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30+ Wardrobe Design Ideas With Different Wardrobe Types That 

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Jul 11, 2024 Nov 21, 2023
30+ Wardrobe design ideas

Table of Contents

Best Different Wardrobe Designs for Bedrooms -

Imagine coming out of the bathroom after a shower and standing in front of your wardrobe selecting your best picks from the wardrobe accessories for the day. It sounds like a movie scene, doesn’t it?

Well, now is the time to make that imagination a reality with these 30+ wardrobe designs that can literally transform your house into a masterpiece.

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In the modern world, the problem of wardrobe storage that you face is not something unique. It especially poses a major problem for new first-time house buyers. That’s where the need for a modern wardrobe design to elevate the entire interior of the house comes in handy.

Ideal for contemporary living spaces, this wardrobe design offers both elegance and practicality
Image Credit: Pinterest

In addition, having an organised wardrobe with the right wardrobe accessories automatically creates a list of what you need the next time you go shopping. This helps you stay on top of what you need while also keeping up with trends and moving towards a more organised lifestyle.

Here are a few things to take into account while designing your wardrobe –

Consider your lifestyle, budget, and personal style to work on an organised wardrobe.

Wardrobe design for bedroom is a challenging task. Furthermore, it does not give us the option of redesigning frequently. You have to plan ahead of your time as a wardrobe is something very personal.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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1. Your lifestyle to decide on the latest wardrobe design for You –

Your lifestyle will determine the types of clothes you need, the amount of storage space you need, and the overall look and feel of your wardrobe.

Your lifestyle is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding on the latest wardrobe design for you.

A modern walk-in closet featuring the latest wardrobe design, filled with fashionable clothes and accessories
Image Credit: English Jagran

There is no one-size-fits-all answer, as the best wardrobe designs for you will depend on your individual needs and style. – Consider your daily activities and what type of clothes you need to store.

2. Budget to decide on wardrobe price –

The size, style, and materials for the modern wardrobe design will all affect the price. It is important to set a realistic budget before shopping so that you do not overspend.

The budget is the most important factor to consider when deciding on a wardrobe price. Wardrobes can range in price from a few thousand rupees to several lakh rupees.

It is important to set a budget before you start working on wardrobe design for bedroom.

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3. Your bedroom size to decide on wardrobe dimensions –

When choosing any wardrobe design, the size of your bedroom is an important factor to consider.

You need to make sure that the best wardrobe designs fit comfortably in your bedrooms and leave enough space for other furniture and movement.

Measure the width, depth, and height of your bedroom to set the right wardrobe dimensions.

Dimensions of a wardrobe and cabinet, sliding wardrobe dimension and hinged wardrobe dimensions these are ideal for the best wardrobe design
To give you a starter, wardrobe dimensions that are 2 ft to 2 ft 6 inches in depth with a height of 7 ft to 8 ft would ideally place all your clothes including the blazers, coats, jackets, and heavy sarees with special space to hang

Make sure you have enough space in your modern wardrobe design that fits your needs.

4. Wardrobe Style You are Looking for –

If you are looking for a stylish and versatile wardrobe, you may want to consider a capsule wardrobe.

The best way to find the wardrobe style you are looking for is to be ready with different 2 to 3 options on wardrobe layouts.

The wardrobe style you are looking for depends on your personal preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

A contemporary wooden wardrobe with marble flooring and wooden shelves, showcasing a stylish wardrobe design
Image Credit: Pinterest

5. Well-thought Internal Wardrobe Design –

It should take into account the user’s needs and preferences, as well as the size and wardrobe layouts he/she chooses. Some key elements of a well-designed wardrobe include:

  • Sufficient storage space for all of the user’s belongings
  • Adequate lighting in internal wardrobe design
  • A comfortable and easy-to-access layout
  • A variety of storage options, such as drawers, shelves, and hanging rods
  • A durable and stylish finish

A well-thought internal wardrobe design should be functional, organised, and aesthetically pleasing.

A contemporary wooden wardrobe with marble flooring and wooden shelves, showcasing a stylish wardrobe design
Image Credit: Pinterest
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6. Wardrobe Materials and Wardrobe Fittings to Make It Live Longer –

You should consider the following factors:

  • The type of wood used – Hardwoods, such as oak and maple, are more durable than softwoods, such as pine.
  • The construction – A well-made wardrobe will have solid wood construction and dovetail joints.
  • The wardrobe fittingsHeavy-duty hardware, such as brass or steel, will last longer than plastic or metal hardware.
  • The internal components of a wardrobe help to organise and store clothing. They can include shelves, drawers, rods, and baskets.
  • Wardrobe fittings can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different needs.
A contemporary wooden wardrobe with marble flooring and wooden shelves, showcasing a stylish wardrobe design
  • Wardrobe materials visible to the eyes should be cleaned regularly and dusted to prevent the build-up of dirt and grime.

