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30 by 50 House Plan in Moshi, Pune

unique bungalow

Project Brief

Project Name:- 30 by 50 House Plan

Location:- Moshi, Pune

Area:- 3400sq.ft

Market:- Residential Architecture

Services:- Architecture design, Interior furniture planning & Consultancy

Expertises:- Budgetary Estimation, Best planning with options, Appealing design, Timely consultancy.

Project Information

Unique Bungalow, located at Moshi, Pune, is our smart design work made with passion and care. Through this, the needs meet the desires. It comes with outside parking space, spacious rooms, and airy balconies, along with a well-maintained landscape in one of the balconies where you can have your coffee along with enjoying the sunshine.


Our skilled team designs this beautiful house architecture with a passion for creating something beyond just construction. Floor planners made sure to utilize every inch of this 3400sqft property area to give you spacious rooms and comfortable living. 


If one is looking for the best unique bungalow designs in Pune, we are at the service to offer this mesmerizing property layout with an eye-catching all the sides exterior design. You will easily be in love with this at first glance as it has everything designed to perfection. 


Made by the best bungalow architects in Pune, this is more than just construction. Besides that, our expert designing team has designed the interior that matches perfectly with the look. Whether it is the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms of study, everything is designed with perfection, and the labour team of the contractor to whom we outsourced the work gave special care to construction that made it flawless. 


With the best quality materials, advanced equipment, and skilled team, we created this magic. We believe that client satisfaction is our ultimate reward, and this bungalow will never fail to satisfy its owners every time. Besides being ideal property to live life luxuriously, it is ideal for living comfortably. Contact us for more details.

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