of an increasing number of guests to the environment-keen hotels.

The super-creative and imaginary concepts in the designing of lobby draw the eyeballs of young visitors which are in search of more collective experience; also attracts the rush of freelancers and solitary travelers who just don’t want to be bound to their rooms.

Modern meeting spaces

Modern meeting spaces

One of the major parts of any Hotel Revenue currently enters the profit market from the business meeting in addition to conventions. Therefore, if want to multiply your profit, have the space for corporate meetings in your hotel which is a very good idea, indeed. And forget about earlier meeting spaces.

Now, the well-equipped meeting place basically, now demands good audio-visual furnishing, a very good Internet connection. Nevertheless, comfortable furniture and high-quality lighting account as an ultimate must.

It is also recommended to make your meeting place soundproof because you will not need to worry too much about the problem of loud conventions in your hotel.

Finally and most importantly, catering to millennials

Follow these above-mentioned trends in hospitality and without a doubt, your hotel will portray exactly the same which the guest in a hotel always looks for nowadays. What needs to be kept in mind is that the current hospitality trends or the hotel design trends just keep on raising its standard on a frequent basis and trying to stay up-to-date is actually a really smart move to follow.


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