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15*40 House Plan – Best Home Design Ideas from Alacritys Pune

15 X 40 House Plan

Everyone dreams of making a beautiful home. It is not easy to build a home today without proper planning. You always need an expert to guide you through the whole process of making a 15*40 house plan. You will find many designs and plans online, but they won’t be helpful if you don’t have enough knowledge about how to execute a house plan. 


15 X 40 House Plan

15*40 House Plan for Single Floor

Today, we will share north facing house plans with you. This plan is for the 2BHK ground floor. This 15*40 house plan of the single floor has been made by keeping all the aspects of Vastu Shastra in mind. You should build your house according to Vastu Shastra so that nobody will get affected by any kind of arising in the house. You only build a house once, not, again and again, so you should keep everything in mind while building a new home


15*40 House Plan for Single Floor


This 2BHK floor plan also includes the parking area. However, the size of the parking area should be 15×7.5, where you can park a bike/car and place some plants in the pot to make your house look more beautiful. The living room comes after this, the entry of the living room will be only through the porch, and the main gate of your house will open in the east direction, which is right, according to Vastu. 


The living room’s size will be 15×20. You can also make it attractive with the help of interior decoration. The kitchen will be in the southeast direction, it is a positive sign to have a kitchen in this angle, and it is right according to Vastu plans. The size of a kitchen will be 8×10.


There will be a dining area near the kitchen, and its size will be 10×7. Within this area, you can place the fridge, and it should be in the south direction. The bedroom will be in the northwest direction, and its size will be 15×12. The room can be equipped with all the facilities, including a wardrobe, dressing table, and attached bathroom.

15*40 Site Plan

Now, come to the second bedroom, it will be in the southwest direction, and the room size will be 14×12. The room will include a wardrobe, dressing table, and whatever you need in a room. You can also add a shared washroom, and its size will be 7×8.  


15*40 Site Plan


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