We are Architects, Designers & Developers. We devote our time and knowledge to understand the requirements, lifestyle, and culture before going to deal any Design projects.

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We Architects & Interior Designers offer the Design Process in the following verticals –

  • Exclusive to high-end residential spaces like flats, bungalows, villas, farmhouses, weekend homes, etc.
  • Impactful & lively commercial spaces like; small workplaces to corporate offices.
  • Relaxing hotels, welcoming restaurants to decorative spas.
  • Comfortable & fast healing based clinics to hospitals.
  • Interconnecting auditorium, studios to performance theatres.

Steps to Boost the Process & End it Well

1. Complimentary Virtual Consultancy, Proposal, & Estimation

site visit

The first stage is to meet, greet virtually & understand your requirements as per your taste.

We give you the ideas to visualize the design-related parts & to help in understanding the Vastu. Even with the period of the Design phase, Execution part, & discussion of a budget before giving the Proposal & the Estimation from our end.

2. Work Order & Site Measurements

Interior Estimation Cost

We put the best of our effort into making the Proposal & the Estimation ready. Alacritys shares this data with you so that you can make a call to appoint us.

Once you approve the Proposal & the Estimation, we both proceed to sign off the Agreement & take the Work Order from you.

3. Concept Creation & Design Development


After getting the work order from you & finishing the site measurements part, the actual process for the Design phase starts. It is creating the Concept to bring all your requirements in 2D drawings and 3D Design forms & we take the approval from you again.

It is the phase where we work closely with you to develop working documents & creating the mood board. It explains the importance of Design servicesrequired to start the site work.

4. Site Management & Execution


Our Project Management will ensure to get the aesthetics well done which you dreamt. We work closely with contractors, sub-contractors, & related people.

We are “On-call or Messages away” to make intermittent weekly or monthly site visits according to site needs. Alacritys engages them to work as per the given details in the drawings. It ensures that everything will be implemented in terms of your necessities & bring satisfaction to you.

5. Site Completion & Reporting


“The Big Reveal!”  The project’s delivery is a crucial turning point in the project as every last detail gets concluded.

During this period we coordinate with related agencies and take on tasks like shopping for accessories, wrapping up any last-minute touch-ups with labours, finishing the brand new furniture with great care, cleaning, and hanging every piece of wall art.

You will get the report on the Project Cost along with all as-built Drawings at this stage.


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