7. Your choices for wardrobe finishes and wardrobe design colours –

For wardrobe finishes, you can choose between: Wood, Laminate, Metal, and Glass

For the best wardrobe design colours, you can choose between: White, Black, Brown, Gray, Beige, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, etc.

Wardrobe design patterns are a set of guidelines that can be used to create functional and aesthetically pleasing wardrobes.
A bedroom featuring a wardrobe adorned with wallpaper and a trendy wardrobe design
Image Credit: Pinterest

The walk-in closet, the reach-in closet, the island closet, the modular closet, the hidden closet, etc., come under different wardrobe design patterns.

The best wardrobe design patterns for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences for wardrobe layout.

You can also choose a combination of wardrobe finishes, wardrobe patterns, and wardrobe colour combinations.

A selection of closets highlighting a variety of wardrobe finishes, wardrobe patterns, and wardrobe colour combinations

Now that you know how to decide on modern wardrobe design before you start with your best wardrobe designs, there are some more ideas on wardrobe design that you can add to your list to make your job easier work on the design of wardrobe for bedroom.

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Picking the Right Wardrobe Materials That Suits Your Taste and Your Style -

Once you know what kind of wardrobe you know, it’s time for you to choose wardrobe design for bedroom and go wardrobe shopping.

But before you actually visit a store or interior designer, ask yourself this question, ‘’What material do you want to be used for your wardrobe?’’

Wardrobe design has somewhat changed the definition of wardrobes. But if you ask about the preference for wardrobe materials, the most common answer would definitely be wood.

Let’s get a better idea about the modern wardrobe design and the materials used for it.

1. Laminate Wardrobe Design

Laminate is a durable and easy-to-clean material that is available in a variety of colours and finishes.

Laminate wardrobes are often used in homes because they are stylish and easy to maintain. Getting plenty of options in laminates while deciding on a wardrobe design is the advantage to finalizing the wardrobe design for bedroom.

A stylish bedroom showcasing a large laminated wardrobe and shelves, perfect for organizing belongings
Image Credit: Pinterest
Laminate wardrobe design can be custom-made to fit any space, and they can be equipped with a variety of features, such as drawers, shelves, and hanging rods.

Laminate wardrobes are a popular choice for both traditional and modern homes. Many best wardrobe design colours with cost-effective options will help you fulfill your dream of setting your wardrobe style the way you want.

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2. Wooden Wardrobe design

Traditionally, the preferred material for making a wardrobe is ‘Wood’. Solid wood has had a special place in Indian homes for centuries and it is still seen and used in most of the houses in India.

The room is well-designed and features a spacious wooden wardrobe with the stylish floor
Image Credit: Indiamart
Wooden wardrobe design comes with different colour pallets and has a rich and unmatchable texture that instantly brings a classic-traditional look to your room. However, it has its own drawbacks.

The customisation options are limited when you are using wood as compared to other materials that offer flexibility to create wardrobe design patterns. The traditional look and durability of the material of wooden wardrobe design have made it the perfect and most popular material for Indian wardrobes.

3. Wood Veneer Wardrobe Design

The introduction of plywood in making wood veneer wardrobe design has changed and redefined the definition of modern-day houses, or modern wardrobe design to be specific. Its customization has made it popular amongst the houses worldwide.

Plywood is made from sheets of wood veneer which makes it a good substitute for solid wood used for wood veneer wardrobe design. It offers a wide range of customisation in the latest wardrobe design and is even lighter.

Plywood due to its flexibility and ability to customise wardrobe design patterns according to your personal choices offers versatility.

Give the closing touches with the laminations to make it as best wardrobe design and allow it to stand the test of time and strength.

An exquisite wood veneer wardrobe, exemplifying the finest wardrobe design, placed in a room with ample space
Image Credit: Pinterest
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4. Glass Wardrobe Design

The lack of open space in cities has engineered some of the most beautiful compact space bedrooms and houses. In such a space, one material used in designing a wardrobe is undoubtedly Glass.

Also, the option of infusing it with other materials also makes a perfect personalised wardrobe design for bedroom.

