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Choosing Wardrobes Design For Your Bedroom – Alacritys Architecture & Interior Design

Choosing Wardrobes Design For Your Bedroom

Bedroom is the coziest place where one can feel the utmost comfort. All of us seek peace in the bedroom at the end of the day. This is why everyone wants to adorn their bedroom with a classiness that signifies mental peace.


 Wardrobes Design


Interior wardrobe design for the bedrooms is now the current trend. For the internal wardrobe design, comfort and classiness both matter. At the same time, following the trend and current fashion is necessary to decorate the bedroom architecture. In the case of bedroom wardrobe design, the customer’s opinion and choices are essential. However, here are some tips on that.

1. Materials of Wardrobes



In general, the wardrobe material people like most is wood or timber. However, glass, particleboard, and plywood seem to be the secondary choices by the customers. In current trends, MDF or medium particle fireboard are attracting most people. But, the usage of solid wood seems to be good for a royal look, while using the glass-fronted wardrobes seems to be classy and fashionable at the same time. MDF from the sawdust and engineering wood is an eco-friendly option. That is why most of the bedroom wardrobe design of todays are incorporating these.Plywood in wardrobe designing has been a versatile option for long years. 

2. Color

For bedroom architecture design, the most necessary thing which needs to be reminded of is the color. Brown was the dominant color in interior wardrobe design. But, with time being, the other colors are ruling the current fashion. As a bedroom is where a person feels the ultimate comfort and peace, the bedroom wardrobe should be colored with light pastel sheds. Light pink, yellow, and cream are now in fashion. The use of the light carnation hue could bring an essence of royalty to the bedroom. As per the market trend, vibrant colors are out of fashion nowadays. 

3. Pattern on Wardrobe

Internal wardrobe design for the year 2021 incorporates patterns. The interior designers are falling for the simplest patterns and curves on wardrobes, making the bedroom more fashionable. The simplest floral patterns were trending a few years ago. These days, the fashion of floral pattern carved on the wardrobe is out. Simple wardrobe styles with slight curves and patterns are opted for by most customers nowadays. 


Bedroom wardrobe

4. DIY

DIY or Do it yourself seems to be the latest trending option in current internal wardrobe design. People love to use the different kinds of antique decorations on their wardrobe, which are unique and creative too. In the case of a glass-fronted wardrobe, people are using colorful DIY painting as per their choices. Some people use different fabric designs for decorating their wardrobes. Funky styles are something people are going for these days.


For your bedroom wardrobe dream decoration, you must contact us. We provide ample of designs of your choices. Our diligent decoration will fulfill your heart with rejoicing and satisfaction. For more details, contact us on Alacritys.

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