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Important Vastu Tips for Living Room – The Ultimate Guide

Vastu Tips for Living Room

Vastu Shastra is the science of structure. Almost for all the Indians, Vastu is an important aspect that is to be considered before buying a house. The living room is supposed to be the heart of the house. All the family members gather there for meals and other occasions. The place is commonly known as the lounge in the modern days.

Vastu Tips for Living Room

According to the Hindu Shastra, Vastu plays an important role in the well-being of the family and the house. It influences the positive and the negative energies in the premises. So, because of its significant impact on the well-being of the people living there, it is important to consider some Living Room Vastu.

Here Is The List of Some of The Vastu Tips For The Living Room 

Living room

Where should be your living room located?

The Vastu Shastra determines the location of the different components in your house. According to this, there are some suitable directions where you can settle your living room.

North: This section is considered to shower positivity in your home. A living room placed in the Northern direction of your house will also bring health and wealth.

1. North-East

This section brings tranquility and serenity to the home. This also calms down the environment and fills with positivity. The inmates will also reside there in peace. It is very healthy for your mental health. This corner is also known as the Ishan Corner and is also considered very sacred. All the pious people prefer to locate their temples in this corner of the room. 

2. North-West

This is the best section to settle your living room if you want to avoid people staying at your place for a long period of time. Among the five elements of nature, this section belongs to air. This section drives away people in few days from your house. It is for the people who do not want too many guests. 

3. South-West

This section is favourable for the ones who prefer guests all-time at their place. This direction attracts a lot of guests which will eventually start bothering you. They feel safe in this environment. A cheerful environment is created in this section of the house. 

Wall colours

Modern interior designers seldom follow the Vastu Tips. The wall colours for the living room according to Vastu can relieve you from domestic and financial problems.

Keeping Vastu items is also helpful for such problems. The Tv direction as per Vastu should be in the east wall in the southeast corner of the house. Flowers, Chinese bamboo plants, and money are advised to keep for positivity and prosperity. Vastu colours for the living room walls and tiles are white, yellow, and green. Lighter shades are recommended. Darker shades tend to bring negative energy.

This was all about the Vastu tips for the living room. For further information regarding Vastu Shastra let us know in the comment section and keep on following Alacritys for more such informative articles.

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