A bedroom with ample space, adorned with a glass wardrobe and mirror, featuring a wooden shelves and dresser stool
Image Credit: Pinterest

Glass is fragile in nature, but for the most common mishaps and maintenance, glass offers durability and is relatively easy to maintain.

This glass wardrobe design has really enhanced and highlighted the importance of a personalised design for a wardrobe. Some of the most attractive options in this segment can be checked here.

5. MDF Wardrobe Design

Medium-density fibreboard known as MDF, is the eco-friendly material used to make the latest wardrobe design. Though it is made from wood residue turned into sheets, it typically gives a smooth and even surface.

MDF wardrobe design offers a wide range of customization options like smooth decorative edges, cuts, and corners and the option of painting.
MDF wardrobe design displayed in a hallway with blue cabinets and wooden, glass doors
Image Credit: Pinterest

It is also a relatively affordable material, cheaper than plywood, and contributes significantly to being environmentally friendly.

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6. Corian Wardrobe Furniture

When it comes to adding beauty, wardrobe colour combination, and depth to your room design, Corian wardrobe furniture is the best wardrobe design option to go for.

You can actually give your wardrobe a classy look that is perfectly balanced by the material’s natural solidity and mould accounting for the designer’s wish.

Images of a bedroom with pristine white cabinets and Corian wardrobe furniture, offering a modern and stylish look
Image Credit: Alacritys

Corian wardrobe furniture has all the potential to be the ideal material used for wardrobe design for bedroom. As it is innovative for seating, tables, bookshelves, etc.

7. Steel Wardrobe Design

If you remember India in the early 1980s and till the beginning of the 21st century, steel wardrobes ruled the Indian houses.

However, over the years with innovation, these modular wardrobes have gone through significant changes to offer the best they can.

A stainless steel cabinet with multiple drawers, ideal for storing various items in a sleek and durable design
Image Credit: Pinterest

The latest wardrobe design in steel modular wardrobes can make the most of your space. The steel wardrobes can be easily customised according to your room that matches your lifestyle. Also, these wardrobes come with pre-installed locks which come in handy in terms of security.

Now that you have chosen what things you should consider at the time of wardrobe designing and the wardrobe material you are using, it is time to understand and select the other wardrobe design ideas.

Ideas that Elevate Living - Different Ideas for Best Wardrobe Designs

The wardrobe becomes an integral part of your life. Think about how it will help you start your day and choose the latest wardrobe design that suits your morning ritual.

Here are some of the best wardrobe design ideas accounting for all your ideas and belongings –

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1. Sliding Door Wardrobe with Loft Furniture

Loft living has always been a fancied concept for ages. It has evolved from the times of kings and has recently gained popularity in modern wardrobe designs.

Cozy bedroom with wooden wardrobe and a bed, featuring a sliding door wardrobe and loft furniture
Image Credit: Pinterest

In such designs, a sliding door wardrobe design with loft can instantly elevate the appearance and comfort of your room. These designs fit comfortably and the sliding door with the styling matching with the interior gives a rich and modern feel to the room.

Wardrobe sliding doors also come in different styles and can be customised at our convenience.

2. Full-height Wardrobe with sliding doors

The latest wardrobe designs have taken wardrobe dimensions into consideration to make the most out of space. One such marvel in that section is the full-height wardrobe with sliding doors or ceiling-to-floor wardrobe that gives you an entire wall you use as a wardrobe and the sliding feature for a rich feeling.

The bedroom is equipped with a bed and side table, as well as a full-height wardrobe that has sliding doors
Image Credit: Pinterest

However, one of the advantages and drawbacks of this wardrobe design is its integrated installation. This type of design makes a great impression if they are pre-planned with the type of furniture you install.

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3. Sliding Door Wardrobe with Drawers Below

Oftentimes, our wardrobe consists of items that take up more space in large compartments. That is where drawers come in handy to make our lives easier.

Taking inspiration from the ancient wooden cupboards, latest wardrobe designa sliding door wardrobe with drawers below has allowed us to use that space optimally.

A wardrobe with a sliding door that includes convenient drawers underneath, providing organized storage
Image Credit: Pinterest

Sliding doors not only help you in dividing the compartments but will also use the remaining space to store heavy and space-consuming items.

You can also customise drawers in the middle of the wardrobe for easy access to ties, watches, and other items.

4. Full-height Hinged Door Wardrobe

Did you know what the favourite choice of wardrobes for the royals and today’s lovers of aesthetics is?

