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3 BHK Floor Plan – Best Interior Design Planning for 3 BHK

3 BHK Floor Plan 

The floor plans are important because they are helpful to assess the property’s needs. It is beneficial for the house owners to know how the furniture would fit in space. In this article, we’ll talk about a 3 bhk floor plan to help you design the house of your dreams. A successful floor plan helps to save a lot of your time.


3 BHK Floor Plan 


1. Smart Organization Of an Irregular Shape

According to the well-planned 3bhk house, the house opens into the integrated social area and has a living space with a foyer or lobby at the entrance in the front, a long terrace in front of the living and dining; beyond or beside the living room, lies the kitchen and dining room. The kitchen wall will be shared with the utility and/ or store room. If possible Pooja room of minimum size 8′ x 8′ can be given.

The walkways to the master bedroom & children’s room from the living room to the opposite side of the kitchen come to one side of the living room. Both bedrooms will have a large attached bathroom and dressing room as well as a walk-in closet. Moreover, these two bedrooms will be opposite each other after the hallway from the main entrance. The dressing and wardrobes will be in a walk-in room inside the master room that is independent. 

2. Luxurious 3 BHK Apartment

If you like the openness of the outdoor areas in a house, then this 3 bhk plan will help you plan enough open space. However, to achieve this plan, you will need to compromise on the size of the bedrooms. There will be a big terrace attached with the integrated social area having one large deck to make a luxurious 3 bhk house for your family.

3. Addition of a Family Room in a 3 BHK House

While designing or remodelling a house, it is not essential to have three bedrooms in a 3 bhk house. However, you can also convert your third bedroom into a family or study room. A room where you will be able to spend time with your family. However, you can also alter the designs according to your personal needs; even in a 3 bhk apartment plan, you can also alter the design during the construction stage. It will save you a lot of money and avoid any future hassles of alterations. 

4. Making the Most of Available Space

Smart planning helps create a functional and practical home with all the modern facilities required for a comfortable life. You can have an L-shaped kitchen, master bedroom with attached dressing room and bathroom, living cum dining room, two other bedrooms sharing a common bathroom, and a utility room. This house plan is ideal for a modern 3 bhk apartment.  

5. Comfortable 3 BHK Single-Family Home

This plan will provide plenty of open areas for family recreation activities and freshness. It an open counter will act aswill have a living cum dining room that will merge with the partial open kitchen, where  a partition can act as a divider to have some privacy for the kitchen. There will be a large courtyard connecting the living room. All three bedrooms will not be on the same side of the house. Two will be parallel to each other. And one will be immediately connecting to the foyer area for the guests too if you want. This plan is more comfortable where each room has its designated bathroom.

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