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Bungalow House Design in Hadapsar, Pune

Project Brief

Project Name:- Indic Bungalow House Design
Location:- Hadapsar, Pune
Construction Area:- 6600 sq.ft.
Market:- Residential Architecture
Services:- Architecture design, Interior furniture planning & Consultancy
Expertise:- Indic design architecture, Detailed consultancy

Project Information

‘Indic Bungalow’, Hadapsar, Pune is one of the finest examples of our high-end service. This residential architecture is made for leading a happy and luxurious life with loved ones. 


This is more than a residential construction as the interior and exterior designs are truly magnificent and done with intense care and affection. This bungalow is designed to give one the privacy and space that everyone wants.


When it comes to the floor plan, we have done the layout planning to ensure one can get enough space to be comfortable. The interior of this spacious bungalow is something anyone can fall in love with at first glance. 


The 6,600 sq. ft. architecture in Pune is made by our highly professional and passionate team using super-class materials to ensure quality. Being one of the most famous luxury architects in Pune, we didn’t compromise with the need for luxury while making the designs and doing the interiors and exteriors. 


It’s a design that came from the mind of the famous architects in Pune to make the hearts happy. Besides that, its unique appearance and delicate looks will be a treat to the eyes. 

Architecture is where arts and engineering come together. Whether it is luxurious hotels, cozy homes, or interconnecting auditoriums, we are here at the service to provide our clients with the best. Being one of the leading architects in Pune, we meet all the requirements, and we didn’t fail a single time. One can contact us to have further discussion about this property.



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