Well, it is the classic full-height hinged door wardrobe. We know what you might be thinking, but now just add glass to that wooden frame and see the magic.

An elegant full-height hinged door wardrobe in gray, adorned with gold trim, offering a sophisticated storage solution
Image Credit: Pinterest

Well, the above is just one idea, the hinged door wardrobe should be planned beforehand as it can make up a lot of your space.

5. Hinged Door Wardrobe with Drawers Below

A hinged door wardrobe with drawers below is a special preference of many Indian households today. The idea comes with different modification styles and the latest wardrobe design ideas have been adding sliding drawers to the hinged door for proper space management.

The bedroom has a modern design with blue cabinets, a comfortable couch, and a Hinged Door Wardrobe that includes drawers underneath
Image Credit: Pinterest

Choosing this as a wardrobe design for bedroom can bring a rich look to your bedroom and can offer good space management in the limited section.

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6. Hinged Door Wardrobe with Loft Furniture

European culture has been highly influenced by the loft concept. The French and British have taken it around the world to make it a popular choice in 21st-century modern wardrobe design.

The design of the Hinged Door Wardrobe with Loft Furniture is both contemporary and stylish
Image Credit: Pinterest

So, if you are thinking of wardrobe design with loft furniture then the hinged door wardrobe is the ideal choice for you to go ahead with.

7. Hinged Door Wardrobe and Drawers with Scooped Style

Though many people choose modern-day interiors for wardrobes with sliding doors in MDF and glass, a hinged door wardrobe in scooped style is still the favourite of many households worldwide.

A refined grey closet displaying a hinged door wardrobe and drawers designed with an elegant scoop shape
Image Credit: Pinterest

This wardrobe design idea is extremely flexible in nature and can be customised easily according to the wants and needs.

8. The Sliding Folding Fittings Wardrobe Design

It is a space-saving option for small bedrooms or closets. The doors are made of a durable material, such as metal or wood, and they are designed to slide smoothly on tracks.

This wardrobe can be customised to fit the specific needs of the user, and it is available in a variety of sizes and colours.

The Sliding Folding Fittings System Wardrobe is a type of wardrobe that uses sliding doors to open and close the storage space.

The design of the wardrobe includes sliding and folding fittings, allowing for efficient storage and versatility
Image Credit: Hettich

They are often used in furniture, such as cabinets and closets, and in other applications where space is limited. Sliding folding fittings are a type of hardware that allows doors or panels to slide and fold.

They are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different needs. Sliding folding fittings can be made from a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and wood.

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9. Folding Door Wardrobe Design

This is a type of wardrobe that uses folding doors instead of traditional swinging doors. They are used in small spaces to save space.

Folding door wardrobes are also often used in children’s bedrooms, as they are easy for children to open and close.

Folding door fittings are the hardware used to hang and operate folding doors. They include hinges, tracks, rollers, and guides. Hinges are used to attach the door to the frame, while tracks and rollers allow the door to slide open and close.

An elegant closet with a wooden floor and white walls, highlighting a Folding Door Wardrobe Design
Image Credit: Pinterest

Guides keep the door from wobbling or derailing. Folding door fittings come in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate different types of doors and openings.

Folding door wardrobes are available in a variety of styles and materials. They can be made from wood, metal, or plastic, and they can be painted or stained to match any décor. Folding door wardrobes can also be customised to fit any space.

10. The Walk-in wardrobe Design

The walk-in wardrobe design style has been gaining popularity in living a luxury lifestyle in the 21st century. It has also been a great way of using compact spaces. However, here you have to understand a few things and design it accordingly.

First, the minimum space required for a walk-in wardrobe design is 7 feet by 10 feet in length. This will give you enough space to store all your belongings and navigate easily through the specific compartments.

A stylish walk-in closet with a bench and glass, showcasing the elegant design of the Walk-in wardrobe
Image Credit: Pinterest

The walk-in wardrobe design gives you more privacy and offers more space. But at the same time, it needs to be in square footage as it is designed for cramped spaces. These closets are expensive, as a lot of customization is needed in lighting, internal wardrobe design, etc., to optimally use the space offered.

Having said that, these wardrobes can be majorly classified into two styles. Let’s get a better these modern wardrobe designs below:

  • Open Style Walk-in Wardrobe

Open-style walk-in-wardrobe design is the ideal wardrobe for 21st-century houses. It’s where you enter the room and see everything clearly.

