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2 BHK Floor Plan With Pooja Room – Best House Plan With Pooja Room

pooja room

2 BHK Floor Plan With Pooja Room


Alacritys Architect & Interior Design Pune says, If you plan for a 2 BHK floor plan with a Pooja room and want opportunities to keep knocking at your door, you should plan home as per Vastu. Designing a house as per Vastu brings happiness and positive energies to your house and helps family members live an active and healthy life. You just need to follow the Vastu tips to ensure happiness for all the residents. 

Vastu Plan for 2 BHK House With Pooja Room

1. Entry of the House

In order to keep positive energies around your career and relationships, Alacritys Interior Design Pune suggests,  the entryway of your home should be in the North or East direction. It will ensure that all the residents will have a peaceful life.

2. Living Room

It is crucial to ensure that the living room is next to the entrance and facing the East direction. It would be great to have a balcony in the same direction, and it will bring more success for the residents.

3. Kitchen in 2 BHK House 

The most suitable direction for the kitchen is the East. However, cupboards should be provisioned on walls that are in the South direction, and the dining table can be placed in the East or South direction. A kitchen designed according to Vastu will bring contentment for every family member.

4. House Plan with Pooja Room

Pooja Room


Pooja room is known as the most sacred place in a home. A Pooja room should accompany the Northeast direction of a home. Having a Pooja room in the Northeast direction will be helpful to get maximum benefit.

5. Master Bedroom 

Southwest direction is known as the reservoir of positive energy, and it is ideal for the bread earner of the house. According to Vastu’s plans for the house, it is helpful for the breadwinner to get financial stability.

6. Kids Room

It is good to have kids’ room in the West or South direction. It should be ventilated well with windows on the East or North. It is also important to ensure that the study table is placed near the East wall so the kids will face East direction while studying.

7. Bathroom in 2 BHK House

According to Vastu, the South or West direction is suitable for bathrooms or toilets. The wrong direction may bring negativity in your house, and it needs proper attention while planning a 2 BHK floor plan with Pooja room. It is also critical to maintaining some space between the bathroom and Pooja room.




You can enjoy the aura of comfort by just following the Vastu tips for home. There is no point in missing the critical guidelines provided by Vastu. Follow the above tips for 2 bedroom house plans with Pooja room and get the best for yourself and your family.


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