Divided beautifully by the compartments and lighting to give you a clear idea of what things are where in the latest wardrobe designs. You can also cover this with another layer to it.

A stylish walk-in closet with a bench and glass, showcasing the elegant design of the Walk-in wardrobe
Image Credit: Pinterest
  • Customised Walk-in Wardrobe

This style has 4 other substyles.

-Sliding and hinged with or without drawers below -Sliding wardrobe with drawers below -Hinged wardrobe with drawers below -Full-height sliding wardrobe in glass material

The ultimate purpose of walk-in wardrobe design is to give you a proper place for getting ready and storing everything that you need.

A customised walk-in wardrobe design for bedroom can be made up of sliding doors or hinged doors.

This latest wardrobe design completely depends on your personal choices for internal wardrobe design. Also, as it will be a separate room, you can install drawers below the wardrobes and can install a full-height wardrobe.

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11. Reach-in-Wardrobe

This type of wardrobe style has been developed for lovers of fast-paced life. It is basically a wardrobe pattern where you can’t stroll and it is most commonly referred to as closets.

These organised wardrobes are designed in a way that you can reach them on your way in or out of the room. It’s a unique and modern wardrobe design and structure that allows you to reach everything with ease.

The design of a reach-in wardrobe features a closet brimming with a diverse array of clothes and accessories
Image Credit: California Closets
If the internal wardrobe design is customised properly, you can also see wardrobe storages and you can grab it on the way. So, yes to all the ‘I am running on a tight schedule guys’ This closet is designed and made for you, just grab and go!

There are basically two ways in which you can customise your reach-in wardrobes, Sliding or Hinged Doors.

  • Sliding Door Reach-in Wardrobe in ply and glass

The point of a reach-in wardrobe is pretty much easy to access and a wardrobe with sliding doors can be a great option if it ideally fits the interior of your room.

A spacious wardrobe with glass doors and shelves, made of ply and glass, providing easy access and storage
Image Credit: Pinterest
If you want to see everything clearly in your wardrobe then sliding door reach-in wardrobe with glass can be a great choice. The other option is to make it a part of the interior and choose the plywood to build it.
  • Hinged Door Reach-in Wardrobe in ply and glass

The hinged door reach-in wardrobe for your bedroom will be particularly large in size but is a great choice if you have a spacious room to make it more comfortable and make it a more grad-and-go style wardrobe closet.

The reach-in wardrobe is constructed with a combination of ply and glass, featuring a hinged door
Image Credit: Pinterest

The wardrobe materials that can be used are glass and plywood as they are more durable and easily blend with the room’s interior.

12. Corner Wardrobe Design

Corner wardrobes are a great way to maximise storage space in a small room. They can be custom-made to fit any corner, and they often have a lot of shelves and drawers for storing clothes, shoes, and other belongings.

Featuring a corner wardrobe design, this contemporary closet is equipped with a mirror and an array of clothes
Image Credit: Pinterest

Corner wardrobes can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and glass. They can also be painted or stained to match the decor of any room.

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How to Choose the Right Wardrobe Design for Your Bedroom?

Wardrobe design for bedroom is one of the most crucial aspects of the interior of your room. This will be the room where you will dress up. Also, ensure that it matches the interior of the bedroom and gives you the vibe that you actually want.

Carefully choose the wardrobe patterns and wardrobe design colour combinations with which you will design your wardroom and look at the texture that you want to add as well.
Ideal for keeping clothes and accessories neatly arranged, this contemporary wardrobe features clean lines and generous storage capacity
Image Credit: Pinterest


If you are still here with us, then here’s an additional tip for you. With all these 30+ inspiring ideas you get a brief design idea about how they enhance the room altogether. Combine one idea with another that suits you best and you are set to design your modern wardrobe design.

Remember a wardrobe is very personal and designing it accordingly can make a difference in the long run.

Now, our questions are for you to gather your preliminary ideas on the subject –

  1. How do you plan your internal wardrobe design?
  2. Which wardrobe material do you prefer?
  3. How do you style your wardrobe design for bedroom?
  4. Which wardrobe colour combinations will you choose for your wardrobe?


Which door is good for a wardrobe?

Sliding doors are a great option for small spaces, as they don’t require any additional space to open and close. They can also be a good choice if you have a lot of clothes, as they allow you to access all of your clothes without having to move anything around.

How to choose the best colour for a wardrobe?

Choose colours that make you feel confident and comfortable. The most suitable colours for bedroom wardrobes are neutrals such as white, grey, and beige. Click here to learn more about it.


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